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 October-December 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo VIII (Super Mega Ultra Bloody Huge Edition)

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October-December 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo VIII (Super Mega Ultra Bloody Huge Edition) Empty
PostOctober-December 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo VIII (Super Mega Ultra Bloody Huge Edition)

Happy quarter, everyone!  Be warned: it's a bit of a monster this time, if the title hadn't tipped you off.

(Balladeer: Shall I host, Zero?

ZeroJones: I'll have to hand hosting duties to Balla... Yes! Let's go!

andyman949: Woah, this isn't what I was promised.

masofdas: We want Zero...

...from Mega Man.

Balladeer: Admintendo starts here, you rotten lot.)

Balladeer: There are officially now more Admintendo(e)s than there are Harry Potter books.  Welcome to Admintendo 8!  I'm Balladeer, your friendly neighbourhood Administratorialator, and I'm joined in the "studio" by ZeroJones, masofdas and andyman949.  G'morning, gents!

ZeroJones: Morning, boss!

masofdas: Morning.

andyman949: Morning everyone!

The Forum

Balladeer: And we start with the biggest stories of the week…  Sorry, wrong show.  Rather, we start with the biggest forum happenings of the quarter.  Andy, anything that caught your eye over the last three months?

andyman949: An immediate highlight has to be Buska's excellent job on the Secret Santa, I think we all got a nice stash and had a great time both buying and receiving.

Balladeer: Don't think anyone can deny that!  Apart from me, of course - I got sent a load of Playstation trash by some inconsiderate jerk.

andyman949: *innocently whistles*

masofdas: At least it wasn't Microsoft stuff.

Balladeer: Dunno which would be worse!  Anything caught your attention this quarter, Mas?

masofdas: Yes apart from the Secret Santa, the Wii U eShop thread: there's been a lot of talk in that recently, especially between me and you Balla on the subject of Pier Solar. We might have different views on it but it's still good to have discussion on such things. And others such as Zero have been dipping into the download section a lot: it seems a good active part of the forum now.

Balladeer: (shudders at mention of Pier Solar)

Just kidding Mas. Razz And finally, anything from Zero?

ZeroJones: I've enjoyed the Pokétalk a lot and am pleased to see someone's used a Phoenix Down on the GNamer Podcast. And the Secret Santa gets thirded, although I've not brought myself to eat some of the things I got!

Balladeer: Agreed: really looking forward to the podcast… if it records correctly. Wink

masofdas: Yeah hoping it all goes well tonight with the podcast. Also I thought this being VIII there would be some ballroom dancing here at least.

Balladeer: Anyone who has ever seen me dance will know that I'm saving you all from a great tragedy by not doing so.

andyman949: Are we renaming ourselves the FF fan forum?

Balladeer: Depends.  Does Bravely Default count?  It's FF-like!

masofdas: It counts.

Balladeer: Super, then I'm in.  GNamer FF Fan Forum, let's go!

ZeroJones: I was going to make a 'six wives' joke...

Balladeer: ZJ, bringing the class to Admintendo since 2013.

Er, right.  On-topic, I also really enjoyed the SS.  I've had great gifts both years: Drunkalilly's Pratchett calendar, and now the Mega Absol who stands proudly beside my TV.  Soon to have a sibling in my copy of Alpha Sapphire!

I've also really enjoyed the Smash and Pokémon talk, even if the latter centred around "it's too easy" a lot.  (It is though.)  And I'm also enjoying setting up the forum awards!

I don't think I can hide it any longer: I really enjoy voting threads. Embarrassed

ZeroJones: Me too! More for 2015!

masofdas: More voting, I like that.

andyman949: I like to vote.

Balladeer: TCK will hate us all...

Nintendo Gaming

Balladeer: Moving swiftly on now, to Nintendo format games we've been playing over the last quarter.  Andyman, what have you enjoyed playing?

andyman949: First again? Blimey! I've had my time spread across quite a few games recently. Over the course of October a lot of my time was taken up by Smash Bros 3DS. It was my commute game of choice and I did all the challenges that didn't simply involve racking up time (minus level 9 classic, bloody crazy hand).

My next big thing was with the Bayonetta games, Bayo 2 was a game which I absolutely fell in love with! Such a beautiful, fun intense and more accessible game than the first, it quickly sucked me in despite the more wobbly story and the jarring Bayo swears.

