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 January-March 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XIII - Jay and Zero Return

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PostJanuary-March 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XIII - Jay and Zero Return

JayMoyles: Like a bolt from the blue, it's the Admintendo Review! Welcome to another edition of Admintendo. I hope you're buckled in and ready to go for some blisteringly hot games chat as well as a look back at the forum over the past few months. I know I am - and of course, I'm Mister JayMoyles and I'm joined by my partner in crime, the wonderful ZeroJones! How are we this fine spring day, sir?

ZeroJones: Wide awake and ready to take some names and talk some games!

JayMoyles: I wouldn't have it any other way. Smile

Forum Highlights

JayMoyles: Before we chat about the wide world of vidyagames, shall we reflect on some forum highlights since our last installment?

ZeroJones: We shall indeed! I'm right in the middle of getting my Zelda vote ready for Drunka and deciding on a top ten has proved very troublesome (though the spin-off vote was easy - I've played none of 'em). Also enjoying Pokémonth's tagline spree and Drunka's - that name again! - Nintendo thread in General Gaming. Very cool to talk about how we came to love the occasionally frustrating but always fun mythical beast that is Nintendo.

JayMoyles: That thread in question was a real treat - we've all come to Nintendo from different backgrounds, but all roads have led us to the Big N, and it was really interesting to hear how we grew to love Ninty. For myself, I've got to draw attention to Cappa's stellar Rufus Hound thread. He's done us a public service there in calling out Hound. I'm also going to toot my own horn here by bringing up our community playthrough of the Gen.1 Pokémon games in Let's All Play. It's been the most successful edition of Let's All Play yet and it's exactly what I had in mind when I started the series. Pokémonth has gone swimmingly, I'd say!

ZeroJones: 7/10 Too much water. Razz

JayMoyles: ...boothisman.gif?

ZeroJones: No, you're quite right. It makes me think we should be declaring it Pokéyear, but the stress of all those taglines puts me right off!

JayMoyles: Our wonderful community have helped us out there - confession, I'm duff at thinking of taglines, it's mostly Zero! - but I think the well would run dry pretty quickly if we declared it to be Pokéyear. Still, it does feel like a banner year for Pikachu and the gang.

Currently playing...

JayMoyles: Speaking of Pokémon, we're both currently playing a Pokémon game, correct? How's your Pokémon adventure going?

ZeroJones: Yes! I'm in Blue and right this second am backtracking to Celadon after heading to Route 2 to swap an Abra for a Mr. Mime. Team Rocket will get what's coming to them, that's for sure! I am loving nearly every second - 7/10, too much Zubat is a problem sometimes - but the nostalgia! Just booting it up and seeing the attract screen swap out Pokémon standing next to Trainer - things I'd long since forgotten. What a real technical advance it was for the Game Boy, as well. The most sophisticated game I'd played on it previously was probably Link's Awakening and the Pokémon games blow it away.

JayMoyles: Oh, it's absolutely an impressive game for its time. It's a huge reason for me being a Nintendo fan, after all. I'm loving revisting Kanto (my team's shaping up now - Staryu, Rhyhorn, Weepinbel, Tauros, Snorlax and Pikachu, who is soon to be swapped out for Lapras!) although I am noticing a few frustratingly old mechanics. Things like the inventory management, taking 'Mon in and out of the box and the bloody encounter rates in caves has annoyed me, but I can overlook it due to how good these games are. I'm looking forward to moving my dream team to Sun and Moon. Smile

Played anything else besides Pokeymen recently?

ZeroJones: Before I answer that, Tauros! Jealous. Wink

JayMoyles: Took ages. Damn you, Safari Zone! DAMN YOU!

ZeroJones: Yes - Safari Zone. *shudder* Anyway, I've a few other irons in the fire - Pokémon Picross is getting played daily and I'm pretty close to the end. I've also got into Mysterious Murasame Castle on the 3DS VC, the NES game which uses Zelda assets but dials the action of that game up to eleven point one. It's actually really good fun. There's also Xenoblade Chronicles in my Wii U but I've kind of put that to one side: the boss I'm currently facing keeps kicking me about the screen and I only have so much patience!

JayMoyles: Is that Xenoblade Chronicles X or its predecessor? I have Xenoblade Chronicles 3D waiting to go on n3DS, but other games keep interupting me! JRPGs do suffer from often brutal difficulty spikes though, so I feel your pain.

For me, I've been spending most of my time with the excellent Ace Attorney series. I'm up to Dual Destinies now, and I'm loving the jump in quality in its presentation. Whether that translates to some good storytelling... well, the jury's out for now as I'm only on Episode 2! I've made time to sample some of the SNES VC releases on n3DS between cases - I'm currently working on completing Super Mario World 100% by finding all the level exits in the game and beating the elusive Star Road. It's going well so far as I'm at Bowser's Castle ready to beat up the scaly bugger and save the day.

