What is a backlog? A miserable pile of unplayed games!
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 October-December 2015 Quarterly Review: Admintendo Twelve Days of Christmas

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October-December 2015 Quarterly Review: Admintendo Twelve Days of Christmas Empty
PostOctober-December 2015 Quarterly Review: Admintendo Twelve Days of Christmas

Balladeer: Been a while, hasn't it? Three months since we've had an Admintendo, six since yours truly has graced the Adminty stage. Welcome to the Q4 Admintendo! I'm Balladeer, and... oh God, it's these two again! Afraid

ZeroJones: I am this season's Big Bad, ZeroJones. MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

JayMoyles: And it's me, your friendly neighbourhood JayMoyles! Howdy!

Balladeer: Hello gents! There is actually method in the madness (villainous insanity in Zero's case) of inviting last time's participants back to Admintendo, but you'll have to wait until the end of the Skypecast to see what that might be... If that's not an incentive to keep reading, nothing is!

JayMoyles: Mysteries shall be uncovered...

Q4 Round-Up

Balladeer: Anyway, onto gaming! And the forum. And Q4. It's the what we've enjoyed/not enjoyed about gaming and the forum in Q4 segment! Hm. If TRP has platforms, what do we have? Eh?

ZeroJones: Benches? I am an old man. Erm, I mean, a villainous old man!

Balladeer: Pale

JayMoyles: Benches work for me. We feed the birds (read: forumites) with our witty banter, natch.

ZeroJones: Crumbs of witty banter.

Balladeer: The Q4 2015 bench, then. Would the youngest of us three old codgers care to sprinkle some choice breadcrumbs about his Q3?

JayMoyles: So, unfortunately my Q4 hasn't been the most game-filled period due to personal circumstances, but from what I've played and seen, it seems to have been an exciting time in vidyagaming. For myself, I've been tucking into the post apocalyptic wasteland in Fallout 4, and I'm certainly enjoyed what I've played of that. It's flawed, sure, but I'm still playing it, so it must be doing something right!

Elsewhere, I've been keeping an eye on Xenoblade Chronicles X - it looks lush - and I'm interested in picking up Paper Jam on 3DS as it's been getting some praise from you lot! Oh, and I can't forget the wonderful Undertale. I've said enough about this elsewhere and we do want to finish this on time, so all I'll say here is that it's my GOTY and it's a must-play for fans of Earthbound/Mother.

Balladeer: Finishing on time? What is this concept you speak of?

ZeroJones: What would we even call 'on time'?

JayMoyles: It's an alien concept, sure, but not gushing about Undertale should speed us along there. Razz

Balladeer: But yeah, I'll have plenty to say about two of those games later on. Undertale (not Undertake thank you Skype Autocorrect) sits on my desktop, unplayed, gazing at me balefully. Some day...

JayMoyles: It's one I'm almost certain you'll enjoy Balla. Smile

ZeroJones: If my laptop could run Steam, I would be there like a shot. Love me a bit of EarthBound.

Balladeer: Hope so! Grin It's certainly been well-sold. I'll probably do two pacifist runs because I am a wuss.

JayMoyles: I just hope it's not being overhyped to you two. I think that's been the case for some. But anyway, we're now getting dangerously close to me gushing about it, so I suppose we should move on to someone else's thoughts on Q3. Er, I mean, Q4. Wink

Balladeer: Before that, Fallout 4 has obviously been getting a lot of The Praise, but I just can't warm to post-apocalyptic gloomy settings myself. Is it a bit chirpier than it sounds?

JayMoyles: Well yes, surprisingly so. Fallout 3 was plagued by a turgid green filter making it look pretty awful, but Fallout 4 is surprisingly colourful. Even in the most desolate areas such as the fallout ravaged Glowing Sea, the game still manages to make it interesting. The Glowing Sea felt like walking through a Salvador Dali painting. Add to that some interesting sidequests and locales, and you have a game that's anything but gloomy.

Balladeer: Excellently argued, Jay. Who knew the apocalypse could be so cheerful?

ZeroJones: The incessant TV ads certainly made it seem upbeat.

JayMoyles: Oh, the music helps too! Love me some 40s/50s jams.

Balladeer: Sounds better than the Splatoon soundtrack at any rate! :margarine:

* Very Happy Dear oh dear.