Next came Smash U which has made 3DS look a bit sad in comparison. 8 Player matches with friends/amiibos, excellent online and that's not mentioning how stunning it looks. An absolute pleasure.

I then stumbled across Shovel Knight after hearing so much praise for it and I found out they were not wrong. A stunning game that hides a bunch of brilliant, deep systems behind its retro charms.

Finally I've had a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate resurgence of late, likely due to the impending release of 4U, but it has been great to be back on the hunt. Really hoping I'll get the chance to 100% this before it likely gets forgotten in favour of its newer, shinier friend.

Balladeer: A great list!  You know that you have to beat Classic 9.0 without losing a life in SSBU?  And can't use a golden hammer on the challenge? DAMN YOU!

andyman949: I've not dared attempt that yet. It's odd but whilst I love the multiplayer, the single played hasn't set my world on fire in U.

Balladeer: I've a lot to say on SSBU's single-player, but I'll leave that until my turn.

ZeroJones: Don't tell mas, but I'm struggling to get into Bayo... Embarrassed

masofdas: You strange man Zero, but I guess if you don't like that genre doesn't matter how good it is.

ZeroJones: I just feel like I'm mashing buttons.

andyman949: I will offer you a word of comfort, Zero, Bayo 1 is a very inaccessible game. 2 is a nicer starting point (oddly).

Balladeer: Maybe that's my problem too.  Why don't you tell us what you have been able to get into, Zero? Smile

ZeroJones: The big game of the past three months has been Alpha Sapphire. It's lovely but the - yes! - difficulty level has dropped compared to RSE, and that's not what I wanted.

There's also been the MK8 extra content, which really fleshed it out beautifully.

Thirdly, three downloadable games: Shovel Knight, Ittle Dew and Thomas Was Alone - all fun, fresh and joyful to play.

Balladeer: You're making me feel guilty about my lack of eShop attention again. Sad So many games, so little time...

ZeroJones: You should! There are a lot of little gems on there.

andyman949: Ittle Dew sounds like something I'd very much like to pick up at some point. How does it rate?

ZeroJones: Ittle Dew is too short but that's because it's pure dungeon, all the time. It's clever, subversive and ideal for speed runners or 100% completionists.

Balladeer: Neither of which I am.  Still interested, mind.

andyman949: Sounds like it might be a sale game for me. Thanks!

masofdas: I totally forgot the MK8 DLC came out. I've played it of course though. There's the eShop dipping into I was on about from Zero, Ittle Dew does look good, but I heard from you it's Zelda 2D-esque, which I'm not much of a fan of.

Balladeer: Was going to ask you to give your games next, Mas.  Why don't you continue?

masofdas: Okay, I will.

Much like the most of you, I’ve been playing Pokemon ORAS which is the first time I've played the gen 3 games and I thought they were great with my fairies and dragons.

But that's on the 3DS side of things: on Wii U, a lot. I'm not going to repeat Andy on the Bayos. But on Hyrule Warriors, which came out late September & had a fantastic bit of DLC these past months: the game should be rubbish but looks great, fan-service is excellent and just a fun experience.

Also been playing a few eShop games myself but only for about 15 minutes each, as there are too many games. Apart from Pier Solar which I did stick a good hour into right away. I did go on about it a lot on the eShop thread after playing it, but all I can say is if you like JRPGS from 1992-4 then pick it up.

Ohh, and I started Captain Toad which seems a good little puzzle game. Quite good to play after watching Game of Thrones: very different.

Balladeer: The image of Captain Toad in Game of Thrones is… alarming.   Spores everywhere.

andyman949: I just started Captain Toad last night and I was pleasantly surprised. I think I really overestimated how easy it would be.

ZeroJones: Captain Toad is fun! Like a Rubik's Cube, you twist and rotate, looking for an angle of attack...

Balladeer: Hope it's harder than ORAS...

masofdas: Some of the feats do seem difficult. I don't know if you unlock anything from doing them all.

andyman949: You get a lovely stamp.

masofdas: I know that, but if you do all 70?

andyman949: I think you're undervaluing a tick and a stamp mate.

ZeroJones: I am in the business of ticks and stamps - love 'em!

Balladeer: Anyway, my turn.  It's been mostly Smash: bludgeoning my way through the challenges in 3DS, before doing much the same for SSBU.  I can't say that I "enjoyed" all of that, but both games are class acts.  Just feel a bit rushed in places, is all.

