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 July-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions

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July-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions Empty
PostJuly-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions

JayMoyles: Here we go, off the rails, don't you know it's time to raise our sails?

Yes, it's that time again! It's time to Admintend, ya see. I've lobbed my hat at my admin-in-arms to take over hosting duties this time round - of course, it's me, JayMoyles. And as always, it's your favourite 1-up guy...

ZeroJones: ... Mr. ZeroJones Esquire! How are y'all doing out there tonight?

JayMoyles: I'm hoping they're all feeling terrific - I know I am. We've got a relatively decent amount to chat about this time round, so without any further ado, it's time to jump with me and grab coins with me... oh yeah. Cool

ZeroJones: That sounds like a heist.

JayMoyles: Shh... they don't need to know.

The Forum

JayMoyles: By that butchered lyric, I'm referring to kicking us off with a bit of a forum recap on things to come and things that have passed. What's been your forum highlights as of late, Zero?

ZeroJones: Anything and everything in the Switch forum. It's so good to have a successful Nintendo console and lots of games to talk about again. Chatting about Metroid: Samus Returns has been good and naming mas's Stuff Of The Month threads is becoming a real highlight.

JayMoyles: The Switch forum has been my highlight as of late too. I think someone once said that when Nintendo's in a healthy state, the forum is a livelier place too - I can only agree with that assessment. New games, chat about upcoming games... what a blessing the Switch has been. We'll no doubt chat about some of those games later on, but what a cracking first six months it's been for the Switch.

ZeroJones: Oh, entirely. Its success has been a surprise to everyone, not least Nintendo, it sometimes seems! I haven't even played its biggest game to date, either, and have still really loved most of what I have got my gaming mitts on.

JayMoyles: You hit the nail on the head by mentioning Samus Returns as well - the 3DS has been chugging along at a fair rate. I've enjoyed chatting away about the 3DS's big summer releases too. I'd be remiss to not mention the upcoming Wii U thread - despite having never owned a Wii U, I'm looking forward to seeing that thread unfold.

ZeroJones: Yes - the forum's Big Goodbye for the Wii U is one to watch. I've already got my votes in and can't wait to see what Andy comes up with, god bless.

JayMoyles: It's definitely time to send the Wii U off to gaming Valhalla, I reckon. I'm pretty certain we'll be having a similar thread for the 3DS next year, too.

ZeroJones: It'll be sad to see the stereoscopic tyke go, for me... but yes, Nintendo should have everything they're currently developing for the 3DS finished off by the end of 2018. You'd imagine, at least - it might surprise us yet.

JayMoyles: At risk of sounding like a massive parody of myself, all that needs to happen is for Mother 3 and TWEWY 2 to be announced tomorrow for release next year and I'll proudly proclaim the 3DS to be alive for years to come.

...it's not a big ask, right Nintendo?

ZeroJones: Mother 3 3D announced in next Nintendo Direct. TWEWY 2 to enter development when Jupiter have finished coding Picross S Infinity.

JayMoyles: ...oh, I forgot about what Jupiter were up to. Now I hate Picross again. DAMN YOU!

ZeroJones: Join the club!

The Games

JayMoyles: On that rage-inducing note, perhaps we should move on to the most reliable segment of Admintendo - it's what we've been playing! Kick us off, Zero.

ZeroJones: Well, sir, it's a tale of two consoles. My 3DS has seen the lovely and sweet Ever Oasis and the ugly and hurtful (but pretty good) Metroid: Samus Returns to completion (with my help, of course). Games that couldn't be more different, almost - an action RPG whose message of love, support, friendship and co-operation wafts like gentle perfume from every angle versus a rough, hard-nosed Metroid-like (surprise!) in which isolation and desolation are prominent themes.

JayMoyles: *side-eyes Metroid-like*

Samus Returns was one of my recent games too! I think it's a different breed to most Metroidvanias I've played in that it's actually a lot more linear than I thought it would be. Sure, there's a bit of backtracking and whatnot but for the most part you go from area to area and never really backtrack more than a minute or two. I'm not saying that was a bad thing mind - I think it actually resulted in a more focused and fun time. I'm just happy that Samus has indeed returned!

