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 April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2

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April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2 Empty
PostApril - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2

Stu_the_great: (taps mic) Testing. Is this thing on? Hello all, and welcome to Admintendo 2: June 2013 Edition! Your host this quarter: Stu_the_great, your friendly neighbourhood forum admin. As hinted at in March, we'll have not two, but four hands pitching in this time round. Introduce yourselves, guys!

Balladeer: Er, I guess I should be first up!  I'm Balladeer, I was here last time, and I'm excited to see what this JayMoyles and Andyman DLC will bring.  Jay?

JayMoyles: Howdy all, JayMoyles here, member of our fun little community since 2007! Glad to be a part of this Admintendo edition, and looking forward to chatting about E3 with you guys. I promise not to mention Monty on the Run. Wink

andyman949: Hi everyone, it's andyman949 and I'm here to talk about games!

Stu_the_great: Alright! That's all of us. Good to have you here, chaps.

Without further ado, earlier this month we saw Nintendo's alternative spin on traditional E3 proceedings. They famously and expectedly shunned a live presentation this year in favour of a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct video. Among the announcements made, we saw first footage of new 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros., more Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 footage, and the long-awaited reveal of Retro's current project, which turned out to be Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

So what did we all make of it? Personally and honestly, it was a disappointing Nintendo E3 for me. Mario Kart 8 has grown on me since its unveiling, but my initial impression was that it was stepping into even gimmickier (new word!) territory by going all F-Zero on us. Main concern: how infuriating will a blue shell attack feel in this iteration, if you were driving upside-down above an abyss at the time of impact? I'm sure all will be revealed in due course, but I sense further potential for added fury.

The lowlight for me, though, was undoubtedly Super Mario 3D World. Maybe the reveal trailer didn't do the level design justice; maybe it leapt in and showcased the wide, multiplayer-orientated stages a little prematurely; maybe we were all allowed to get our hopes up for a little too long before E3? Or maybe it just looks a bit meh. I'm sure it'll still be great fun, but as it stands I'm feeling a little burnt-out with the multiplayer Mario format at the moment.

On the positive side, though: Smash Bros. looks to be as hectic and solid as ever, and I'm intrigued to know if the portable outing will be a standalone piece, or if it will somehow communicate with its larger brother. Pokémon X and Y look set to rock 3DS in October, Wind Waker HD is looking lovely, and DKC: Tropical Freeze looks like more of the same with a lick of paint. Maybe a bit unspectacular, but more of one of the best Wii games out there should go down well with the (hopefully soon-to-be) burgeoning Wii U crowd.

In all honesty, third-party retail efforts haven't captured my imagination thus far, save for the gorgeous-looking Sonic: Lost World, and I'll need to see some reviews for Wonderful 101 if I'm to consider picking it up.

Moving around the panel: what did you make of Nintendo's E3, Balladeer?

Balladeer: (stares aghast at Stu's wall o' text for a moment)

Er, right, okay.  I summed up my views on Nintendo's not-E3 on CVG with words to this effect: "Some good games next year, some alright games this year, no system sellers for a while, hello Gamecube 2".  I'd previously said that unless Nintendo brought the big guns out for the remainder of the year, then up against the Black Boxes o' Power ©️ I didn't think much of Ninty's chances in the console race...

And, to be frank, they're not bringing the big guns this year.  They're bringing them next year.  MK8's gliding, subbing and zero-gravity-ing (definitely a word) look superb; X hints at a beautifully detailed open world that'll put its predecessor to shame, traversable by giant robot; and SSB4 is SSB4.  With a scary villager, no less.

But these are all coming out NEXT YEAR.

This year's big gun for me is The Wonderful 101, which looks wonderful and innovative and is a new IP to rub in the faces of the Nintendo haters.  But it's not a system seller.  Nor is a remake of a Zelda game, even a good one; nor is the game I really hoped wouldn't be another Donkey Kong Country but was; nor even is 3D Mario, or not this 3D Mario.  I'll buy them all, and expect to enjoy them all, but frankly Nintendo's greatest hope pre-Christmas seems to be the even-then-slightly-niche Pikmin 3.

