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 January - March 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 5 (Now With Less Admin.)

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January - March 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 5 (Now With Less Admin.) Empty
PostJanuary - March 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 5 (Now With Less Admin.)

Balladeer: Hello, and welcome to Admintendo 5: only 50% of the admins., but 100% of the flavour!  Or something.  I'm Balladeer, and as you all know, I love my Big Black Boxes of Power.  Not to mention that one game we don't talk about.

Today in the Admintendo not-studio, Stu_the_great is being replaced by Beemoh_the_funny.  Hi, Beemoh!

beemoh: Yes, hi, beemoh here.  You might remember me as Mark from the podcast, where I very much play the Alan Davies to Buska's Angus Deayton.

Balladeer: I miss Angus Deayton, although I do enjoy BoJo being a guest presenter.  Better that than a politician, anyway.

So, let's launch right into things.  It's been another fantastic quarter on the GNamer Forum, with highlights including Stu's Forum Awards and Andyman's currently running 3DS voting thread.  What have been your highlights, Funniest Forumite?

beemoh: Winning Funniest Forumite, obvs. Grin The Romantic Mishaps thread has been quite the source of humour, though.

Balladeer: Intentionally funny, or laughing at others' misfortune?  Or is that a stupid question?

beemoh: Little bit of both.  It is a good thread for actively misinterpreting what people have said.

Balladeer: Fair 'nuff!  Is… is a teabag in coffee genuinely drinkable? Meh

beemoh: One way to find out, I guess.

Balladeer: Yes…  Don't really want to though. Aww!

Myself, I was chuffed to win three awards, including the Terrible Puns Award (a.k.a. the signature award); but the whole thing was great to follow, especially when it came to reading the comments.  Hopefully Andy's will give us the same amount of enjoyment and hilarity by the time it finishes.

beemoh: Oh!  Also, the Forum Fiction.

Balladeer: Ah, excellent point.  Can't forget the steamiest steampunk story ever to enter the halls of GNamer (mostly thanks to Drunkalilly and his vampires).

beemoh: Grin

I don't really see myself as much of a writer - essay tasks were always my weak point in school, so the fact that I've managed to put out what I have has surprised me.

Balladeer: I was going to say - you now both contribute to the forum fiction and write NotanFPS.  What changed?

beemoh: Not An FPS changed for a start, I've not done that for a while

Balladeer: That's true, you haven't badgered us to visit it for a bit. Wink

beemoh: Razz

I had that marketing job this time last year, and that was all writingy.

Balladeer: That sounds like my idea of hell. Sad

beemoh: And in what we had to do there, brevity was a positive; and given that the main reason I wasn't doing very well in English at school was I struggled to pad essays out...

Balladeer: Ahhhh.  It's coming together now.  

I just didn't like writing.  Apart from silly stories about our forumites, natch.  Speaking of which, I enjoyed writing my 5000th post far more than I should have done.  I love how rich our background is, that I could draw from that for pretty much the entire thing.

Anyway, shall we move onto games?

beemoh: Smile We could.

Balladeer: That is a thing we could do.

So, what have you been playing over the last quarter?

beemoh: I finally polished off Pokémon, so I've been able to progress to the postgame and pick up the Pokémon I'd not procured previously.  And I finally got around to starting Rayman Legends.

Balladeer: RLegends is great, but I still have trouble trying to place it in the Wii U's platformer pantheon, which I'll bring up shortly.  Anything else, or did Poké X/Y take up most of the season?

beemoh: Pretty much that, as I spend so long on trains I don't have time for anything other than handhelds, at least not in depth.

Balladeer: Fair dos.  I'm afraid I polish off the main game of the Pokémon games and pretty much leave it at that.

beemoh: Can't blame you there.  You saw how many hours it took me to get this far in the podcast, didn't you?

Balladeer: I'm not sure I did.  Was that in the cut-off bit, or the bit where I couldn't hear you? Wink

beemoh: One or the other.

