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 What are you playing on your computer?

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What are you playing on your computer? - Page 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: What are you playing on your computer?   What are you playing on your computer? - Page 12 EmptyFri 13 Nov 2020 - 1:13

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Was watching someone play this and thought it looked cool, and decided to give it a go since it was only a couple of quid on Steam. So far I am liking it and have been comparing it favourably to the Grand Theft Auto games. Even the more recent ones, which to be honest I feel like still largely carry the same problems as the older games. But to be clear what I really mean is the GTA games haven't exactly been for me - obviously they are very highly regarded by a lot of people and that's fine.

I also can't make the fairest comparison to GTA 5 because I kind of forgot a lot about the game. But I think it not being too memorable for me is telling anyway.

Everything in Sleeping Dogs just feels snappier, with missions in particular flowing a lot better. Grand Theft Auto I guess goes more for 'realism' so there's a lot of tedium. I've also been finding the missions themselves a bit more fun. They're probably easier but there's a lot less waiting around, and less of a requirement for exactness.

Sleeping Dogs has a decent substitute for objective markers, which in a lot of modern games keep your eyes trained to a pointer on the HUD or minimap. Here arrows pop up as holographic signs on the road, which isn't exactly conducive to immersion, but it means you can more easily take in the sights of environment - which look quite nice - and also keep a track of where you're going.
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What are you playing on your computer?
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