In between, I've been distracted by numerous things.  MK8 DLC, a.k.a. DLC done right; Fantasy Life, which still feels a bit too much like an offline MMORPG to me; Shovel Knight, but I've never been a fan of the whole "retro revival" thing; and Bayo 1.  Like Zero, I've struggled to get into it, but it's competing with Smash for my time, and that's never a good match-up.

And then for Christmas, Alpha Sapphire.  Easy easy easy, but I've enjoyed building up my team of Mega-ables so much.  Cower before my shiny Metang!  (Not a euphemism.)

ZeroJones: Metang! That's a nice bit of Pokécockney rhyming slang!

andyman949: I really need to get an online session on that Mario Kart DLC, really enjoyed my basic run arounds but would be nice to seem them in all their glory.

ZeroJones: Agreed.

andyman949: Also Fantasy Life is one of my saddest gaming moments of last year. That game just got lost in the Christmas rush Sad

Balladeer: In that it was really good and ignored, or...?

andyman949: Good and ignored.

masofdas: That's a game that I would like to pick up, but just too many at the moment.

Balladeer: Story of my gaming life.  Anything further to say before we move on?

masofdas: There is something to unlock for getting all the feats in Toad, just googled it.

Other Formats

Balladeer: And with the Captain Toad dilemma settled, it's time for the multiformat section of the Skypecast, where Zero and I look clueless for a bit.  Mas, what have you been playing on non-Nintendo consoles this quarter?

ZeroJones: (Duuuuuh... there are other formats?!)

Balladeer: (Apparently.  (shrugs))

ZeroJones: (Of course, I am typing this on an iPad...)

masofdas: Not as much as you would think, actually: most of my time has been spent with Nintendo.

But of course there was the new big IP in Destiny, which is sound from a gameplay perspective, but after the so-called story was done that was me done. I'm not one for looting & repeating the same thing again and again. There was also the new CoD which had a great story thanks to Spacey & Baker.

But most of my time has been with downloads. I finished Unfinished Swan and Thomas was Alone: both have excellent story telling. Dust: An Elysian Tail I played again.

It's been great for downloads. There's been a few others but I’ve not put enough time into them yet. Also one more game that Andy will bring up.

Balladeer: I heard that Destiny fell under the CoD bracket of overhyped underwhelming empty experiences.  Is that fair?

masofdas: YES.

andyman949: No.

Balladeer: Told me! Laughing

andyman949: But I'll discuss that in my section Wink

masofdas: I preferred COD as it had a story mode over Destiny, but I will be going back to it due to the DLC.

andyman949: Does sound like I'm alone in thinking Thomas Was Alone is merely alright then? Fun little puzzler but not something I'd rave about.

ZeroJones: The gameplay is pretty slight but the TWA story is great.

masofdas: Yeah the story is excellent in TWA. That’s something I will bring up later because of it.

andyman949: I might give it another spin some time due to the free PS4 upgrade.

Balladeer: Your section, then, Andy!  And defending Destiny, no doubt.

andyman949: Right, what haven't I been playing?

Balladeer:Sonic Boom?

masofdas: (The show is good and I still need to pick up that game.)

(Years, decades, centuries pass.  Civilisations rise and fall.  Stars grow into red giants and die.  A universe ends, another one begins.  Finally...)

Andyman’s Epic Other Formats Appraisal:

andyman949: Sorry guys! Got carried away...

Balladeer: I'm putting that in a spoiler when I publish this. Razz

andyman949: Fair enough! Also Forza Horizon 2 is pretty great.

masofdas: I wanted to bring up about Dragon Age 3 which has been rather disappointing to me. I had the week off to play it, I got 21 hours in, and went to play Pokemon instead.  I haven’t gone back. I didn't like the characters or the forced side quests, to the extent that I've been tempted to trade it in quite a few times.

Was going to talk more about some of the stuff andy brought up, but that was the main one.

andyman949: I can't say I agree that the side quests are forced. The power comes so easily that I had over 200 at the end of the game. Once you get rolling after doing about 3 initially it's pretty free from there. Obviously I can't make you like the characters but they really are pretty well written folks with good developing stories.

Balladeer: Okay, I think that's enough on other formats! Very Happy

Looking Back

Balladeer: So, we move onto a brief retrospective of the entire year.  Zero, how's your gaming year been in general?