It was in the region of 250hrs+.

Balladeer: Shocked

beemoh: I'm only now really doing the postgame in part of my train journey.  Playing Oracle of Ages for the rest now.

Balladeer: I tried playing Seasons.  Couldn't get into it.  It's too old, too old!  I did play ALBW, though.  Maybe I've mentioned that before?  (IT'S AMAYZING.)

beemoh: A little.

Balladeer: Yes, I spent the first part of the year polishing off my Christmas gifts - SM3DW, Bravely Default and ALBW.  All good games.

beemoh: Still not touched the BD demo.

Balladeer: (Apparently the demo.'s rubbish.  Ignore it and go straight for the game.)

Then things went a bit quiet.  Think I picked up a couple of eShop games - Tokyo Tale, Cappa's baby, and that one game with a robot and no level design that everyone raves about.

beemoh: The Guild02 game?

Balladeer: …If I say "yes", I'm less likely to get lynched, right?

beemoh: I'm just trying to remember which one you mean.

Balladeer: Ah.  Steamworld Dig.

And then Tropical Freeze came along, with its brilliant soundtrack, and made it even harder to choose my favourite Wii U game.  It's currently a three-way fight between that, RLegends, and SM3DW.

Also I might complete a Pokédex for the first time… in Pokémon Link Battle.  Reminds me of Zoo Keeper, in a good way.

beemoh: Oh god, Zoo Keeper...

Balladeer: Bad memories?

beemoh: A forum I used to frequent was obsessed with that when it was a flash game.

Balladeer: It was pretty good, in a really simple way.

So yes, that's been my winter-spring.  Looking forward now… to E3!  Obvious two questions: what do you want to be announced, and what do you think will be announced?

beemoh: I'm looking forward to digging out the tweet I made two E3's ago and was able to reuse last E3:  "Does anyone remember when people used to like games, instead of just moan about them? #E3"

Balladeer: And your prediction for this year, natch.

beemoh: Indeed.

Anyway, I'd like to see Nintendo pull something new out of the bag.

Balladeer: Like a Japanese Father Christmas.

beemoh: Indeed.

That said, they've already announced Tomodachi and they might think that's enough new stuff for now.  They were right to announce Tomodachi in a Direct, though, rather than at a show.

Balladeer: Agreed.  It was hilarious though.  "All hail the Virtual Boy!"

beemoh: ^that.

There's no way that would have stuck out in between moaning about Call Of Duty and parroting whatever this year's My Body Is Ready is, so Tomodachi would have got buried and lost forever.  Even if the game flops, at least we had the entertainment value of that direct.

Balladeer: I don't think it will though.  I think we might have another ACNL on our hands.  Or maybe that's blind hope: I can't tell.

beemoh: Blind hope, most likely.

Balladeer: Boo

And what do you think we will see?  Miyamoto's talked about bringing out something new...

beemoh: If there's no Bayo I'll be surprised.  It's been too quiet on that front for too long.

Balladeer: There was something in the last Direct but two, wasn't there?  (Before the Smash Direct (OMG GRENINJA U GUYZ!!!!ONE) and the Tomodachi one.) They usually talk about it in those Directs.

beemoh: That was a while ago – and it's easy press fodder for an E3 show.  Critical darling, core game on Nintendo platform.

Balladeer: Trying to think of a Bayonetta innuendo to do with "press fodder", but it's just not happening.

beemoh: I'm sure it'll be quite the Spectacle.

Not an innuendo, but at least a pun.

Balladeer: That'll do, Mark.  That'll do.[/Babe][/pignotBayonetta]

My turn for wish lists and what will probably happen, then...  I'd like to see Miyamoto's new franchise, and a Metroid (as was teased), and I also predicted that we'd see Starfox in the predictions thread but that may be stretching.  I think they need at least a couple of big surprises for the Wii U this time around.  I'm less sure that we'll get them.

beemoh: I think SF might be more likely than Metroid.