Right, my five minutes are running short.  Who's next, Stu?

Stu_the_great: Let's hear what andyman has to say, shall we?

andyman949: It's another disappointed person here. I'm not a massive fan of Nintendo Directs at the best of times so I was always cautious going in. One thing I do have to say is there wasn't a lot of recap or reminders that Animal Crossing was imminent and everyone must buy it this week.

Balladeer: Surely that's a good thing for us?  I was wary of Nintendo banging on about stuff we'd already heard about, like NSLU.

andyman949: I meant that was a good thing, sorry if that wasn't clear!

JayMoyles: I reckon that perhaps a couple of mentions of these titles coming out could have been apt. E3 is the biggest date in gaming, and people who perhaps don't watch the Nintendo Directs or follow Nintendo releases would have eyes on this E3 conference.

Stu_the_great: Agreed. Though we've had a specific Nintendo Direct dedicated to Animal Crossing, spreading the word of such a significant title for 3DS wouldn't have gone amiss. This E3 felt very Wii U-heavy.

Your Nintendo E3 thoughts, Jay?

andyman949: I haven't finished!

Balladeer: That's what I was about to say. Razz

JayMoyles: Yeah, was just about to say that myself, haha.

Stu_the_great: Oops! Apologies andyman.

andyman949: Right onto the games!

I was very excited by X, that was the highlight of the show for me. It looked beautiful and anything with any similarities to Xenoblade is a must buy for me. Pikmin looked fantastic as ever and that was my other favourite moment.

Then we look at Mario and I wonder where all the Mario 3D Land love seems to have appeared from. It was an OK platformer with very little challenge until the final level and I don't see how it can be described as such a wonderful game. This one looked even worse! Who was asking for multiplayer in a 3D Mario? The one thing that did grab me however was the way the characters acted differently, like in Mario 2 and I thought that was a nice touch.

Donkey Kong didn't look different enough and bragging about the bouncing around the larger world did very little for me as it didn't even look all that impressive to me.

Smash Bros looked great but I'd have liked a little more information about why I should want to 3DS version. Finally on the topic of 3DS games I'd have liked to see some 3DS games shown. As mentioned earlier this was the E3 show where more people may be watching than usual and it'd be nice to see what we're playing other than Pokémon and Layton over the next year as I'm not sure myself.

Balladeer: I know this is cheating, and I've gone over my interruption limit, but I completely forgot about the 3DS when it was my go.  Basically, the fairy type in Pokémon is long overdue (to bring those dragons down to size), and Dream Team could be a game-of-the-year contender based on what I've seen.  That is all and I'll be quiet now.


andyman949: Nintendo seemed to forget about it too so I wouldn't worry!

Stu_the_great: No worries, Balla! All finished, andyman?

andyman949: Yessir!

Stu_the_great: Onto Jay, then. Last but by no means least!

JayMoyles: Alright then! I went into Nintendo's E3 stream as part of a large group Nintendo should be targeting right now - those with a massive interest in Nintendo, but who haven't been tempted to purchase a Wii U or a 3DS yet. Was I tempted? Yes! The titles shown were all great - X looked right up my alley, the new Mario Kart looked fantastic and really showed the graphical capabilities of the Wii U, Pokémon X and Y seems like a must have, Wind Waker Reborn is a remake of my favourite Zelda so there's definite interest there for me and SMASH BROS. is Smash Bros, now with added Mega Man, which I fanboyed over unashamedly. However, the majority of these titles are coming out next year. There's no real system sellers for 2013. Will I get a Wii U? Probably - but probably not late this year or into next. As for Nintendo tempting to get a 3DS, their E3 showing was more successful on that front - Mario and Luigi seems to be excellent as is par for the course with those titles, Pokémon is freshening things up with a new type, and that's not even counting the plethora of titles already out for the system (Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion etc.)