ZeroJones: Great! The big Nintendo games may not have delivered (bar MK8), but the downloadable scene on Wii U took off dramatically and made up for it.

Balladeer: Can't quite agree with you there, Zero - both AS and the SSBs delivered for me!

masofdas: Same: nearly all of Nintendo’s games have been great this year. Only one that I wasn't a fan of was DKC:TF.

ZeroJones: AS is too easy and the SSBs have strayed too far from the template I loved as a youth.

Balladeer: I think the SSBs have stuck to a fairly similar template throughout, but each to their own!

andyman949: Aye, Smash seems pretty bang on to me. Plus I love the ever-growing character sheet.

masofdas: It's not Melee though.

Balladeer: I dunno - the fighting is sped up from Brawl, and it's got the clone characters!

Mas, what's your year's retrospective?

masofdas: It's been a funny old year. I did my thoughts on the 8th gen on the forum and it's been rather muh on the PS4&ONE as you can see from what I've been playing. So the only real highlight is going to EGX and playing all the great games coming in 2015.

Balladeer: And finally, Andy's year!

andyman949: I think from my list of this last quarter alone you can tell I think it has been a great year. That was without mentioning all the great stuff we had in the first part (don't worry I won't do another big list folks Wink ). I think people have been far too down on a year that has increased my games collection massively!

masofdas: I disagree. It's been one of the worst in recent memory, to the extent that 2015 will be looked on as a superb year just because this one has been so bad.

Balladeer: I'm not down on it!  Well, maybe a bit on the 3DS front, but I had some decent games carrying over from last year at the start (Bravely, ALBW), and SSB3D and AS at the finish.  And I feel that the Wii U's really hit its stride this year.  Got to disagree with Mas on DKCTF: the soundtrack alone makes it for me.  And then HW, the Bayos, SSBU, MK8…  Nope, I've had a great year.

Oh, and a couple of fantastic gaming events: Nintendo's not-E3 that put proper E3s to shame, and a group gaming session around my flat.  Eight-player relay-race MK8!  Great fun.

ZJ may remember the latter. Wink

ZeroJones: Maybe... Wink

andyman949: I totally agree on the Nintendo front, I think it has been a stunning year from them. It took me a while to get into DKCTF but I rate it incredibly highly now.

I also don't think being the worst year in recent memory is a bad thing. I know that I have enjoyed the last few years’ worth of games more than I ever have, so even if there is a bit of a dip (and even then not by much) it's no bad thing.

ZeroJones: 2013 was better for the 3DS but the Wii U really kicked into gear in 2014.

masofdas: Yeah it's been great on Wii U, but not anywhere else.

Balladeer: And for me, Mas, that's enough!  Anyway, the Wii U's been out for one more year than the BBoPs.  I'm sure they'll have a good 2015.

Looking Forward

Balladeer: Not that the Wii U's 2015 looks bad!  Which brings us nicely to the finally segment of Admintendo VIII: Squall is a Whiny Whiner, as we look forward to 2015.  Especially Q1, but also the rest of the year.  Zero, what are your thoughts on both Q1 and 2015 as a whole, for gaming and for the forum?

ZeroJones: I'm going to enjoy Captain Toad, and catching up on my eShop Desires backlog. Inevitably looking forward to more amiibi, Star Fox, Zelda, Mario Maker and the many surprises Nintendo must have in store.

There are a couple of things in store for the forum that I'm looking forward to implementing. Hope we can continue to go from strength to strength in the coming year.

Balladeer: Looking forward to those ideas, some of which I may already have seen.  Same question to you, Andy?

andyman949: #secrets

I must admit I've not done a lot of looking forward yet. My head has been firmly stuck looking at the past with all of these Big Fat Quiz TV shows and the like. Game-wise the big one is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate of course, though I'm hoping the New 3DSXL will come out with it (or before) or I won't be having as much fun as I'd like. I'm not looking forwards to Amiibos continuing to bankrupt me though!

As for the forum the obvious end of year vote is very exciting. I'll also look forwards to hopefully seeing more Mario Kart games arranged!

Rest of the year I'm similar to Zero on a Ninty front (minus Star Fox natch) and on the rest Batman and Uncharted are immediate exciting highlights.

Forum rest of the year I just look forwards to seeing Admintendo continue (and hopefully the podcast) and seeing Zero flex his recently found power to bring all kinds of chaos.