Balladeer: Why so?  Wasn't there a showing where Reggie was wearing a Metroid pin?  Or am I imagining things?

beemoh: I think that might be people reading too much into one thing.  There's a good chance Retro will be given another dormant IP to resurrect.

Balladeer: I'd love to see them handle Starfox.  Or F-Zero.  Or Ice Climbers.  Or Devil's World.  You get my drift.

Oh, and I'd also like the small matter of Zelda U, which'll do for the gamepad what PH did for touch-screen and SS did for Motion+.  I think that's a somewhat realistic ask, actually.

beemoh: Yes.  Not sure they'll get away with pulling off another TP reveal, though: mostly due to the artful way Ubi did it with Watch Dogs the other year, then tried to do it again to noticeably less success last year with some other game I can't remember.

Balladeer: Neither can I, which underlines its success, I guess. Meh

beemoh: Still not sure where I stand on Ubi's show last year.  I like how they got the same woman in from the year before, but her act wasn't quite as funny as the year prior.

Balladeer: I don't think I can give a realistic appraisal.  I don't like any of their franchises bar RLegends, and now Child of Light.  So I didn't watch it.  It'd be like me trying to appraise SMK…  Oh wait.

beemoh: I might be thinking of the metashow, where they went down the route of getting a comedian in to compère rather than an exec like everyone else does.

Balladeer: Not the stupidest idea ever.

beemoh: Note Microsoft's quite brazen attempt at celebritising (for want of a better/real word) its own exec team.

Balladeer: Poor old Don Mattrick, eh?  (Who is neither poor nor old.)

beemoh: Also Nintendo's more successful accidental celebritising of their execs.

Balladeer: Yup!  Again, see Tomodachi.

Back on topic (don't know what I expected, doing this with you.  Pretty much this, actually), I also reckon we might finally see some Yoshi Yarn/Yarn Yoshi.  That'd be nice.  People would call it kiddy/the end for Nintendo again, but it'd be nice.

Also some Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, for those who like those franchises.  About time that showed its massive-eyed face.

beemoh: Ooh, forgot about Yarn Yoshi.  Who's publishing SMTxFE, BTW?  Nintendo or Atlus?

Balladeer: I'd have to Wiki it.  (Wikis)  Nintendo.  Atlus and Intelligent Systems are joint-developing.  Something I might try, but the last crossover I played stung me.  They'd have to meld the gameplay types a bit better than Layton and Wright did.

beemoh: I haven't played SMT enough to know how that will go.  Is it a strat-RPG like FE or a more standard JRPG?

Balladeer: I'm going to put that question to the forum, because I too know very little about the franchise.  I think it's a standard JRPG with a branching storyline, but I'm not sure.  I know that certain people go crazy over it, though.

beemoh: Yeah, I can see that rubbing up against the FE gameplay poorly.

Balladeer: I didn't like the FE gameplay myself, so if they go for a more SMT-y approach that'll probably be good for me.

beemoh: I liked FE, but I’m struggling to get into XCOM, which is The Same.

Balladeer: Time to move onto our final topic, then?

beemoh: Yes, onwards.

Balladeer: Stu's idea, this one: given where they are at the moment, what would you like to see Nintendo have achieved by the end of this year?  (Apart from releasing a Mario Kart, two Smash Bros. games, and a mad-as-a-hatters'-trade-union Sims-like affair.)

beemoh: Not a trade union fan, Balla? Razz

Balladeer: Of course not!  Bloody oiks, trying to mobilise against the glorious upper-class!

(I jest.  I'm actually pretty left wing - it's just that lots of hatters are probably madder than one.)

beemoh: Oh, if only I did the edit here Grin Anyway, on topic...

Balladeer: Makes a change. Razz

beemoh: I'd like to see a more compelling gamepad game, certainly.  The most exciting thing they've managed really is off-TV play, and that's not good enough.  