So, all in all, Nintendo's E3 showing was good - but it's a lot of future promise as opposed to present gems to sell a console. We'll see how their year pans out.

andyman949: Am I the only person not impressed with Mario Kart? To me it looked far too similar to 7, with its dodgy and pointless paragliding and underwater bits that weren't different to on land. Maybe I've been spoilt by Sonic Transformed but adding anti grav didn't excite me.

Balladeer: Stu wasn't originally, but…  I am, very.  I loved the flying bits from MK7, and the anti-grav looks like a potentially interesting change for a series that doesn't really need them.  The underwater stuff's probably still rubbish, and the bikes are back, but overall I'm positive. Smile

JayMoyles: My last Mario Kart was MKWii, so having never played MK7, the flying and underwater sections were fresh and exciting for me. However, adding the anti-grav makes me sad, as it might spell the end for F-Zero Sad

Stu_the_great: I'm sat on the fence about MK8, as I need to know more about how the gravity mechanics affect the hectic weapon-based nature of the gameplay.

I'm also interested to observe that of the Nintendo fans present, Jay was initially the most optimistic about their E3 showing, taking into account the distance of pretty much all of the big-hitters showcased. As I see it, Jay is looking into buying into Wii U's potential in the near future, whereas everyone else already has one sat on their desk.

Balladeer: We should really get onto the next round, now, given that we're over twice our time allowance!  (As usual. Razz)

JayMoyles: Double the people, double the time?

Balladeer: Nah, it was double time last time anyway!

Stu_the_great: I knew we'd overrun, but I also know that this would be the section where we'd do so!

Right then. Moving on, gents! As always, it wasn't just Nintendo we heard from this year. Oh, no. We also had Sony and Microsoft's words on their respective upcoming consoles, namely the PS4 and the XBOne, as well as 360, PS3 and Vita news. I'll be back to chip my two-penn'orth in about Sony's announcements shortly, but because I stuck my index fingers into my ears and hummed loudly during the Microsoft presentation, I'll pass you over to Jay. Go, Jay!

JayMoyles: Okay. So Microsoft had a horrible E3, all things told. We all read about their horrific policies regarding DRM, pre-owned games, Kinect, and that high, high price point. They were totally blown out of the water by Sony on that front, and were forced to 180 (go on, make the joke, I know you want to) and reverse all of those policies bar the All-Seeing Eye (searching for the One Red Ring of Power?) Kinect.

Stu_the_great: I don't really know what's more worrying: that Microsoft concocted such policies in the first place, or that they literally took their U-turn at such speed.

JayMoyles: I think it shows that they're a fairly untrustworthy company in regards to the customers.

But, let's ignore that and focus on the games, as with their console now back to being a viable competitor, it's important to look at what's actually coming out on the bloody thing. So, we've got the standard new Halo, and there wasn't much to go on save a teaser trailer. There was a new Killer Instinct, which is exciting, as well as the usual Battlefield/Forza/Call of Duty (now with 100% more dog).

They showed off a tablet compatible Little Big Planet game dev game called Project Spark, which was most impressive. Seemed like a very deep game-making tool with a lot of potential. I was furthermore impressed by the ability to switch between two different games at once, with their demonstration of such being playing a single player game whilst matchmaking a multiplayer title in the background.

For me, it was all for nowt though. No matter how good the games are, their sheer will to screw over fans with DRM and whatnot, and their consequent flip-flopping really didn't sit with me. I can't see me buying an Xbox One.

Stu_the_great: Your thoughts on the MS conference, andyman?

andyman949: Well my opinion is the complete opposite of Jay's on this one. I thought the Xbox One was doing things differently. There was a lot of bad press around it and not a lot about the good things. Shared Xbox Live Gold was a great thing as there's nothing worse than having to shell out more so 2 people can play online (something you'll now have to do on both PS4 and One now), the 10 person shared game library (though I believe that's up for discussion how good it was now), and some of the features they were integrating by making you connect all the time. Look at the new game by Insomniac with its constantly evolving world. That is something you just couldn't do without the net. I think the issue of having to connect has been blown out of proportion. There are very few people that don't connect their consoles to the internet every day and it said it only used kilobytes of data so even a dongle would work without costing an extraordinary amount.