Balladeer: Pale at that last part.  I'll come online one morning, and ZJ will have taken over the Reggie account, and the forum will have been broken in two.

masofdas: With his head.

ZeroJones: My secret plans revealed! MWA-HA-HA-HA!

Balladeer: You've even got a cat to stroke...

ZeroJones: She won't let me stroke her - yet!

Balladeer: Finish us off, Mas (apart from me).  What are your thoughts for Q1 and 2015?

masofdas: Q1 looks quite good with The Order, Bloodborne, FF Type-O HD and MM3D: shame we don't much on the dates from Nintendo on anything.

The rest of the year there's tons coming. I'm looking forward to about 20+ games, but 15 odd are indies such as: Volume (from the guy who did TWA), The Tomorrow Children, Rime, Gone to the Rapture, and 2 games I backed on Kickstarter: Hollow Knight & Elysian Shadows. Also my most anticipated game of 2015: No Man's Sky.

It looks an excellent year, apart from maybe Halo 5. I'm not hearing good things from the beta.

andyman949: I totally forgot about the Halo beta! Might need to check that out before the podcast

masofdas: I've been watching loads of games of it and it looks fine, but everyone says it controls differently and is ruined compared to Reach. 343 are now really doing their own thing and not playing it safe like with 4.

Balladeer: I'll agree with Mas on Q1: not much of interest for me there, apart from not having picked up CTTT yet, and of course the forum awards!  (How could you forget those, Mas? Sad )

The rest of the year looks much better, on the Wii U at least.  Nobody's mentioned Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, or the magnificent-looking Xenoblade X yet.  Shame on y'all.

Unfortunately, the 3DS' schedule is looking a bit dull.  I have no desire to play remakes of either LoZMM, XC, or the console.  I'm not a TBS fan either, meaning STEAM is out.  Might end up playing Pokémon Z, if that becomes a thing, but hopefully Nintendo will pull their fingers out.

andyman949: There's a good reason nobody has mentioned Yoshi Wink Though the other 2 certainly are worth noting.

Balladeer: lexluthor.jpg Evil or Very Mad

ZeroJones: There must be more up their sleeves! (I didn't mention the forum awards either - mi scusi!)

masofdas: The reason we’ve not talked about the likes of Splat is: when is it coming? Nintendo need a Direct to tell us when we will be playing something.

Balladeer: Could have sworn it was 2015, though.

andyman949: Aye it definitely will be. Nintendo have been super relaxed on dates recently (WHERE'S MY MONSTER HUNTER DATE?).

masofdas: Yeah it is, but when: tomorrow, or the 31st of December?

Balladeer: Looking forward to it either way!


Balladeer: And that just about wraps things up!  It's been a monster of an Admintendo, and I hope that you'll enjoy reading it as much as we did typing it.

masofdas: It was good fun to do.

andyman949: Thanks for reading folks!

ZeroJones: Aye, it has been blast-y!

Balladeer: From Absol Towers, farewell! Wave

(Balladeer: And I think that's a wrap.

masofdas: Yep.

andyman949: Apologies for my mega rants XD

ZeroJones: Yeah, stop Mega Evolving Rants, will ya?!)

Out-Take (while Andy was typing his OF piece)

Balladeer: Sleep

masofdas: Thumbs Up!

ZeroJones: So, how about that local sports team, huh? Are they bums, or what?


masofdas: Yay sports.

ZeroJones: Andy's bluffing - he's typing out War And Peace.

Balladeer: Destiny and Journey? Wink

masofdas: I thought we'd see that last year on PS4, Journey.

ZeroJones: There's still this year!

masofdas: Yeah it's coming, we know that, but it was shown on PS4 back at Gamescom.

ZeroJones: That's how clued in I am with other formats...
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October-December 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo VIII (Super Mega Ultra Bloody Huge Edition) :: Comments

Go us

@Andy I played evil within at EGX and didn't like it and nothing about it has convinced me otherwise, I honestly think survival horror is a genre I no longer like since eternal darkness and a odd few that games since which there genre is a bit wishy washy.

Maybe I need to get further into dragon age then it won't feel forced, I need to start Shadow of Mordor everyone seems to like it.