Balladeer: And Miiverse, but yes, I agree.  I'm hoping that Zelda will deliver, like it always does, but it's mad to think that Nintendo released the console with only a vague idea of what to do with the damn thing.

beemoh: That's true.

Off-TV is a terrible idea anyway, but that's an aside.

Balladeer: I like off-TV myself.  Each to their own.

beemoh: I might be overthinking this a little, and I think I've made this point on GNamer as well, but it's kind of this big message that gaming is inferior to TV, certainly a bigger on than *that* XBox One event; and coming back down to one screen negates the two-screen format, as you can't then use the second screen for anything.  

Playing games away from the TV is great, but we've already got handhelds for that.  Mainly from the same firm.

Balladeer: I agree that there should be better uses for both screens together, but where there aren't (and there don't always have to be) it's nice to be able to play console games sprawled on the sofa at a funny angle to the telly.  (Sometimes I do this.)  

As for the "inferior-to-TV" thing, I think that's the first I've heard of it, and I'm not sure that I agree.  It seems to be more about them coexisting, especially within a family.  Although I'm not quite sure if Nintendo are still targeting the family market with the Wii U…  Anyway, I think/hope you're over thinking that side of things.

beemoh: More than likely.

Balladeer: Anyway, big dual-screen using game - anything else off the top of your head?

beemoh: Think that might be it, really.  Maybe better third party support?

Balladeer: As is always the case.  Sigh.

beemoh: But then we moan about that pretty much every day anyway, year end isn't anything special.

Balladeer: On that topic, I'd like to see all the indie offerings finally coming out.  Presumably they're all being held up by M$' stupid parity policy at the moment. Evil or Very Mad

beemoh: Yes, that.  Thing is, I'm not sure XB1 is a big enough force for that to truly matter yet.

Balladeer: Not for some, maybe.  I reckon a lot of indies feel that they need every platform they can get, and probably don't want to upset such a big market force.

beemoh: True.


beemoh: I suppose really indies see consoles as a 'nice to have', it's not central to their business model like it is for AAA.

Balladeer: That's true.  They always have Steam and even iOS.

beemoh: Most of the media narrative around indies has been about how they're making money on PC alone.  Now I know that's going to get overblown because PC gamers are the most up themselves of all the gamer demographics (ooh, controversial) and that'll change the tone of the reporting, but there's no smoke without fire on that one.

Balladeer: GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE.  But yep, you have a point.

beemoh: There's one ex-AAA indie dev I follow on Twitter, and most of what he's got to say on the matter is that it'd be really cool to be on a Nintendo platform.  Not profitable: cool.  And there's a lot to be said for passion over profits, but that does kind of imply that it's not a necessity.

Balladeer: Is that the case for most of them, do you think?  I've heard a lot of good news about Nintendo's indie support, but we all know what they're like with third-parties.  (i.e. not always great.)

beemoh: Probably.  It’s all "hero worship" not "success strategy".  I think it's like YouTubers trying to make a jump to TV.

Balladeer: Speaking of TV (master sequitur there), I'd like to see a big marketing push this year.  They've got MK8, two SSBs, and Tomodachi all coming out.  Surely it's time to really give the marketing levers a good hard heave?  Surely?

beemoh: Yep.  It's strange that there hasn't been so much marketing from Nintendo, considering that the Wii's success is very much down to canny marketing (i.e.: spending).

Balladeer: We're all wondering that (he says, generalising expertly).  Smugness from the Wii's success, do you think?  Like Sony last time around?  And shouldn't that smugness have worn off by now?

beemoh: Not a clue.

Balladeer: It is a mystery. Confused

beemoh: There's definitely a 'rising tide' element to it, except the tide hasn't really risen.

Back to overthinking: gaming hasn't really made any great stride into the mainstream as a result of Wii, in that stuff like BBC News sees Flappy Bird as a strange novelty.