Now I feel they've taken a step back and are just the same as this gen with slightly, and I mean slightly, prettier graphics.

JayMoyles: The shared game library function was a con - it was a one hour demo of the game that you could share with 10 people before it locked you out. And the prospect of having to connect online everyday would really screw over poorer areas in the world, and those in the military out on tour. Heck, Live wasn't even available in Poland on launch, and one of their key third-party developers, the guys who made The Witcher, are from there!

andyman949: I realise that it was a problem for the countries that weren't getting live, but I liked the fact the One was different to the PS4, if you couldn't use an Xbox One you could use a PS4 or a Wii U, it's not like they had the whole of the console market.

JayMoyles: That's very true, it did differentiate it from the competition but in a negative way in my eyes though. Continue on Andy.

andyman949: As far as the games went I thought MS had a much better line up. When I saw Dead Rising 3 my jaw dropped, there were so many zombies on screen at once and the weapons looked even better with the new crafting system. Titanfall looked awesome, I liked the look of Project Spark and the new Swery game. As far as exclusives go the One had the most and the best on show. The only let-down for me was when the fantastic looking Halo trailer revealed Master Chief because I don't care much for Halo.

Stu_the_great: Did you have any CVG MS feedback to share with us for this section, Balla?

Balladeer: About MS?  Pretty much Jay's point of view: CVG don't like things changing, and even less so when they're obviously negatives.  DRM is a big no-no, as is the regular connection.  And all the excitement about KI vanished the moment it was revealed as free-to-play.  From CVG's point of view, the PS4 has already won gen. 8.  (It is gen. 8, right?)

I actually agreed with Andyman on the games, although I didn't like what they'd done with the console: Crimson Dragon in particular bowled me over (shame about the sound).  A new KI sounded good at the time too.  And having the very impressive (albeit sexist - one female character, in the least appropriate combat gear since Ghost in the Shell) MGSV showing on their console, even though it's a multiplat, made the line-up perhaps look better than it was.  Shame about the console/company, though.

Sony, then?

JayMoyles: MGSV looks great just because of the phrase "next-gen horse stealth technology". On to Sony. Razz

Stu_the_great: Sony! Yeah.

Their conference was expectedly long-winded, though it did cover a lot of content, to be fair. Oddly, they started with Vita, and after listening to them talk about the console, I thought they were talking about a completely different machine that had loads and loads of games.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my Vita, but they were more concerned with bigging up its connectivity-to-PS4 capabilities and the fact that it has 600+ games available, if you count PSOne Classics, PSP downloads and PlayStation Mobile. No killer apps as such, and it left me wondering when something massive will come to the platform...

As for PS3 and PS4, it's perhaps inevitable that the number of upcoming PS3 games left PS4 in the shadows somewhat, when they had GTAV and Gran Turismo 6 to talk about. Gran Turismo 6 looks amazing, even if it was wrapped up in the most soulless trailer I've seen in a while.

What did you make of the PS3 conference, andyman?

Sorry, Sony conference. XD

andyman949: I was very disappointed with the lack of Vita, the console has so much potential but they just aren't giving it the attention it deserves. I'm very excited about Tearaway and I'll be getting Batman on the Vita so there is stuff coming, just not enough still.

Secondly my fear of Nintendo repeating announcements was shown up at Sony's with The Last of Us. Did anyone need to be shown this? I'm pretty sure everyone and their Nan knows about The Last of Us and it was out a mere 4 days later.

As for the PS4 I was mostly disappointed, I love Infamous and Killzone but I don't see either as system sellers. Drive Club (and its free PS+ verion) can naff off and Knack still looks very average. Far too much of the show was designated to games that Ubisoft had obviously just shown a lame trailer for at their conference so Sony can show off the gameplay and as much as I want these games it's not why I watch Sony's conference.