ZeroJones: Won't they be out of date? Though if there's some raspberry going, I'll give it a try.

Balladeer: And dear oh dear to that joke as well.

JayMoyles: ...Balla, please edit in the .gif. You know the one.

Balladeer: I do indeed.

ZeroJones: Have I incurred its wrath? That was the goal!

JayMoyles: I'm afraid so.

October-December 2015 Quarterly Review: Admintendo Twelve Days of Christmas 4b79d-sdcnm

Balladeer: Mr. Jones, would you like to take over, and give us some good Q4 chat instead of/as well as bad jokes?

ZeroJones: Mostly it was dealing with my backlog, including The Swapper (hard to recommend), DKC3 (finally - it was a monkey on my back all year), Citizens Of Earth (bugbugbugbugbugbug) and LEGO Batman 3 (not good enough). Then I got Binding Of Isaac, which is ruddy weird but whole gallons of awesome, the lovely Toki Tori on 3DS and Tri Force Heroes, about which I am prepared to gush.

My big Christmas game? Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, about which I am not prepared to gush.

Balladeer: Urgh. Evil or Very Mad Is the level select as bad as it's meant to be?

ZeroJones: No; it's actually really daft. The spinner has six panels, four of which are usually 'move 1 space' (i.e. to the next level) anyway. If you've got enough coins, you can buy replacement panels for it, making everything 1 anyway. I only missed out once and that was the first world.

Balladeer: Oh, okay. Still sounds stupid, but not as bad as it's been made out to be.

ZeroJones: It's just a waste of time, is what it is. I had to question the Boss Destination spinner on Miiverse, where all six panels are 'go to the boss' (apparently, you can buy panels that make the boss easier).

JayMoyles: Citizens of Earth is a weird one for me. It seems to be a somewhat mediocre game based on popular opinion, but I still want to check it out as it seems to be so heavily inspired by Earthbound. Would you recommend it to me, Zero?

ZeroJones: If you can play a version that's bug-free, yes. It's not got the quality of EarthBound, natch, but it's fun in different ways - it is actually pretty funny and the citizen recruitment aspect was great.

Balladeer: Is it my turn to talk about my Q4?

ZeroJones: Yes, my evil henchman...

JayMoyles: Indeed! *gestures to bench*

Balladeer: (takes seat, rests cane)

ZeroJones: *evil* cane

Balladeer: natch

It hasn't been the best Q4 in gaming memory. I dabbled in the Wii U eShop without much success. Runbow was fun enough in multiplayer but didn't have the depth to keep me interested for long. Year Walk was beautiful and atmospheric, but I'm not a jump-scare fan and haven't picked it up since that brick-pooping moment. And that was my Nintendo gaming for most of Q4 - Mario Tennis was a demo. version that I wasn't willing to shell out full price on, and I don't think there was anything on the 3DS that took my fancy at all, after Chibi turned out to be a pile of guff.

I did briefly take to the waters of Steam (and got badly burned). As I've said, Undertale's waiting for me to play it. I also downloaded Aviary Attorney, a Phoenix Wright-alike with 19th century French artwork, Camille Saint-Saens' music on the soundtrack, and a pair of birds starring. How could it possibly go wrong?

Sadly, it turns out that, as opposed to PW's "lives" system, Aviary Attorney doesn't tell you when you make a mistake, and actually allows you to fail the case if you make enough. I don't have the time for that, so I guess I'll probably pick it back up when there's a spoiler-free walkthrough for the perfect run.

And that was my gaming Q4 up until Christmas Day. But what a Christmas Day. Love

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, quite simply, is the game Dream Team wishes it could have been. Much improved pacing, battling, and even the script seems better this time around. I thoroughly recommend it. It's a shame that it doesn't seem to have been picked up by many - I get the feeling that Drunka's "I'll buy it when it's cheaper, got other stuff to play now" attitude is prevalent. Which is a shame, because going on what I've played so far, it's the best game I've played all year.

Or it would be, apart from the other game that I got on the same day. Buses, eh? I shan't rave about Xenobalde Chronicles X again, because much like Jayseph and UT, I've done that enough already and we need to press on. Suffice to say: JUST FLIPPIN' BUY IT. And then lose days of your life to it.

