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 2017: Gaming Resolutions

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PostSubject: Re: 2017: Gaming Resolutions   Fri 26 Jan 2018 - 21:11

Forgot to look back on this post! Embarrassed

I said I'd support third party games in the Switch where possible, and I'm not sure I've done that yet. I'm going to get Skyrim and Batman: The Telltale Series as soon as the calendar ticks over to February; then I'll feel better about that one. The second one I have not managed at all. My time will come on that one. Thumbs Up!
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PostSubject: Re: 2017: Gaming Resolutions   Wed 7 Feb 2018 - 13:07

I think you've done a decent job Zero on the 3rd party buying front on Switch.

For me and this year, I still buy too many games as even this month where it was just SotC and Bayo 2 that I wanted (which I did cancel), I just went and used that 70 towards Fire Emblem and used birthday money on Tokyo Mirage Sessions and stuff in the PSN sale etc.

I have still ended up buying too many games this month so far, I'm pretty sure I'm not planning to go anywhere where I will spot any Retro and nothing new I want is coming, that it might be only a sale that tempts me this month.

Now I'm looking at what's coming in March and I've got the 140 Special Editon of Ni No Kuni II, it looks excellent but I was talking to EofGiz ages ago about my Xbox collection during the OG and 360 where I had the helmet of Master Chief, the statue of Noble 6 etc which all just got traded in towards the Wii U / when the Xbox One was shown.

Ni No Kuni II isn't a game I plan to trade in and most games I buy the special edition for and like that, not ones I plan to trade but ones I plan to keep, hence why all my Zelda's are the Special Editions.

I didn't think that with Halo and I did, that buying less games would be the best resolution but games like Ni Nu Kuni II buying the standard edition for 100 less might be the better resolution and that 100, for instance, could go into savings which means I could go Japan this year and not next year for instance.
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2017: Gaming Resolutions
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