Finally I think it was all hyped far too much by the used games announcement. I wasn't bothered by it and quickly picked up the fact that PS+ is now mandatory for online, which is fine for me as I've had it since day one, but now my girlfriend will now also pointlessly have to get it too.

Stu_the_great: Did you catch the Sony conference, Jay?

JayMoyles: I didn't sadly - beyond a look at the console, some hype about the Final Fantasy games (both the FFX remake and FFXV) and some of the other games, I didn't get too much of a look. Still, from what I've seen, I'm very much impressed. Price point is great too, and I'm not too fussed about PS+ being required for online play, coming from the 360 where it's been required since launch. Also, The Last of Us makes me insanely jealous, not owning a PS3.

Stu_the_great: And lastly, Balla?


That's the CVG opinion.  Mine is… somewhat more balanced.  There were few interesting PS4 games announced: as Andyman said, maybe some will think that Killzone 4 is a reason to pick up a console, or that Bungie's Destiny is a killer app.  As shootybang games (©️ Axis1500), they don't interest me.  Knack might have done, had they given it more room to breathe… but they didn't.

The console itself isn't much to look at, is it?  I prefer the One from an aesthetics point of view, because it doesn't look like a fat man sat on a PS2.  And I think Sony's in danger of having the worst controller this generation: the Wii U one is obviously fantastic, up there with the 64 one in my opinion, while the force feedback in the One one (ahem) looks like a great idea with the potential to be more than a gimmick.  (Then again, so did Kinect, once…)  A share button, on the other hand, doesn't really excite me.

I feel that Sony "won" E3 because they did the least badly, not because they did well.  They won some PR points by not being THICK like MS, and by not being as disappointing as the hyped-to-the-skies Nintendo Direct; but they did nothing stellar.

Also, what's the Vita again?  I've forgotten. Meh

andyman949: Did you know Destiny isn't an exclusive or was that just a comment on Destiny in general?

Also was that genuine love for the N64 controller?!

Balladeer: Ah.  No.  No I didn't. Embarrassed One more point away from Sony then.

And yes, I loved the 64 controller, superfluous prong aside.  It was just so comfortable to hold!  …maybe a topic for next time, after the Summer Games Drought?

Stu_the_great: Thank you, gentlemen. It's quite refreshing to hear some non-rabid internet-based conversation regarding E3. It's been an very interesting one for all three parties, for better or worse. Now we simply need to countdown to the remaining two consoles' respective releases, and to see if Nintendo has any aces up its sleeve to tide us through to next year!

Balladeer: 101!  101!

Stu_the_great: Moving onto our final segment...

Another three months on the forum has passed. Within that time, we've seen our 10,000th post come and go, a few new members trickle in, and lots and lots of quality discussions held at an Animal Crossing-like pace. What's been everyone's highlight of the last three months? What games have captured your attention within that time?

For me, it has to be Balladeer's excellent Wiikly Voting Thread. The countdown to each Sunday's instalment of comments and winners was one that I looked forward to, and felt a loss as it all finished a fortnight ago.

On the gaming front, it's been a stellar three months for Nintendo, with me being captivated by Luigi's Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and many other forumites being captivated by Fire Emblem.

Over to you, Balla!

Balladeer: Much the same for me, in fact!  On the forum, I'd be lying if I didn't also mention the Voting Thread.  I was a bit shocked at how well it went.  Getting Chris Scullion and Matthew "The Castle" Castle in as celebrity guests was a highlight.  However, we can't forget the influx of alternate accounts at the start of the quarter, which (after the initial disbelief period) I also found entertaining.

On the games front, the 3DS has been ploughing its own furrow.  After finishing the simply excellent LM2, Castlevania: Something of Other: Mirror of Fate acted as a nice little stopgap until Animal Crossing came along and stole my life away more recently.  A real shame for me was not being able to get on with Fire Emblem Awakening, which (as you say) so many others loved.  Oh well.  At least, through Athrun, Silver and Jay, I've been able to appreciate its music!