ZeroJones: The backtracking was for power-ups, really - there was usually little story-based need to do so, I agree. And, yes, the most important thing was to get Samus back into the world after - was Metroid: Other M seven years ago?! That's a bit much for one of Nintendo's biggest characters.

JayMoyles: ...and the less said about Other M, the better!

ZeroJones: In other news, my Switch saw a lot of eShop action, with Blaster Master Zero, Sonic Mania, SteamWorld Dig 2, Picross S and Golf Story all entering my life. That quintet are a bit up and down, to be honest, with SWD2 and Sonic Mania vying for top spot and Picross S easily picking up the wooden spoon (or a scratchy pixelated drawing of a wooden spoon, at least). There was also FIFA 18, at which I solemnly swear I am no good. Embarrassed

JayMoyles: When was the last time you played a FIFA game, Zero? I'm not one for football games in the slightest so I'm curious to how you think it plays.

ZeroJones: Ooof! It might be FIFA 2000? The last proper football game I played at all was PES 2008 on the Wii. It's been a while and things have definitely moved on - the presentation is spectacular, though regular PS4BONE FIFA players might disagree. It simulates football well, I would say, including the slow turning ability of the main forward of the team I support. Embarrassed

JayMoyles: I suppose for most the main draw will be the appeal of having a pretty comprehensive portable FIFA experience. I'm aware FIFA's been on things like the Vita before, but I can't imagine it'll have been to the same degree as on Switch.

As for your indie selection, how are you finding Golf Story? That's a likely purchase for me soon.

ZeroJones: Middling to good, I would say? I'm finally involved in the story and am past the stage of being bored doing the three-press swing mechanic now - I just accept it. It's cute and funny with a few novel ideas - much like yours truly - and it actually plays a good game of golf - totally unlike yours truly. Wink

JayMoyles: I'm looking forward to tucking into it, then!

ZeroJones: I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And might a chap inquire as to what you've been playing, sir?

JayMoyles: Well, I've been playing the aforementioned Samus Returns, Miitopia and Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS. I polished off the former pair - I've already spoken about Samus Returns, but as for Miitopia I'd definitely say it's not for everyone. If you're not prepared to make your own fun and inject your own stories and characters into the mix, you won't enjoy it very much as the actual gameplay isn't particularly gripping. When the game started offering me tons of post-game content that was all focused on the battling, I bowed out gracefully. As for MHS, I really ought to return to that and finish it as I was enjoying it, after all. Didn't you play the demo for that, Zero?

ZeroJones: Yes! It was pretty engaging - reminded me of Yo-Kai Watch, in that it was clearly a Pokémon-like game but had its own important twists. I loved riding Monstie around the map screen, and combining with it for battle was aces. I'm going to ask for it for Christmas, so that my demo progress isn't wasted. But! What's stopping you getting back to it?

JayMoyles: Other games! Laughing

September was an insane month for me for games and MHS fell to the wayside as there were other games - such as Samus Returns - that I wanted to play more. Most of them were on Switch, but I didn't expect one such Switch game to grab me as much as it did. That was Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - it grabbed hold of me tightly and wouldn't let go until I'd spent 30+ hours with it. I don't really know why, either. Don't get me wrong - the fighting and RPG character building elements were ace and being a massive Dragon Ball fan I was well into making my own original character (please do not steal), but it came out of nowhere as I wasn't that hyped for it.

Beyond that, I've been making my way steadily through Mario + Rabbids. What a treat that game is - I just reached World 4 last night. I'm impressed by how challenging it is too. Eat your heart out, XCOM.

ZeroJones: I have to admit that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was never on my radar, but this is the joy of the Switch - even so soon in its life cycle, there really is something for everyone.

JayMoyles: Oh, if you're not a Dragon Ball fan then I can't fathom why it would ever be on your radar at all!

It plays well enough, but you definitely need to be into your Gokus and Vegetas to properly enjoy it.

ZeroJones: I have heard those words before.