ZeroJones: I'd love to agree with you about Paper Jam Bros., but I've not even found Paper Mario in it yet. It certainly looks like a slight polish over Dream Team Bros. (incidentally, if that had been about ten hours shorter, it would have been my favourite 3DS game) so I can't wait to get further.

JayMoyles: That's a real shame to hear Aviary Attorney was somewhat flawed. It looked ace! As for Paper Jam, I likely would have picked it up already had it not been for a certain spiky-haired blue suited lawyer getting in my way. It's on my radar though, for sure, as is Xenoblade Chronicles X. That'll be one I'll play when I likely pick up a Wii U for Zelda U (if indeed that comes out on Wii U...)

Balladeer: If you like more open-ended games where your decisions affect the outcome, AA may be for you! It just wasn't for me. Aww!

And the other AA is one of very few acceptable reasons for missing out on M&LPJ. VERY FEW.

JayMoyles: Hmm... failure states don't bother me too much. Perhaps I shall give it a look.

ZeroJones: Zelda U should come out for Wii U, surely? Having a main home console escape without its own new Zelda title would be unthinkable.

Balladeer: Re. Zelda, yep, I'm sure it will come out on Wii U. The best version will, anyway.

Shall we briefly touch on forum stuff? I really enjoyed running the Wii U vote and the Classics on Consoles thread, and am looking forward to the end of year votes. Always a highlight!

ZeroJones: Yes, we shall! You've said everything I was going to say, though I'm going to count the resurgence of the Favourite RPG thread in this Admintendo, because that's been brilliant for me. Kirby's Rumour Buffet continues to be a treat, too!

Balladeer: The rumour buffet thread is always hilarious. Tip of the hat to your Uprise Ink pun, Zero!

ZeroJones: Ithangyou!

JayMoyles: I really enjoyed the Wii U vote thread, and the Ace Attorney finale actually convinced me to start playing that series. So, props to Balla! Indeed, as Zero says, seeing the RPG thread flow with such quality posts is great to see.

Balladeer: Cheers Jay!

2015 Review - Nintendo

Balladeer: And with that, let's move along! The next bench is an old one - looks like it's been here all year!

ZeroJones: *clears dust*

JayMoyles: *AHHHCHOO*

Balladeer: It's the Nintendo in 2015 bench! Zero, my man, how has Nintendo gaming been for you this year?

ZeroJones: Mixed, it's fair to say. It's easy to see that the company is in a transition phase - for many and varied reasons - and that's produced some real highs and lows, with the likes of Splatoon and Super Mario Maker (apologies, Crumpy Andy) rubbing shoulders with stuff like the aforereviled Chibi-Robo and any Animal Crossing game that slithered onto shop shelves. Some experiments, too, like Code Name S.T.E.A.M. (odd but fun) and Tri Force Heroes (the exact same). Overall, though, we are clearly waiting for the next thing(s) from Ninty rather than going balls to the wall with games for the current consoles.

Balladeer: Anything to add, Jayseph? I know you're not a Wii U owner, but you've been following the company (of course you have), and are now a proud 3DS owner...

JayMoyles: Yep, much like Zero says, it's definitely been a mixed year for Nintendo. E3 wasn't a fantastic success for them, and the games have been spread somewhat thinly across the year. But things like Splatoon, Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X look ace, and personally, I've been loving the steady flow of Smash DLC throughout the year.

Balladeer: Ah yes, the DLC. Since it's my turn to comment, I'll say that for most of my year, that was the highlight. Okay, so I'm never going to be the biggest Cloud or Ryu fan, and Roy is not really my boy; but the amount of post-game content, including stages and (in some cases) music, was astounding for a game that already had so much in. We also got the MK8 DLC, and Wild Woods in particular is a bloody amazing track! Grin

JayMoyles: DLC for Smash and Mario Kart is a natural fit, and it helps in extending the life of these two titans. I'd likely have put Smash away long ago had it not been for its character DLC.

Balladeer: Ah, I always get Smash out for a quick bout now and then. Hundreds of hours lost to the series over the iterations...

As for games... transition transition transition. it's been even worse for me than most - I didn't have the online to play Splatoon, nor the inclination to play SMM (sorry, user-generated comment is not my thing at all). And while everyone else was raging over BoxBoy, I was looking at it through slanted eyes Suspect , trying and failing to see what everyone else saw in it.

