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 2017: Gaming Resolutions

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PostSubject: Re: 2017: Gaming Resolutions   2017: Gaming Resolutions - Page 2 EmptyFri 26 Jan 2018 - 21:11

Forgot to look back on this post! Embarrassed

I said I'd support third party games in the Switch where possible, and I'm not sure I've done that yet. I'm going to get Skyrim and Batman: The Telltale Series as soon as the calendar ticks over to February; then I'll feel better about that one. The second one I have not managed at all. My time will come on that one. Thumbs Up!
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PostSubject: Re: 2017: Gaming Resolutions   2017: Gaming Resolutions - Page 2 EmptyWed 7 Feb 2018 - 13:07

I think you've done a decent job Zero on the 3rd party buying front on Switch.

For me and this year, I still buy too many games as even this month where it was just SotC and Bayo 2 that I wanted (which I did cancel), I just went and used that £70 towards Fire Emblem and used birthday money on Tokyo Mirage Sessions and stuff in the PSN sale etc.

I have still ended up buying too many games this month so far, I'm pretty sure I'm not planning to go anywhere where I will spot any Retro and nothing new I want is coming, that it might be only a sale that tempts me this month.

Now I'm looking at what's coming in March and I've got the £140 Special Editon of Ni No Kuni II, it looks excellent but I was talking to EofGiz ages ago about my Xbox collection during the OG and 360 where I had the helmet of Master Chief, the statue of Noble 6 etc which all just got traded in towards the Wii U / when the Xbox One was shown.

Ni No Kuni II isn't a game I plan to trade in and most games I buy the special edition for and like that, not ones I plan to trade but ones I plan to keep, hence why all my Zelda's are the Special Editions.

I didn't think that with Halo and I did, that buying less games would be the best resolution but games like Ni Nu Kuni II buying the standard edition for £100 less might be the better resolution and that £100, for instance, could go into savings which means I could go Japan this year and not next year for instance.
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2017: Gaming Resolutions
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