Balladeer: 'Phone games have, I'd say.  Them and Facebook games.  Consoles – not so much.

beemoh: Even then, there is this feeling that all the Flappy Bird coverage could be replaced with the sentence "Why is a game succeeding?" and be exactly the same.

Balladeer: Because PewDiePie.  Sadly.

beemoh: ?

Balladeer: He published a video of himself playing it, and then it took off (dohoho).  Gaming may not have the biggest mainstream presence, but it's got a hell of a Youtube presence.

beemoh: Probably the other half of the same whole.

Point is, Wii U isn't popping up on the daytime TV shows that Wii did.  Those shows haven't brought games – even mobile ones – into their discussion as a permanent fixture.  So it's not like Wii U can expect to hoover up attention just for existing, and I think Nintendo were expecting that to happen.

Balladeer: Perhaps.  That would explain the lack of marketing at the start: less so now.  Ho hum.

So, final score on that question: gamepad usage, third-party and indie support, marketing.  And Paul Merton and Victoria Coren-Mitchell have 7.  Or something.

I'd usually ask about what you're interested in over the next quarter, Beemoh, but perhaps I can make a decent guess.  MK8 and E3; or just MK8?

beemoh: E3 certainly.  Will there be a BBoP price drop in the next quarter?  Probably not.

Balladeer: Bone, perhaps.  Surely not the PS4?  It's been selling better than sex since its release.

beemoh: I wouldn't know anything about the success of the sex trade myself.  Is there something you're not telling us?

Balladeer: Nor would I. Embarrassed

beemoh: One might drop before 4, but then it's still early enough that Sony might blink if they do that and come down to join them.

Balladeer: Prisoners' Dilemma?

beemoh: Not really, as they both know what's going on.

Balladeer: There's my attempt at looking clever ruined. Sulk

beemoh: Muhaha.

Balladeer: I'm looking forward to more or less the same things: E3 and MK8.  

Oh, and Tomodachi if it's this quarter (can't remember if it's June or July).  We've known about that game's European release for less than a week, and already I'm ridiculously hyped.  Only Nintendo.

beemoh: I think really we should refer to Tomodachi Life as how it will be played:

Hitler Island.

Balladeer: I dunno, Mii Jong-Un has his chubby eyes set pretty firmly on the best flat.  We'll see how things pan out.  Maybe they'll get along? Very Happy

beemoh: I can see Ghandii being the biggest troublemaker.  You know: like in Civ!

Balladeer: I played Civ once, when I was about seven.  With cheats on.  So no, I don't really. Sad

beemoh: Basically, the first leader to make big threats is almost inevitably Ghandi.

Balladeer: Laughing Just like in real life!

Anyway, anything more to say before we sign off and I start the proof-reading?  Praising some obscure console that nobody's heard of, like Mas did? Wink

beemoh: Praise the sun!

Balladeer: ...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand with that, it's good-bye from Balladeer...

beemoh: Yeah, tara.

Have I Got a Bit More Admintendo for You

beemoh: A forum I used to frequent was obseed with that when it was a flash game.


Balladeer: (I'll proof-read before I post it up, don't worry about spelling.)

beemoh: np

It’s just my inner pedant.  I can't control it.

Balladeer: I know how you feel. (nods sagely)

beemoh: There's this small building my train to work passes, probably a substation or something; and it has, inevitably, been graffiti'd.  But worse than that, one bit is so obviously unfinished, and that annoys me more than the act of graffiting does.

Balladeer: Laughing Yep, I'd probably feel the same.  Or worse: if it read something like "I f***ed you're mum."  That would be truly terrible.

beemoh: Yes.

Balladeer: Where's Oldschool when you need him to agree with something?
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January - March 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 5 (Now With Less Admin.) :: Comments

A new Admintendo, praise the sun!

I wholeheartedly agree that PC gamers are the most up themselves - and that's coming from someone who considers himself to be a PC gamer. There's a certain sizeable group who sneer on console gamers, which is wrong. I play on a PC because of how cheap the games are, but I'd never look down on someone for choosing to play on a console.