So I was playing a bunch of middling-to-fair (by way of poor) Ninty character hand-me-downs. Captain Toad, Woolly Yoshi, Clay Kirby - none exactly set me ablaze.

For Nintendo to start their transition this early in the generation has got to be a worry. Fortunately the festive period made up for what was otherwise a mediocre year. But the 3DS in particular needs supporting or replacing quickly. (The less said about that E3 the better.)

JayMoyles: I'd totally forgotten there was a Kirby game this year. Wow. As for the 3DS, I think 2016 will be a good year for the console. There's a lot to love on its release schedule - well, at least there is for me.

Balladeer: We've discussed this already, but let's leave 2016 until later. Wink

JayMoyles: Jumping the gun!

ZeroJones: Wow, I didn't think about how crappy the Wii U year would have been without Splatoon and SMM! Poor Balla.

Balladeer: Oh yep. I mean, I wasn't without SMM. I just... played it marginally more than Andy. Tongue

2015 Review - Nontendo

Balladeer: Okay, shall we move on to the next bench now?

ZeroJones: Yes! This one has splinters on it.

Balladeer: It does indeed. It's big, and black, and made of strong wood. It is... the Other Formats Bench! No

Jay, as our token multiformat Admintendonite (mouthful), would you care to give your opinions on multiplat 2015?

JayMoyles: Well, this year has undoubtedly been Sony's year. From a tremendous - albeit nostalgia laden - E3 to a plethora of solid releases and some ridiculous numbers on their PS4 sales, things are looking bright for them. MS haven't been doing awful, but they're certainly lagging behind - Tomb Raider's commercial flop is a real sign of that.

As for the Nontendo games, I think 2015's been a good 'un. The year started off strongly with Bloodborne and went from strength to strength with games like Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher III, Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4. Sprinkle in a few indie games like Rocket League and Undertale, and you've got a great line-up of games. Anything that either of you two have had your eye on in Nontendoland this year?

ZeroJones: I've been trying to get more out of the App Store and Android, with limited success. Prune is a pretty nice puzzle game, where you lop branches off a tree to get it to grow past hazards and such. Evoland was great fun, if a little limited... and I am still playing Final Fantasy V (even now, in fact, where I'm trying to get my team all the 'shobs', as I call them, which is short for 'not very good jobs').

Balladeer: Nontendo this year was about dipping my toe back into Steam, and Sony's E3. For a brief period, they fooled me into thinking that I wanted a PS4, so well done them. Some perspective revealed the trickery in play: Shenmue III was a mediocre-looking Kickstarter for those who wanted a conclusion to the story only, FFVII has gone round the twist a bit, and TLG just doesn't look all that without the hype. That Horizon game still looks the business, but it's safe to say that after a brief period of being interested in the PS4, it's lost me now.

This, I should say, was not helped by certain people constantly pestering me about whether I was getting one. Please don't do that or make any assumptions about it. It's deeply annoying and likely to backfire on you, like it did here.

Of the games Jay's mentioned, I couldn't give an arctic toss about most of them. Bloodborne stands out as a point of interest, although I don't usually like games that delight in killing the player again and again. The Witcher III has been widely acclaimed, and I like sprawling RPGs, so I'd probably pick it up if I had a console to play it on. The others get various degrees of "meh" from me. Suffice to say that in a year that people have been claiming is the best for gaming ever, I'm left looking at it with a sceptical face and cradling my festive period RPGs like they're the last games to survive The Event.

JayMoyles: The Witcher III looks like it would be up your alley, Balla. I've not played it - it's currently sitting atop an ever increasing pile of games to play - but it does look great.

ZeroJones: All those massive open world games that Jay mentioned have got me thinking. How many of those can you reasonably play in a year?

Balladeer: I feel that XCX will likely keep me going for months!

JayMoyles: To answer your question Zero, not many. I'm fatigued by open word games at this stage, as I've played several back to back. Batman to MGSV to Fallout. I won't be touching another open-world game for a while, as that's dominated the latter half of 2015 for me.

Balladeer: One of the few pluses of being a Ninty-only gamer in this day and age!

JayMoyles: Variety is the spice of life!

ZeroJones: No, no... paprika.