JayMoyles: What about Rabbids, Zero? Has that not tickled your fancy at all?

ZeroJones: I've been umming and aahing about it for a while. I tell myself that I don't normally like RTS games but then I really enjoyed Code Name S.T.E.A.M. and SteamWorld Heist. On the other hand, the Rabbids have always felt like a daft gimmick and people keep saying how hard it is, so I'd rather spend my time on something that I would be more sure I would enjoy.

JayMoyles: I feel that game could really benefit from a demo. I think a demo with a brief tutorial stage and a couple of trickier battles would potentially draw in some folks still unsure about picking the game up.

What I would say is that I've actually enjoyed the Rabbids in this - there's not really much of them running at the screen yelling "bwaaaaah", just some goofy slapstick and decent dialogue.

ZeroJones: I would happily play through a demo of it. I'm actually playing the New Style Boutique 3 demo right now! And I'm happy to see that the Rabbidicity is not too in-thy-face.

JayMoyles: I will forever associate that game with andyman yelling "LOOK AT HER NAILS" during that game's trailer at the most recent Direct.

ZeroJones: It appeals to the side of me that liked the TV show Ugly Betty. I have no real clue what I'm doing, and have almost lost a customer. Embarrassed

Anyway, let's move to a new portion of Admintendo, and it only took us eighteen complete shows to think of it!

The Questions

JayMoyles: Yes... it's time for YOUR questions. We have bombarded you all with questions every month for Meet the Admin Team, so it's only fair that we have the tables turned on us. Would you like to do the honours and share the questions, Zero?

ZeroJones: Alright! We have an opulent octet to choose from. Without further ado, the first submitted question comes from a user named 'Calladeer', and it is: "Who would be the ideal person (forumite or not) to raise to the rank of admin.?"

JayMoyles: Bowser. He runs a tight ship.

ZeroJones: Ship! I see what you did there. I would say Abraham Lincoln, and not just because I'm a big Code Name S.T.E.A.M. fan. Wink

Next, from 'Falladeer': "What's your favourite Admintendo thus far?"

JayMoyles: Hmm... That one we did with Jimmers and Balla. Balla's a terrific guest - no surprise, as he was a damn fine host - and having Jimbob on was a treat too.

ZeroJones: Mine is XVII, styled as 'X7' (ruddy Mega Man) - the one with yourself and The Drunka, your boi, where I had to drop out. It was brilliant.

JayMoyles: That title was referencing Wrestlemania, but Mega Man works!

ZeroJones: 'Halladeer' asks this: "What would the Smash Bros. characters chat about on a forum? Who would be a moderator? Who'd be the biggest troll?"

JayMoyles: I can only foresee endless bickering. Palutena and Bayonetta would be moderators - Bayonetta is of course known for punishing ne'er-do-wells, and Palutena has to deal with Pit, so I'm sure she can manage a forum. The biggest troll would be a toss up between Wario - natch - and a Mii Fighter portrayed by Reggie.

ZeroJones: I would say the main topic of conversation would be how tough Samus has it in comparison to everyone else. Mario for moderator, who reluctantly promotes a gaffe-prone Luigi. And, yes, Wario biggest troll.

Here's a potentially controversial one from 'Malladeer': "Is this a Nintendo forum or a gaming forum?"

JayMoyles: I think it's time for the truth, Zero. It is, of course, a [MESSAGE REDACTED FOR FORUM STABILITY PURPOSES, PLEASE UNDERSTAND]

ZeroJones: I'm just going to say "Yes".

Onto Q5! This is from 'Bunkalilly': "Should soldiers fighting in the UK and US' military engagements in the modern era be considered heroes?"

JayMoyles: Nobody said there would be proper serious questions!

ZeroJones: I know, right?

JayMoyles: Well... Not as a blanket statement, no. I think the whole standing up and applauding the troops thing that goes on in the US is a bit much, but soldiers do a lot of good in the world.

ZeroJones: I'd need to judge individuals before deciding if they were heroes or not but they certainly have the potential to be called heroes, as do people in quite a few other jobs. Heroism takes many forms.

