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 Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge

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Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge   Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge EmptyFri 26 Sep 2014 - 16:45

Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge IHht7xUx2ex3s

Welcome to the Gnamer Pokemon X and Y Nuzlocke challenge, where we attempt to take on the mighty region known as Kalos with a set of semi-strict rules and guidelines to make the journey more spicy!   I assume everyone reading this knows the basic rules of a nuzlocke, but due to x and y having some features not present in previous games that affect potential difficulty some redrawing has been done, the rules starting with the standard Nuzlocke rules are as follows:

Standard Rules
1.) All Pokemon koed are considered deceased and placed in to a pc box labelled graveyard (feel free to change it to something cruel like hell or nice like heaven if you feel like it!)
2.) You may only catch the first pokemon you encounter in any route.  Any pokemon recieved as gifts are considered that area's alloted pokemon and trading is strictly prohibited.  
3.) A full team wipeout is considered game over, as is losing every single pokemon.
4.) Battle is set to... set.
5.) Repels are banned.
6.) Yvetal and Xerneas must be boxed after the mandatory fight with them and all other legendary pokemon are also banned.
7.) Stat boosting or damage boosting held items are banned.  This includes Eviolite and the choice items.
8.) The starter you choose is determined by the last number of your trainer ID, one to three for the grass, four to six for the fire type, and seven to nine for the water type.  

X & Y Exclusive rules
1.) Mega Evolutions are strictly prohibited aside from the one mandatory fight with one.
2.) All pokemon on the team must be within three levels of the area's average enemy trainer level.  Any pokemon that surpass this limit must be boxed until the area average rises.
3.) EXP Share is banned from standard play.
4.) Super Training is banned in its entirety, and while I suspect it's an entirely unnecessary ban EV training is also banned.

Special Clauses
1.) EXP Share may be used if your entire party is underleveled and you are in a area before your current one.  Same level caps apply.  This is to help remove any filler grinding to bring new members that are highly underleveled in to the team.
2.) Repels may be used in older areas if your level average exceeds the wild average by five levels and you have already caught a pokemon from that area.  This is to prevent making backtracking a slog with no purpose.  All new areas must be explored without repels.

So that's it.  I should've probably posted this several days ago after sorting it out in the oras thread, but ah well, better late than never.  So, who is up for the challenge!?  Grin   I'll add in stuff such as status trackers once I know who is signing up.
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Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge   Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge EmptySun 28 Sep 2014 - 13:41

Alrighty then! Ill start my run now and update this post later.
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Gnamer Pokemon X & Y Specific Nuzlocke Challenge
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