2016 Preview

Balladeer: With that not entirely unexpected level of cynicism out of the way, shall we move to our next bench? The shiny futuristic looking one over there? Which has hoverboards under all its wheels?

JayMoyles: We were meant to get our hoverboard this year. Damn you, Marty McFly!

ZeroJones: Ooooh... shiny...

Balladeer: We did get them! Except they have wheels and they don't actually hover. DAMN YOU!

This bench is the 2016 bench, and I put it to Dr. Jones: what are you looking forward to, gaming-wise and forum-wise, in 2016?

ZeroJones: Nintendo emerging from the chrysalis stage, at least a little. What is this 'Enn Ecks' I keep hearing about? What is the mobile game after Miitomo (sorry, Miitomo, you look a bit underwhelming)? On the concrete front, those 3DS RPG's are making me lick my lips in anticipation (though how many of those can you reasonably play in a year? Wink ), alongside new Box Boy and old Pokémon and new Star Fox.

Forum-wise, the Forum Vote is always a pleasure, more Kirby's rumours, meeting up (which I reckon is going to be brilliant) and all the bantz that we no doubt have in store.

Balladeer: Correction: the #bantz. There's a danger that it might be taken unironically without the hashtag. Naughty

ZeroJones: True, sorry. #bantz.

Balladeer: Jay, can you provide us with a less Ninty-centric view?

JayMoyles: Certainly, sir! For me in 2016, I'm looking forward to tucking into Street Fighter V at the start of the year and getting my arse handed to me by fighting masters online. There's a couple of other games going like Horizon and Dark Souls III, but as I touched upon before, I actually anticipate my 3DS seeing the most use in 2016. That line-up looks mighty appealing.

As for the forum, the Forum Awards are always a solid way to start the year, the meet-up is going to be spectacular and I hope we see a vote thread or two along the way as well.

Balladeer: Well said Jay! I don't think there's any doubt that the Forum Votes are a great draw, or finally meeting some of youse blokes! I'm hoping for more voting threads too - what is this "voting fatigue" you speak of? Wink

JayMoyles: It's easily treated at your local GP.

Balladeer: As for games, it's already been said that I'm not that psyched about the 3DS' 2016, but that's possibly due to my restrictive choice in games rather than anything else. Can't be bothered with Fire Emblem. Some of the other JRPGs do look nice - apart from Bravely Default 2, we should also be getting Stella Glow, from the Luminous Arc bods. I enjoyed that mediocre strategy RPG far more than I should have.

The old Pokémon games I'm just not interested in. They only exist for nostalgia benefits. Otherwise it's clunky interfaces and limited battling.

JayMoyles: I don't think I'll revisit them either. Still, a neat idea that'll likely make Nintendo a boatload of money.

Balladeer: No complaints about that happening, says the fanboy.

ZeroJones: I'm well up for that. Pokémon Blue, I choose you!

Balladeer: On the Wii U, I'm looking forward to TPHD, Zelda U, SF0, possibly Pokken, maybe Yooka-Laylee if it releases this year? It's looking like a much healthier line-up than 2015 if I'm honest, and we still have the NX to look forward to!

JayMoyles: I'd be surprised if Yooka-Laylee launches this year. Fingers crossed, though!

Balladeer: You're probably right on that one. Sad

ZeroJones: I'm crossing my fingers but not holding my breath...

Balladeer: I'm still anxious about the much-touted hybridisation regarding the NX, though. XCX is one of my favourite games thus far on the Wii U, something that couldn't be done on a handheld. SSBU was neutered in some respects because the handheld game couldn't keep up, and the Wii U version, whether you feel it was better or not, had more courses and music. The idea of home console games being downgraded in order to work on a handheld is not one I'm keen on at all.

ZeroJones: In my madder fantasies, I wonder if it'll be predominantly a home console, but there'll be like a companion app or a watered-down version you can download onto the handheld bit and take away with you. The home console bit will be able to play Wii U games straight up, and the handheld bit will be able to play 3DS games.

JayMoyles: I'd personally like a home console with power to match the Big Two and a Nintendo spin on it. A hybrid will likely cripple the console in the power department. I could be wrong though. E3 shall likely reveal all...