Moving on! 'Funkalilly' demands an answer to this: "Is arguing that we should talk about videogames as "a bit of fun" and avoid controversial subjects in their content and/ or creation a statement in and of itself, one made from a position of incredible privilege?"

JayMoyles: Hmm... Whilst I wouldn't class it again as a blanket statement as being from a "position of incredible privilege" - some folks genuinely just want to talk about their favourite games and call it there without any ulterior agenda in doing so - I think for video games to be considered as anything more than a simple pastime mainly for kids then those difficult conversations need to be had when we're talking about games.

We're getting heavy on Admintendo this instalment, folks!

ZeroJones: My answer has got to be "Yes". We are privileged enough to be ignorant, indolent... some might say 'decadent'.

Lucky Question Number Seven is from 'Gunkalilly': "People are quick to complain about DLC culture, treatment of employees by certain kompanies or other minor "immoral" acts by games companies, but overlook the use of conflict minerals or the exploitation of vulnerable workforces in the physical manufacture. Is there any ethical consumption under capitalism, or is the whole concept of voting with your wallet in such issues completely invalid?"

JayMoyles: ...let's all just go digital, there's the answer.

ZeroJones: That'd be a start! I'm saying the most ethical consumption would be that that you do for yourself: growing your own vegetables, for example, though for that you would need land and water, at the very least. Capitalism is a poor system.

Finally, this from 'Hunkalilly': "Shag, marry, kill: Twintelle, Maria, Sidon."

JayMoyles: I assume he means Marina, but I'm answering the question as asked, goddammit!

No idea who Maria is. This monstrosity

July-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions Latest?cb=20100825205820

was all a Google search conjured up, so she's dead. Nintendo need to slap a DMCA takedown request on that image, pronto. No

I'll marry Sidon to marry into Zora royalty like the twisted gold digger I am at heart, which leaves me to shag Twintelle by process of elimination.

ZeroJones: I've heard tell of Sidon but have never met the soul in-game, obvs, so, assuming some universe where I'm not currently married and murder is A-OK, it's marry Twintelle, shag Sidon (I assume) and kill Maria.

I think we can agree that The Question Experiment has been a success! Wink

JayMoyles: Agreed - and so many new forumites asking those questions too! Wink

ZeroJones: We were very fortunate, I agree.

The Future & The End

JayMoyles: So, before we zoom all the way to the moon from this great wide wacky world, shall we finish up by talking about what's to come in gaming?

ZeroJones: Yes, I think we should. At the time of recording, my biggest game of the year has yet to be released: The Super Mario Odyssey. I'm in lockdown for footage and spoilers and such (though I'll happily record a First Time Playing!), such is my hype levels. I think my personal hype train might be in orbit right now.

JayMoyles: ...never heard of it. Eh?

No, I'm super hyped for it too, natch. I still need to pop my preorder in for it, but I'm well keen for a bit of Mario next week. It's crazy thinking we've got another potential GOTY candidate on Switch in its first year! :O

ZeroJones: Tremendous stuff, to be sure. One day I'll get round to playing the first GOTY candidate... one day. Embarrassed November also has a couple of things up its sleeve: I'm looking strongly at LA Noire and Skyrim, myself, though I understand The Doom is out, and also That There Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Mallad - oops, sorry, Balladeer made me mention it!) in December.

JayMoyles: I think you'll properly enjoy LA Noire, Zero. I'm looking forward to revisiting it myself - as I mentioned in its thread, I'm forgotten most of the story beats so I'm keen on replaying it. The same applies to Skyrim too.

I probably should get around to playing the first Xenoblade Chronicles... :embarrassed:

ZeroJones: You and me both, sir! I have the excuse that I have no Wii Remote Sensor Bar at the moment...

JayMoyles: I have no excuse as I own the N3DS version... I even bought the Shulk amiibo with it too!

ZeroJones: Now that's commitment!

JayMoyles: Or a lack thereof, judging by that fact that I've barely played it...