Also, what's the Wii U again?  I've forgotten… Meh

Stu_the_great: Wii U? I've no idea! Mine is hidden 'neath a pile of dust at the moment.

Balladeer: To be fair, Jay did try to kickstart a play of Super Metroid, and I thank him for that.  It's just…  curse you Animal Crossing! DAMN YOU!

JayMoyles: Yeah, every time I've tried to kickstart these Let's All Play threads, a real killer title comes along and ruins my plans. Sad Ah well - people seem to be having fun with Animal Crossing, and I'm enjoying Super Metroid, so no skin off my nose!

andyman949: My Wii U hasn't been too abandoned. There was Monster Hunter just at the start of this time period that ate a lot of my time and with all this hype for NSLU I've finally gone back to NSMBU and have done everything but find 1 flag (if you know what's missing please tell me, it's really bothering me).

Stu_the_great: What have been your forum highlights then, andy and Jay? And apologies also for missing your Let's Play topics, Jay. I never seem to find time to sit down with anything for any length of time, so I don't want to appear like I'm not properly contributing.

JayMoyles: My forum highlights - well, I'd obviously be amiss not to mention Balla's Wiikly Voting thread. A real treat each and every Sunday to see what the forum had been voting on. Hopefully I can deliver with this Big DS voting thread I need to get around to making. Who knows? It might be up by the time this goes live! Also, I have to talk about the Nuzlocke thread, which was a great laugh as it reached its conclusion. It made me really care about Pokémon again, so I have to thank Vidofnir for that. Also, I have to applaud the various alt-account tomfoolery that was going on, hilarious stuff. I seemed to have contributed to that with Monty last night, whom Stu seemed to reckon was a real user. Razz

Stu_the_great: (slaps forehead) Razz

JayMoyles: As for games, I've been working my way through my extensive and mostly unplayed Steam library. The Walking Dead game has been excellent so far, and I'm really enjoying indie puzzler Thomas Was Alone, featuring some lovely voice acting from Danny Wallace channelling Stephen Merchant. I've been watching enviously from afar at people playing through Bioshock Infinite, Fire Emblem and The Last of Us, all of which looked absolutely astounding and make me wish I had lots of money and time to enjoy all these great games. Andy?

andyman949: On the forum front I've also enjoyed the voting a lot. It was great fun waiting until the last minute before sending my votes to Balla hopefully mixing up the results nicely. Then there's also been a fair bit of activity in the other consoles section which I've loved (the only section with a mod?! Razz).

JayMoyles: Yeah, thought there was a lot of great conversation going on about the Xbox One, which I should have mentioned. Bizarre, considering the Xbox sub-forum is probably the least used.

Stu_the_great: It's great to see that the other sections of the forum do get used from time to time. One of the little luxuries we have here that we can swap and change such things as we see fit. Grin

andyman949: As for the games it's been a fantastic period. Bioshock Infinite was amazing, if not a tad more predictable than the original. Injustice was a pleasant surprise, Sly 4 was a great return for the series and fitted perfectly on Vita. I've finally gotten around to playing the fantastic Walking Dead too! Then recently I've played my current game of the year The Last of Us. I haven't loved a game so much in years, the whole experience blew me away and it's horrible that I can't talk about it as nobody has finished it and I wouldn't want to spoil a second.

Then finally I've recently got a chance to play Fire Emblem Awakening which is quickly shaping up to be my favourite in the series as I love marrying off my characters and seeing the results of said marriage (not the mention the brilliant stat boosts, go Virion and Sully!) and I've just started Luigi's Mansion 2 which I expected to like but it has me totally gripped. My only niggle is I don't like having to return to the Doc between missions.

Balladeer: Poor Sully...

Stu_the_great: Does anyone have anything earth-shattering they need to say before we move onto the dedications and goodbyes? Smile

Balladeer: A round of each person giving a few sentences on what they're looking forward to over the quarter?

andyman949: [CENSORED FOR THE SAKE OF GNAMER] #tooearthshatteringcutitout

Balladeer: Definitely cutting that out!