Balladeer: I'd love to see something with both imagination and power in the console department - a BBoP with a grand new controller. As you say, Jay, roll on E3, although I've heard rumours that we'll hear more about the console before that. #GetHype

ZeroJones: Not rumour buffet rumours, I hope!

Balladeer: The NX is so called because of its neodymium-xenon internal engine.

JayMoyles: This just in - the NX is actually a repurposed Game Boy Micro. Nintendo had a lot left in the warehouse, so they figured they'd rename it and sell them off.

Balladeer: Only the neodymium-xenon internal engine is attached via a massive great lead to the GBM, negating its portability. Those crazy japesters.

Have I Got News For You

Balladeer: We've just got one more bench to sit on here, and it looks like it's replaced another bench. I think I need a long sit-down on this one.

ZeroJones: Take the weight off your feet.

JayMoyles: Ah. This bench.

Balladeer: I've decided to give up my position of GNamer admin. I just can't give the same amount of time to taglines, Admintendo, stuff in general, that I used to. Nor can I browse at work, giving my time to read and reply to every post worth my while.

And that's why it's us three doing this Admintendo. Jay has very kindly offered to step in as the newest member of the admin. team. Zero and I were unanimous that Jay was the chap we wanted, and anyone who says he's not a great choice is...

October-December 2015 Quarterly Review: Admintendo Twelve Days of Christmas Vf

So, this Admintendo is the meeting of old and new admins. The overlap. And I'm very glad to be able to host this one more time. Smile

Thanks Jay, and I'm sure you'll do a great job! Applause

ZeroJones: Yes, a delight to welcome you into the fold. Thumbs Up!

JayMoyles: Thanks for your kind words Balla, but it really ought to be myself thanking you here. You've done wonders for the forum over the past few years - be it helping getting this place off the ground with the erstwhile Stu or giving us all a reason to revisit daily during your tenure with Zero. That's not to mention the plethora of brilliant projects and ideas you've had. It's going to be a helluva job trying to retain that level of quality, but I hope with Zero's help I can do it. And even though you say you'll be cutting back on posting during work, I'm expecting a post-spree of Tony Pang proportions after work from yourself. And hey, without the Admin mantle on, I suppose you can let loose a little more now. Razz

Once again, thanks Balla. And thanks to both of you for choosing me for the role - it's an honour. Smile

ZeroJones: I'd like to add my thanks to Balla, too. An amazing chap to work with who always seems to pass the praise onto other folk when he deserves an astonishing share of same himself. He's taught me the ropes and I could not have asked for a better teacher. I'm looking forward to his continued contributions to the forum but cannot thank him - you! - enough.

Balladeer: Aw, huge thanks to the both of you! I just have the one parting request (although I'll probably stay on as admin. for a couple of weeks while Jay finds his feet).

If you do go full multiformat with the taglines and stuff, change the forum title. Razz

ZeroJones: That is highly unlikely (the go full multiformat bit, that is).

Balladeer: I'd hope so, just insurance... Very Happy

JayMoyles: We're still primarily a Nintendo forum! That won't change. Smile

Balladeer: On a more serious point, it'll be good to have an admin. who can participate more in that part of the forum, which has grown in recent times. Neither Zero or I really can!

Wrapping Up Like One Of Your Christ-Mass Gifts

Balladeer: And with that, we come to the end of another scintillating Admintendo. We take our leave of the benches and go out of the park. Which, incidentally, is where this Admintendo hit it. Zing! (anticipates a Jay .gif)

JayMoyles: ...I'll allow it.

ZeroJones: Thanks, you guys! A pleasure to record, as ever.

JayMoyles: And as always, a pleasure chatting about games with you guys!

Balladeer: Yup, thank you to my fellow admins. for what has been another great round of #bantz, gaming, and more #bantz, and take my leave. So long all, see you on the forum! Grin

ZeroJones: Byeeee!

JayMoyles: Ciao!

Have I Got A Bit More Admintendo For You (Out-Takes)

Balladeer: Anyone remember "It's a Mystery" off CITV way back in the day? Was creepy stuff. Suspect it might be before Jay's time and after Zero's. I hate being the middle child!

ZeroJones: Sorry, boss! I remember Animaniacs, though

JayMoyles: Sadly not. All I remember from CITV is Ant and Dec hosting it.