ZeroJones: Well, let's say Past Jay was committed. Wink

JayMoyles: Any desire to revisit Alola with essentially the last big 3DS games in Ultra Sun and Moon?

ZeroJones: Nooooo! I've got to get on with Layton's Mystery Journey and, although Alola is a lovely place filled with brilliant things to do, I'm not tempted in the slightest. Yourself?

JayMoyles: ...I've not even beat Sun, so that'll be a no. Laughing

ZeroJones: How far did you get?

JayMoyles: Maybe just after the second island? If I went back, I'd be restarting in all likelihood, so no desire to revisit Alola when I've not even properly visited it in the first place!

ZeroJones: Fair enough, good sir! Forum-wise, there's only one thing on my mind: Wii. U. VOTE.

JayMoyles: Yep! Grin

It's been a while since our last vote, so I'm excited to see it all unfold. Oh, and the Forum Awards will be here before we know it too...

On a more selfish note, I'm looking forward to putting the next episode of the podcast together - I think it's a cracking listen. And then it'll be time for my favourite podcast to record with the GOTY cast coming up soon too!

ZeroJones: Yes! More content for the team. I loved Gracklecast One and am hoping to be invited to do the GOTY cast... though I've no idea what my GOTY actually is right now. I'm sure I'll know by the end of the month, though. Wink

JayMoyles: I'd like to get the other three who've done the last few GOTY casts, but I want to - brace yourselves - try for a six man cast for this year's GOTY cast. Madness, I know.

There's some breaking news for Admintendo!

ZeroJones: Six! With a full top five apiece?! That'd be the podcast equivalent of War & Peace...

JayMoyles: I've got plans in mind for that... more on that later, though!

ZeroJones: I await further news with interest!

JayMoyles: For now, it might just be time for us to flip the switch, get ready for this and do the Ody- er, I mean, finish up here.

ZeroJones: I concur, old friend - I concur.

JayMoyles: It's been a pleasure!

ZeroJones: Likewise, as ever and always!

JayMoyles: Good night, and good games!

ZeroJones: Good luck, good skill, have fun and take care out there!

JayMoyles: ~Fin~


The Real Beginning

JayMoyles: Hello good sir!

ZeroJones: Good day!

JayMoyles: Sorry I was a touch late, dinner took longer than expected. Are we all set to Admintend?

ZeroJones: Yes indeed! I've got the submitted questions ready, and I know what I've been playing recently...

JayMoyles: Woo! What else is on the agenda?

ZeroJones: Intro, Forum News, What We've Been Playing, Questions, What We're Looking Forward To In The Near Odyssey I Mean Future, Outro.

JayMoyles: Sounds like a plan, as always!

ZeroJones: Alright! Can I prevail upon you to host? I can take up editing duties this time. Thumbs Up!

JayMoyles: Sure thing! I'm off over the weekend with nowt planned, so I don't mind editing but happy to pass over the mantle nonetheless.

ZeroJones: Ahhh, you get yourself in front of them video games that all the young'uns are playing! I've got an unusual amount of time to myself this weekend, as Jo is going on a spa weekend and doing a night shift Sunday night.

JayMoyles: Fair enough, my dude. Let's rock and roll!

ZeroJones: Rocking in three... two...

The Real Emoticon

JayMoyles: ...oh, I forgot about what Jupiter were up to. Now I hate Picross again. Pale

ZeroJones: Join the club!

JayMoyles: (that is not the emoticon I wanted, Skype. I wanted unbridled rage)

ZeroJones: (I'll add that in during the edit)

JayMoyles: (I know, I know - just bemused by Skype's emoticon range!)

The Real Ending

JayMoyles: Fin

wait this happened before


ZeroJones: It's a wrap! Or maybe a constrict.

JayMoyles: .Fin.

JayMoyles: DAMMIT

ZeroJones: Qu'est-ce qui se passe?!

JayMoyles: It won't let me use a ~ on either side without striking through the text. Damn you Skype!


ZeroJones: I do!

The more you know...

JayMoyles: It can be sorted in the edit. Wink

ZeroJones: And it will!

...right, I haven't had my dinner yet, so I'm going to make a quick exit.