Also, beemoh's point about games getting a huge boost from YouTube coverage is very true - titles like Goat Simulator are geared towards the YouTuber, who makes a quick buck off covering the game which in turn gets snapped up by said YouTubers fans. Hell, Minecraft probably wouldn't have sold on the scale that it has done if not for YouTube.

As for Retro, I don't care what they're making so long as it's Metroid, Starfox or F-Zero. Nintendo NEEDS another of their primary IPs to be announced for the Wii U this E3.
Great read again folks. I think we'd better watch out for some sort of Beemoh coup! If I log on one day and his face is sitting a top the forum I'm running!
Brilliant stuff, chaps (originally 'mistyped' as 'chaos' Shocked )! The sidetracking sometimes makes these, and it did here. Grin

Please give us a revived franchise at E3, Nintendo - make it about the gamers and not the shareholders. After the year off, you've had time to rethink your strategy for the show and have come up with something brilliant, haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU?! As ever with E3, I'm crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.
Thanks gentlemen! Grin Completely agree with you, Zero - it's about time they pulled something interesting out of the bag, like KIU all those years ago. And his avatar's already up there, Andy.  Can't you see it? Wink 

A couple of questions I thought I might pose to the forum.  The first is the same one I asked Beemoh: what would you like to see Nintendo have achieved by the end of this year?  I'm especially interested in Jay's take on this, seeing as he has no current-gen. consoles at the moment.

And the second is the one I always ask: does anyone want to take part in the half-year including-E3 Admintendo?  Anyone apart from jay, Andy, Mas, ZJ and Beemoh, preferably.  If so, please let me know!  We need two more non-admins.  (I know Vidofnir said once, long ago, that he wouldn't mind taking part - still interested, Vido?)
Balladeer wrote:

A couple of questions I thought I might pose to the forum.  The first is the same one I asked Beemoh: what would you like to see Nintendo have achieved by the end of this year?  I'm especially interested in Jay's take on this, seeing as he has no current-gen. consoles at the moment.

I'd like to Nintendo to convince me to purchase a current gen console of theirs. They've succeeded with the 3DS - summertime though, exams and lack of money right now - but they've still a bit to go with the Wii U. As Zero said, and I did earlier, some revived primary IPs on Wii U would do the trick. I'd love to see everyone talking about Nintendo in a positive light again, outside of lovely tight-knit pockets like this here forum.
Good read,

Xbox One has all ready had a price drop guys this month.

Didn't ubisoft use Aisha Tyler in there presser last year at E3.

Also on where would like to see the Wii U by the end of the year, maybe selling more then that obscure console I brought up in the last admintendo which only had 19 month's official life. The Wii U will be that old end of June and is currently about 4 millions SKU's behind.  

The Wii U needs games since DK there's been nothing really in till kart then there be nothing again, in till august or September. Yes all these games will be great and better then Sony's & MSoft's offerings this year but they have 3rd party to help and the PS4 is getting lot of indies as well. So at E3 GAMES GAMES GAMES nearly ever game shown should be out this year, with marketing to back it up showing all of them going in to holiday 2014 and a price drop £200 with Smash Bros for November.

Also agree about PC gamers, said it in the piss me of thread. The whole PC game's are cheaper yes they are but like I said mate at work said instead of buying a PS4ONE why not spend that on a decent rig (his over £1500) and how he only pays about £20-30 for titanfall etc and games are cheaper which is true but I only paid £320 for my xbox one, so and titanfall is £50 but how many PC games would I have to get back to save money.
I think everybody would like to see a few more games out by the end of the year! Selling worse than the DC, though? Ech...
It might only just pass the Saturn as it's also about 4 million behind that but has 18 month's to sell that many which is 225k a month though between now and then. At the moment it's sold over it's 17 month's life the Wii U about 350k.
JayMoyles wrote:
Also, beemoh's point about games getting a huge boost from YouTube coverage is very true

Actually, that's Balla's point- mine was that the mainstream think it's weird that a- any- game is being successful, as if success is only possible if you're any of the other artforms.