ZeroJones: It is the original Xenoblade, yes! No spoilers as you have yet to experience it but I'm finding myself a bit disconnected from the action. Also, Super Mario World! What a lovely game that is. I remember venturing out onto Star Road back in the day for a few challenge levels. Good stuff. On the Ace Attorney trail, 6 might become my Most Wanted game before too long. Maya - just... Maya. Love

JayMoyles: I've an idea for a longform piece about the Ace Attorney series, but I may need to enlist yourself and any of other lovely forumites who've beaten the main 5 Ace Attorney games to help me out with my idea. More on that later, though.

ZeroJones: Intrigue!

JayMoyles: Zvarri!


Because it was only a matter of time.

JayMoyles: This Admintendo could rapidly break down into an Ace Attorney roleplay before long, so let's move onwards, shall we? Grin

ZeroJones: Good idea! Although I do feel like I've had a big 'TAKE THAT!' there. Wink


Nintendo's Future

JayMoyles: Moving onwards then to a discussion about, well, moving onwards! It seems like Nintendo's future is a hot topic as of late - the 3DS has had its year ahead laid out through a Nintendo Direct and the Wii U has had its death knell sounded, and we're getting whispers on the wind about the NX. Are you looking forward with anticipation or trepidation, Zero?

ZeroJones: My natural optimism tends me towards anticipation, of the two. The next mobile game after Miitomo will hopefully be more like a genuine Nintendo game and that's got me excited. Being able to add a Nintendo title to my list of iPhone games will be a real pleasure. The NX is too nebulous at the moment for me to have a real opinion, though I am glad that those potential controllers have been debunked.

JayMoyles: I'm pleased to hear Miitomo's doing well in Japan. Entering the mobile market was a gamble for Ninty which seems to be paying off. I'm in absolute agreement with you about the NX - those controller "leaks" did not inspire confidence in me, so I'm happy that they've been confirmed to be fake. In regards to the NX, if that releases sooner rather than later - the end of this year, say - I can easily see myself forgoing the Wii U entirely and buying an NX, especially now that Nintendo have reportedly stopped Wii U production. Is there anything even on the horizon for the Wii U outside of Starfox and Zelda?

ZeroJones: Not that I can think of off the top of my head. The most frustrating thing for me is that the Wii U has so much untapped potential - the GamePad has been pretty much 'controller + map' for the whole of its life, but games like Affordable Space Adventures and ZombiU - that use it really well - should have been more common. Maybe it was too much effort for devs to get hold of properly. In any case, 2015 definitely felt like Nintendo were preparing for something else. Hopefully the NX's launch line-up will be stellar.

JayMoyles: I really do think Zelda U is going to be a cross-release across Wii U and NX. If NX launches with Zelda U, it'll be a purchase at launch for me. It's a shame to see the Wii U go like this, though. In happier news, I'm chuffed to bits Nintendo have revitalised the 3DS. It's basically all I've played over the past couple of months - especially since Street Fighter V launched with all the fanfare of a wet fart - and with the games still to come for the console in 2016, I can see that continuing on.

ZeroJones: Yes! The handheld needed a bit of a push - dat 2015! - and oh boy has it had one! If you're an RPG fan, you are certainly in for a treat. Now, how to make sure I've got enough time to play them all, with Paper Jam Bros., Bravely Second and TOTA already on the back-burner... almost forgot Kirby: Planet Robobot! That looks like a great little game. Always like a bit of Kirby... though the new amiibi that the game will bring with it make me feel like griping.

JayMoyles: Yep, and that's without mentioned Pokémon Sun and Moon, Fire Emblem: Fates or Hyrule Warrior Legends - oh, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, I suppose. It doesn't feel the 3DS is on its way out anymore, which I suppose might say something about the NX. If it is, then this is one hell of a swansong.

ZeroJones: Yes - forgetful Zero! Hyrule Warrior Legends is out today, isn't it? The idea of the genre doesn't appeal to me but it looks like I'd love the nostalgia of it all. And you're right - the 3DS seems to be having its renaissance. There's still potential in that little blighter too!

JayMoyles: One hope I have for the future is the release of GBA games on the n3DS Virtual Console. Even if they don't have restore points, there's a lot of classic games sitting untapped there. *gazes wistfully at Mother 3*

ZeroJones: Whilst it would be a great fit I don't think it's on the cards anymore (GBA games on the n3DS, that is), if it ever was. I remember them promising 3DS Ambassadors that GBA games would not be released commercially on the console, let alone the odd fact they're on the Wii U. Now, Mother 3 on Wii U...

