Nintendo in encouraging Emio-lation shocker
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyFri 29 Mar 2013 - 17:09

Welcome to GNamer Forum! We hope you'll enjoy your time here. If you'd be ever so kind as to read the site's generic and predictable rules, we'd be most grateful:

If you have any problem of any sort, please contact one of the site admins:
Balladeer (click name)
JayMoyles (click name)

Problem/abusive user?
If it's nothing that can't simply be solved by a friendly PM, please contact one of the admins. above. Don't take such arguments into innocent topics/PM (MP?) wars.

Keep it clean, chaps!
It's necessary occasionally, but it'd be ace if you'd avoid dropping the F-Bomb and such every other word. We're pretty sure there's no need for the 'C word', though. Ta!

No personal information.
Remember: we're on a public forum, so we don't want to put any of our forumites put at risk by divulging or sharing personal details. Simple enough.

No homophobia/racism/other unpleasantness.
We're an equal orientations/cultures site. We're not even keen on arachnophobia.

No multiple posts/bumps!
Unless they're necessary. We trust you to be sensible young/young-ish people, with sufficient good taste and discretion to make a sensible judgement about necessity. A couples of hints: if you're about to make the fourth post in a row in a single thread, consider that people may not be interested in the topic in hand (yet); and bumping an ancient topic just to put "Laughing" is never necessary.

Careful with image sigs. and text formatting.
While there are no formal prohibitions on image signatures or coloured text, please use your common sense.  If your posts hurt people's eyes, or if your signature is a chore to scroll past, you're doing it wrong.

Spam email alert!
Ignore any random requests to divulge your log-in details and/or email address and inform a site admin. Site admins would only attempt to contact you via email as a last resort or in a matter of utmost importance. Likewise, it's good practice to log yourself out of your account before you leave the site (and especially if you're browsing in public).

No cigarettes, alcohol or rollerblading.
Well, at least before Easter.

Thanks for reading! We hope you're still awake/we didn't insult your intelligence too severely. Now, get out there and enjoy the forum!

Last edited by JayMoyles on Tue 19 Jun 2018 - 17:12; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Updating the admin list.)
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Forum Rules
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