Balladeer: Probably best forgotten, then. Tongue


Balladeer: The Q4 2015 bench, then. Would the youngest of us three old codgers care to sprinkle some choice breadcrumbs about his Q3? *Q4

JayMoyles: I could talk about Q3, but I think I'll stick to Q4. Razz

Balladeer: Bleeeeeeah. Was hoping that could be edited out - now my foolishness will be saved for posterity. Sad

ZeroJones: (3 and 4 are very close on the keyboard...)

Balladeer: (And my old arthritic fingers...)

(And later...)

JayMoyles: I just hope it's not being overhyped to you two. I think that's been the case for some. But anyway, we're now getting dangerously close to me gushing about it, so I suppose we should move on to someone else's thoughts on Q3. Er, I mean, Q4. Wink


Balladeer: So I was playing a bunch of middling-to-fair (by way of poor) Ninety character hand-me-downs. Captain Toad, Woolly Yoshi, Clay Kirby - none exactly set me ablaze.

That should be Ninty, not Ninety.



Balladeer: Jay, as our token multiformat Admintendonite (mouthful), would you care to give your opinions on multiple 2015?

ZeroJones: Multiplat 2015?

Balladeer: Yes, bloody autocorrect.

ZeroJones: And yet Admintendonite is not 'ammonite' or something...


Balladeer: Suffice to say that in a year that people have been clai,mi

JayMoyles: That pesky enter key!

ZeroJones: Always in the way.

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October-December 2015 Quarterly Review: Admintendo Twelve Days of Christmas :: Comments

Fun read as ever, chaps! Jay gave away his game of the year, though. PODCAST SPOILERS!


the big reveal:
What a bastard, not to mention his constant praise of Undertale clearly makes him bad for the job!

Good read as always folks!
Good read guys, sorry to hear that Balla but why not just stay like Stu as admin (if he ever comes back) on but Jay & Zero as the main two?

Also sorry if I did bug you with the PS4 but I still maintain it's got great games you would/will like to play (more so then the Wii U) but that decision is yours, if I had won that £50m on the lotto then it may of been different Cool also Shenmue III medicore DAMN YOU!

Also on Zelda U why do you think the Wii U version would be better as the Cube version of TP is only better as you can use a regular controller that's about it and if the NX is Nintendo's BBoP wouldn't you think Zelda U would use the power of the NX.

And Zelda is the only thing that will make me get a NX at launch that I do hope it comes to NX.
Drunkalilly wrote:

the big reveal:

reveal spoilers:

As for Zelda U on NX, I reckon it'll probably make its way to both NX and Wii U. But seeing as it's likely been primarily developed for the Wii U, I presume it'll play better on Wii U.
the big reveal:
Look at that bold underlined red font! Looks good on you, Jay. Very Happy
Top stuff as always folks! Thumbs Up! Also congrats to Jay being the new admin.


balla wrote:
Bloodborne stands out as a point of interest, although I don't usually like games that delight in killing the player again and again.

You said this elsewhere on the forum & I forgot to ask there but do you see BB and the souls games as being unfair?
I have no idea, Jas! I haven't played them, it'd be unfair for me to say. But the idea of a game which not only kills you often, expects death, but penalises you for doing it, doesn't sound all that great with no extraneous knowledge.

I liked the way Shovel Knight handled death, losing stuff but allowing you to regain it. If the Souls games do something similar then that's all good in my books.
Aye it works pretty much the same way it does in SK, if you die you drop the amount of echoes/souls you had on you and you have one opportunity to get them back.
Echoing what Jas said there - how Shovel Knight and Dark Souls handle death is exactly the same. I'd actually argue it's better in Souls as you've the option to essentially "bank" your souls as level ups or you can press on. It's a risk/reward thing.

Also, thanks for all your kind words, chaps!
JayMoyles wrote:
Echoing what Jas said there - how Shovel Knight and Dark Souls handle death is exactly the same. I'd actually argue it's better in Souls as you've the option to essentially "bank" your souls as level ups or you can press on. It's a risk/reward thing.

Also, thanks for all your kind words, chaps!

Absolutely agree that souls does it better as well, though when I was messing with the custom Knight playthrough in SK the other day where collecting gold levels up your knight & I found myself breaking the checkpoint for the extra loot which transformed the levels into these souls-esque areas where I had to figure out the best route to take.

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