YouTube is an aspect of this, in the sense that it's syphoning away talent and attention from established media outlets, so it's harder for them to hold onto or build on the coverage that they have.
beemoh wrote:
JayMoyles wrote:
Also, beemoh's point about games getting a huge boost from YouTube coverage is very true

Actually, that's Balla's point- mine was that the mainstream think it's weird that a- any- game is being successful, as if success is only possible if you're any of the other artforms.

YouTube is an aspect of this, in the sense that it's syphoning away talent and attention from established media outlets, so it's harder for them to hold onto or build on the coverage that they have.

Ah, so it was - somehow attributed that to you in my head when I was writing out my comment. YouTube is a rapidly growing platform though, and for gaming to take up such a huge portion of the site is surely heartening news for a gamer. Course, it's disheartening that plebs like PewDiePie are the ones representing gaming to the mainstream in this day and age.
Quote :
beemoh: I liked FE, but I’m struggling to get into XCOM, which is The Same.

Say whaaaaaaat?!!!! Xcom is ace! I do see the similarity but I oddly couldn't get into the FE on 3ds but xcom was a different story, maybe I just preferred the sci fi setting.


Anyhow good read as always!

Oh one thing about how games are using the gamepad, I really don't get why more devs aren't looking to have a two screen experience & the off screen feature as well especially with the latter not being difficult to do.

I wouldn't say there was nothing on wii U as the e shop line up is looking particularly strong (if they would just hurry up & come out) so it's really just the retail stuff that's a bit empty.
A very interesting read, especially the part about youtube and gaming.

I think in a way PewDiePie has brought allot of positive attention to gaming (especially horror) the problem I see is that he as massively trivialised the genre through his antics which have evolved from being just a funny modest gamer to being some kind of extroverted hyper swede-clown. This, more than the gaming has lead to his growth and unfortunately is what draws in the punters rather than the games.

That was a cracking read, gents! And many thanks to you both for keeping the show going during my absence. Nice job!  Grin 

For me, Nintendo's big thing needs to be new IPs. As much as I's love a new StarFox or a new 2D Metroid, we need some new stuff coming our way. Nintendo Pocket Football Club and Tomodachi Life are great examples of this. It's a shame the former isn't a boxed release. Also: it's almost a shame that these are new 3DS IPs. We want some new Wii U IPs, too.
@Jas Yeah but I'm still yet to see any that really take my fancy unlike the PS4 with resogun, transistor, rime, everybody goes to the rapture, no mans sky or even the xbox one with peggle 2.
That's just your personal preference though so it doesn't have "nothing" just nothing that interests you. Razz
Okay but is that really going to satisfy you on the Wii U a few indies/eshop games and mario kart 8 with a few more eshop games trickling out after that along side games you've all ready played a billion times on the VC in till we get another retail game.
That doesn't satisfy me, but it looks more satisfying than what the BBoPs have on offer. It's easy to produce subjective lists. Of course, some of those indie games do have to actually come out first. Neutral 

And I agree with Vido that PDP seems to be more about being an Internet celebrity nowadays than a gamer, sadly.
It all depends on how good the games turn out to be but if they're good then I will be satisfied, however I'm not saying I wouldn't like a few more (at retail) but as we know its third party problem......Nintendo can only release so much over certain period of time & expecting them to have more is a tad ridiculous.

Also going to have to agree with Balla on the BBoPs.
See I think there's plenty on the PS4 to satisfy me not so much on the Xbox One due to buying the 3rd party games on PS4 instead.

Agree about the 3rd party problem but that's Nintendo's problem really for not making a system 3rd parties want to make game for.