JayMoyles: Mother 3 on anything, really. I just want you all to experience it! E3, give me the good news, please...

ZeroJones: Fingers crossed! "And also EarthBound Endings, which is available to download at the end of this presentation." Grin

JayMoyles: One can dream... one can dream. Speaking of the end of this presentation, I think that's about time for the end of ours, wouldn't you say?

ZeroJones: Yes! Your segues have been excellent today, Lord Jayseph!

JayMoyles: You've been setting them up perfectly, Sir Zero - we're an efficient Admintendo unit today, for sure!

ZeroJones: Hooray and hurrah! It's been fun - and games. Always fun and games. Thanks for hosting, King Jay (thought you deserved the promotion from 'Lord'! Wink )!

JayMoyles: My pleasure, as always! Like a bolt from the blue, we've been here, and now in a flash, we're gone. Thanks for reading folks!

ZeroJones: Yes! See you some other time!
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January-March 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XIII - Jay and Zero Return :: Comments

A good read like always, one question what's TOTA Zero.
Tales Of The Abyss, sir! I reckon that's the one I'm closest to finishing but my desire to play it is the lowest. To the back burner with you, Luke fon Fabre... you scallywag, you.
Great job as always chaps! Grin My thoughts, in scattergun stylee:

Well reminded about the Nintendo thread! Shocked Completely forgot I had summat else to say there. Best go do it at some point...

Would be a good year for Pokéyear! The anniversary and that, Pokken, the re-releases, Sun & Moon... I still don't get the appeal behind the originals, mind, nostalgia aside. "It's absolutely an impressive game for its time" pretty much sums it up, with emphasis on the last three words. (And the Safari Zone sucks Pokéballs.)

What's the XC boss Zero? In spoilers if you wish. I must admit, I didn't have problems with many of the early bosses, but they do get hard later. Sad that both of you aren't able to enjoy one of my top five of all time, though. Aww!

Up for anything and everything to do with the AA games. Thumbs Up!

The next Nintendo mobile game might well be Pokémon Go!, which is sounding mediocre as all hell at the moment. I've done my piece before on Nintendobile, and I'll probably do it again, so I'll spare you all from it... this time. Wink

I swear there's more left on the Wii U than that! Although I must admit, I'm struggling to think of much. There's TMS#FE (bit fan-service-y), Yooka-Laylee (who knows when it'll actually come out), Paper Mario: Sticker Star 2... okaynevermind.

I've also already done my piece (several times) on how the Gamepad was left to die, by Ninty as much as anyone else. There's still a lot that could be done with a second screen, but I'm not expecting it now. Aww!
Balladeer wrote:

What's the XC boss Zero?  In spoilers if you wish.  I must admit, I didn't have problems with many of the early bosses, but they do get hard later.  Sad that both of you aren't able to enjoy one of my top five of all time, though. Aww!

The next Nintendo mobile game might well be Pokémon Go!, which is sounding mediocre as all hell at the moment.

Jay's just playing better games Razz

Also Pokemon Go doesn't count as it's the Pokemon Company who all ready have games on mobile.
Balladeer wrote:
What's the XC boss Zero?  In spoilers if you wish.  I must admit, I didn't have problems with many of the early bosses, but they do get hard later.  Sad that both of you aren't able to enjoy one of my top five of all time, though. Aww!

The early XC boss that I am stuck on:

Balladeer wrote:
I swear there's more left on the Wii U than that!  Although I must admit, I'm struggling to think of much.  There's TMS#FE (bit fan-service-y), Yooka-Laylee (who knows when it'll actually come out), Paper Mario: Sticker Star 2...  okaynevermind.

Colour Splash! I plum forgot about that until you mentioned it. Embarrassed That might be telling, though. As for the others, only Yooka-Laylee will grab me, I'd say. It'd not be a massive shame if the Wii U was wound down now, so that the NX can have the kind of launch that will make us quiver with anticipation.
You make a fair point. Imagine if Nintendo came out at E3 and said, "In a month's time you'll all be playing Super Mario Universe, Wii Sports Revengeance, and Zelda U on NX!" Won't happen though.

I do remember that boss, vaguely. Don't remember it being too tough. Maybe you just need to molest some nearby beasties for a bit? Then again, I can't fault you for wanting to get into BSEL. Cracking game. (Stop me if I've said this before.)
Balladeer wrote:
Sad that both of you aren't able to enjoy one of my top five of all time, though. Aww!

I'm waiting for the inevitable summer drought - I need a meaty RPG to sink my teeth into, and XC3D will likely be the steak of choice. I mean, game.

January-March 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XIII - Jay and Zero Return

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