Stu_the_great: Ahem. So what is everyone looking forward to most over the next quarter? For me, it'll be copious amounts of Animal Crossing during that time, likely followed up with Sonic: Lost World and Pikmin 3. On the forum front, any upcoming voting thread would be gladly participated in by me. Smile

Balladeer: Personally I'm looking forward to Jay's voting thread, The Wonderful 101, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.  And more Animal Crossing: my aim for the time being is to convince ZeroJones not to trade in his copy!  Andyman?

andyman949: I'm also looking forwards to Pikmin 3, I'd like the other games that you've mentioned but I doubt I'll get the chance to in this quater. There's also GTA which may just fit in and Beyond: Two Souls which I'm hoping to pick up too! Animal Crossing can also naff off. Wink

Balladeer: DAMN YOU!

Sorry, rage got the better of me.  Jay?

JayMoyles: I'd totally forgotten about GTA! So, yeah, excited for that. As for Ninty, I'll be looking forward to seeing how Pikmin and Mario & Luigi perform. I'll likely spend most of the summer anticipating Steam's summer sale and wasting a lot of money on it as I do every time Steam has a sale, and will no doubt increase my already vastly unplayed Steam library (case in point: I bought all the Serious Sam games for £3, I've never played them in my life). I'll also be keen to get this DS thread off the ground and hope it can reach anywhere near the heady heights of quality that Balla's Wii thread did.

Stu_the_great: Pikmin and Mario & Luigi sounds like an awesome crossover!

Balladeer: Spoiling my precious Mario RPG franchise with dirty RTS?

Get.  Out. Evil or Very Mad

Stu_the_great: Also: anyone who says Animal Crossing can 'naff off'. Meh

JayMoyles: I actually originally typed that as "Pikmin and Mario and Luigi" before adding in the ampersand to try and stop that crossover joke getting made. I failed, natch.

Stu_the_great: Woo-hoo! We've officially overrun even our estimated overrun time, folks! Achievement. Cool

Balladeer: Duh!

andyman949: *ping*


Stu_the_great: With that, I would like to thank Balladeer, andyman949 and JayMoyles for being super-dedicated and (mostly Wink) punctual on the run-up to Admintendo 2; for Balladeer's tireless dedication to the forum, for Jay and andyman's continuous support, and not forgetting a massive thank you to everyone who is still making GNamer Forum a fantastic place to visit. I heart all of you, sincerely. Grin

Balladeer: Thanks Stu!  And thanks to Jay and Andy, a.k.a. the ADMINTENDO EXPANSION PACK, for making this what it was. Smile

andyman949: Thanks for having me! (waves)

JayMoyles: It's been an honour sir, thanks for having me for Admintendo. I'd be totally willing to come back any time you guys want. Smile

(Balladeer: Okay, we done?

Stu_the_great: That's our lot! Until Admintendo 3 in September.

andyman949: that "we done" had better make the final cut

like leaving the mic on in the toilet)

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April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2 :: Comments

Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 23 Jun 2013 - 20:13  JayMoyles
That JayMoyles is really witty, you did well having him as part of this one guys. Grin

Seriously though, thanks for having me, was a cracking bit of discussion. I hope I didn't shit all over Microsoft in a too obvious manner. Hope you enjoy guys!
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 23 Jun 2013 - 20:20  Admin
It was great having both of you guys along! Well worth our new world record overrun time. Grin
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 23 Jun 2013 - 20:51  Balladeer
Pushing two and a half hours! But well worth it. Smile

Again, do let us know if you'd like to be a part of this next quarter!
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 23 Jun 2013 - 21:19  ZeroJones
Guys! Thanks for your rather excellent work and also... A NAME DROP! It's weird how exciting I've found that.

So I share the general concern over the Wii U's immediate future. However, Tropical Freeze follows up a huge seller, and multiplayer Mario might shift a few systems. The optimism is cautious, as I reckon optimism should always be. There are enough games coming up to keep me happy, at least!