The GameCube at this point had 154 games for it (including some big games) and the dreamcast which had hardly any 3rd party support had 164 games, I don't know about the N64 as 3rd party wasn't that great for that either.

I do know it now takes longer to make a game as it's in HD etc but nintendo we know has plenty of money, spend it on buying a studio or something there must be the next rare out there.
masofdas wrote:
Agree about the 3rd party problem but that's Nintendo's problem really for not making a system 3rd parties want to make game for.


I do know it now takes longer to make a game as it's in HD etc but nintendo we know has plenty of money, spend it on buying a studio or something there must be the next rare out there.

The first line is a real issue: should Nintendo really align their systems' architectures with the competitors to assure porting is easy? I say "Vive la différence".

For me, if Nintendo were going to go down the buying a studio route to 'replace' Rare, it would be either Retro or Platinum.
That's why I brought the Cube as it was on par with PS2, Xbox and you can see how many games it had in 17 month's.

Well retro and platinum all ready make games for Nintendo, I was thinking someone who doesn't.
ZeroJones wrote:
The first line is a real issue: should Nintendo really align their systems' architectures with the competitors to assure porting is easy? I say "Vive la différence".

While I'm usually with you, Zero, I'm a little sceptical with regards to its validity concerning the Wii U. Don't get me wrong, I love the gamepad, but with Nintendo saying that they didn't really know what to do with it (gameswise - Miiverse is still superb), I am starting to feel that it was "innovation for the sake of innovation", which shouldn't happen. Hopefully Zelda will justify it, but I'm feeling a little more sceptical about the white block of plastic now.

And the Wii U having a weaker CPU than the PS3 and 360, if true, is taking the urine. I don't give a monkey's about the pretty graphics, which the Wii U's stronger in, but I do care about seamless open worlds, and Zeldas with massive expansive detailed fields.

Note that neither of my points above are made because I desperately want GTAVU. I just want the best Nintendo games possible. But I wouldn't object to some more third-party support to prop up sales.
While the WiiU does need third party support. I really only care about the exclusives which, to me, far surpass the exclusives on PS4 + Xbox who's majority seems like they were spawned from the mind of Michael Bay.

As for innovation, I do agree it is a bit forced. However it has to be done in the gaming industry as Sony and Microsoft seem completely uninterested in sharing the load on this matter. As for its usage, ZombiU handled it brilliantly with its inventory system + 'scanner'. (WiiU pad jumpscare of the century) It even enhanced playing WindWaker just through displaying the map. It isn't ground-breaking but I don't see how the gamepad makes anything less attractive.

As for studios they have Monolith Soft + Intelligent Systems so for RPG's (My favourite) I'd take that over Sqeenix or Namco Bandai any day.
But the Wii U shouldn't be on par with PS360 it should be on par with PS4ONE, as the PS360 will eventually die and it's all ready starting Batman PS4ONE, AC:U PS4ONE. So you can't even go just port the PS360 version to Wii U.

Going to back to GameCube games in it's first 17 month's we had these.

Nintendo had Doshin the Giant, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Party 4 & 5, Pikmin, StarFox Adventures, Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee, Wave Race, 1080°, F-Zero GX, Wind Waker, Zelda Collector's Disc, Double Dash, Metroid Prime, Wario World

Decent 3rd party exclusive games: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Lost Kingdoms & II, Mystic Heroes, RE:Make, Sonic Adventure 2 battle & DX, Rogue Leader & Rebel Strike, Monkey Ball & 2, Billy Hatcher, Evolution World's, Mega Man Network, PN03, Resident Evil Zero, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Sonic Mega Collection, Soul Calibur II (it had Link), Summoner: Goddess Reborn, Viewtiful Joe (was at the time) and all the WWE game's.

So loads of exclusives.

Like I've said before Nintendo exclusives will be better then PS4 & One's on the most part but Sony will delivery a Journey or Last of Us, Heavy Rain which aren't Bayish as Vido put it.

January - March 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo 5 (Now With Less Admin.)

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