JayMoyles: Oh wow, go get some grub my dude!

Good chats, as always Grin

ZeroJones: No worries, sir!

JayMoyles: Catch you later on Smile

ZeroJones: Yes, I'll flip you on the catch side.

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July-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions :: Comments

Zero only likes the naming stuff as he wins that more then a matches on FIFA.

I've been tempted by DBZ as the whole if it sells well we may get FighterZ but seeing Battle Tag is coming to Switch, hopefully means we do see FighterZ on Switch unless it's some weird deal that the Xbox One gets FighterZ and Switch gets Battle Tag.
masofdas wrote:
Zero only likes the naming stuff as he wins that more then a matches on FIFA.

I should be enraged by that, but I lost this morning's game on FIFA (2-0 to Hull when I was Nottingham Forest), so it's factually accurate enough for me to just go "Ehhh" and shrug instead.
I love these. Smile My thoughts, as always:

Agreed with Mas that Zero only enjoys naming the threads because he does so well!  A personal highlight of mine has been all the great taglines I've suggested. Razz

Please don't let the 3DS survive until end 2018, pleeeeeease!  Bring Mother 3 (and 4) and TWEWY 2 to Switch instead.  I'm sure they can make TWEWY work on one screen, since they made it work on chuffing mobile. DAMN YOU!

I'm still looking forward to starting MSR, but I'm very pleased that people haven't finished talking about Ever Oasis.  A very good game indeed!

Unsurprisingly I disagree re. MHS.  The Monstie teaming up feels, for the most part, like any other team mechanic in any other RPG ever.  The riding is still good though.  Hope you both get more out of it than I did.

As a non-strategy fan Zero (it's not an RTS, by the way - is turn-based), I will cautiously recommend Rabbids.  It's got sidelined by other games, because I need some time to sit down with it and engage my brain really quite strongly.  But I've generally enjoyed what I've played.  I've started the second world and haven't felt too stupid yet.  Also: I hate the Minions, and most of what the Rabbids get up to, yet I'll second Jay re. them being surprisingly decent here.

Jay, you flatter me. Embarrassed

I still think the biggest troll on SSBamer would be Sakurai.  If his crippled hands will let him post on it...


The -unkalilly questions took a dramatic about-turn on that last one. Pale The correct answer is obviously a harmonious polyamorous marriage involving all three. And no killing.

Glad to hear somebody's up for XC2 bar me.  What with Athrun revelling in not owning a Switch, and Drunka treating it with a certain amount of caution, I was worried it'd be just myself.  I really liked XC1, and didn't think XCX was as bad as the forum's overarching view, so the overall ambivalence to it is leaving me cold.

Pokémon SM were good!  Jay's not met the best character yet, then, which is sad.  Like y'all, no interested in USUM at all.  MSR will be a good finale for my 3DS.

Six-man cast!?  Everyone will get about three words each!  (Apart from Drunka who'll have the rest of them.)  I am, however, up for speaking some of those three words - if you'll have me, and if I remember to pick up an appropriate microphone.
I'm well and up for XC2 as I really like the art style and I think I can give it more time then the others being in December.

I think if we do a 6 man, a choice of 3 games might work better so we can get more then 3 words in but then I feel it Mario, Zelda and one other from everyone.
Top work again lads! I didn't pick up Mario + Rabbids because I knew it wouldn't get played with me having MHXX and then I had Metroid: SR a month later, plus some little game called Odyssey the month after that so I'll put it on the old Christmas list.

Also well up for a 6 man cast even though it has the potential to be chaos.
I've got plans for the six man cast - it'll be kept on the rails, don't worry!
Responding to Ballamena:
July-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions MetropolisStreetRacerBox
ZeroJones wrote:
That's a definitive ruling-out of Layton's Mystery Journey, then? Er, I assume?

Yep, opinions about it have been mixed and I'll be happy enough to shelve the machine. Especially, as you mention elsewhere, given the magnificent line-up the Switch is 'suffering' from at the moment...

July-September 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo X9 - The Admins Vs The Questions

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