In short, hope the high standards are maintained next time!
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 0:41  The_Jaster
Great stuff! but that Andyman is right moany git Razz

Oh I'd also like to argue that wii U does have a system seller this year & that is Mario 3D world, unless of course you meant a game that will attract folk to it (wii U) that normally stick to other formats?
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 0:47  JayMoyles
I think it we meant a little of both. I certainly meant the latter as I, despite my interest in Nintendo, haven't been swung by any of the titles as of yet.
Crumpy Andy
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 1:02  Crumpy Andy
I think you'll find I gave plenty of credit where it was deserved Wink
It was great fun, so another thanks for letting me take part!
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Mon 24 Jun 2013 - 11:40  masofdas
Excellent work guy's,  wish I could of took part.  

I think you all make a great point about E3 and the three companies.  I think nintendo do have a system seller in pikmin 3,  I know 2 people whom want a wii just for that and you know what zelda fans are like they'll buy a wiiu to play wind waker hd (I know of one guy doing this).
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Tue 25 Jun 2013 - 20:09  Vidofnir
I don't share any concern over the WiiU. Monster Hunter Tri has me hooked and I cannot wait for Wind Waker HD and Monoliths X. It has only got stronger since its mundane launch which saw me avoiding the console primarily.

EDIT* I should add, well done for another great article!
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Wed 26 Jun 2013 - 19:13  Admin
Thanks for reading, guys! Admittedly there was a fair bit of negativity this quarter, but only towards Wii U. That 3DS and Wii U are currently poles apart speak of their stages in their respective lifecycles, mainly. I'm sure however many Nintendo Directs we receive between now and September will shed a little more light upon the remainder of Wii U's first full year at retail.
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Wed 26 Jun 2013 - 19:21  JayMoyles
To be honest, in retrospect, it is only the Wii U's first year - things will definitely pick up.
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Wed 26 Jun 2013 - 19:49  nupkin
Well done guys, it was a hugely entertaining and informative read. I am not convinced that I should buy a Wii U as things stand, especially as my boyfriend has one and I can always go round his place. Cheeky
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Wed 26 Jun 2013 - 21:01  NintenDUCK
I honestly don't think Wii U has that much to worry about, It has some great games up to Christmas and many good releases going into the New Year to fend off those pesky microstations or whatever. And I'm sure there are more console sellers in the pipeline that what you give them credit for there are bound to be people who will buy a wii U to play wind waker in HD and pikmin may even tempt some people too.
Excellent read though guys, well done. *pats heads patronisingly*.
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Wed 26 Jun 2013 - 21:11  Balladeer
I may well have underestimated how keen people will be in WWHD. Even some Nintendophobes on CVG have shown signs of keenness. They wouldn't dare admit it openly, though, for fear of being hunted down by their brethren and sentenced to death by Mortal Kombat Mythologies.
April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Mon 1 Jul 2013 - 21:53  awesomedude
Sunny :cherry: Father Christmas :king: :farao: Laughing Laughing It was SO hilarious when andyman was like, "I haven't finished!" Lol!
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 25 Aug 2013 - 10:58  masofdas
It's coming up to September,I'm guessing your planning to do Q3. Let me know if you need any input, I could be a great help about xbox one and ps4 talk of course nintendo.
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 25 Aug 2013 - 12:13  Balladeer
It'll probably be admins.-only for Q3, partly due to the relative paucity of games and partly due to wanting to alternate admins.-only with the four-man groups.  

Also you need to work on your reliability if you're going to take part again. Razz
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 25 Aug 2013 - 12:18  masofdas
Thought only you and Stu are admins who's the others. Last time was a pain because of girlfriend but since we have split up,  so am free any evening now to help out.Wave 
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 6 Oct 2013 - 16:22  masofdas
So are we not getting a Q3, where now in Q4.
Re: April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2
Post on Sun 6 Oct 2013 - 16:28  Balladeer
About that...

April - June 2013 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 2

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