On Destiny I did play Destiny co-op and did enjoy it, also I played gears of war 2 co-op right away & enjoyed the story still but of course that only two people playing.
Despite - as mentioned - being relegated to the iPad, it was a fun recording session. That spoilered part of Andy's took about fifteen minutes! Shocked I also forgot to mention Picross e5, but perhaps that says enough about the game... Finally, the cat is slightly more comfortable letting me stroke her now. 🐱 Bounce
Great job folks & another fun read. Smile

balla wrote:
!  Anyway, the Wii U's been out for one more year than the BBoPs.  I'm sure they'll have a good 2015.

So the wii U didn't waste it's year head start after all. Dance
Either that, or it did and the other two wasted their first year as well. Dance
Nearly everyone has a bad first year, I would of liked to seen one big game on PS4 or ONE this year. The Order should of came out but was delayed that would of been big for the PS4.

What vote should we do next as it was brought in the chat we all like votes. Jimbob did bring up that he doesn't like playstation controllers even though the DS4 is excellent else where, maybe the best controller / control method vote could be a thing.
I reckon that TEW needs to be played properly to appreciate it. I can't see what you could get from a small section of it.
As for Dragon Age, it definitely takes a bit of getting into to catch most folks, though I thought you'd have caught on by the point you are at.
I couldn't tell you anything that happens in Gears from what I played, though I can't speak as to how far that was due to the story or co-op. I did play it local though so I was likely less distracted due to the lack of headset.
TEW might be a game to pick up when cheap but like I said seen nothing on it that has made think I want to play that.

I'm just on the fade in DA:I and it's not done anything for me, like I said I don't like the characters and don't feel any need or want to save them in a story sense.

The plot of gears is rather simple but does have some good points in the story that are rather memorable, actually prefer gears over halo myself as microsofts big IP.
masofdas wrote:
What vote should we do next as it was brought in the chat we all like votes. Jimbob did bring up that he doesn't like playstation controllers even though the DS4 is excellent else where, maybe the best controller / control method vote could be a thing.

I'm keen on a 'Best 2D Platformer EVER!' vote. Twisted Evil
I'd be up for that, actually. Although it might well go Mario Mario Mario Yoshi Mario DK Mario Mario Rayman Mario...
Same but surely it's Sonic 1, 2, 3, Knuckles, CD, Neo Geo in the top 10.

Also it's a hard genre to clarify due to 8 & 16 bit era as some would say a Mega Man is a platfromer.
Of the dishonourable mentions?
No of the best 10 , Sonic 2 gets in most top 100 games of all time that it's most likely in the top 10 platformers once you take out the other genres.

Actually a 3D platformer might be more interesting as only 4 and bit Marios that it would be more open for something like Crash Bandocoot to take a spot.
erm....why wouldn't Mega Man be considered a 2d platformer?
Great read guys, you've made me realise how much of a mistake I've made trading in DK:TF, that definitely goes back on the list.
The_Jaster wrote:
erm....why wouldn't Mega Man be considered a 2d platformer?

Do you see Shovel Knight as a platformer
Treesmurf wrote:
Great read guys, you've made me realise how much of a mistake I've made trading in DK:TF, that definitely goes back on the list.

Mission accomplished. Twisted Evil Chuffed that you enjoyed it, Smurf!
masofdas wrote:
The_Jaster wrote:
erm....why wouldn't Mega Man be considered a 2d platformer?

Do you see Shovel Knight as a platformer

Yes that and Mega Man just have action twists to them.
See to me there action games but due to the limitations of 8 & 16 bit era they play more like a platform game off the era then games now as dark souls plays nothing like knack.
Platformers for me too, by this era's standards anyway.
Apologies for putting the cat amongst the pigeons by saying "2D platformers" and then not coming back! Duh! The r(outer is to blame - yes, we know. Rest Of Forum). Ahem.

If we're only going to allow Mario-like 2D platformers - if this vote even takes place! - then we're closing the door on a lot of great games. Super Metroid immediately springs to mind, along with the aforementioned Mega Man and Shovel Knight. If you're jumping around a 2D environment, you're starring in a 2D platformer, whether you're carrying a weapon or not.

Failing that, we use Wikipedia to decide what goes in. Wink
Ooh, now it gets tricky. I'd say that Metroidvania is its own distinct genre, with an emphasis on exploration rather than straightforward platform negotiation.
When you say 2D platformers I'm thinking Sonic 2, Super Mario World and Rayman Legends
If you were to say 2D action games I'm thinking Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Shovel Knight
Metroidvania is a sub-genre of 2D action but there's enough there to have it's sub-genre
Aye I wouldn't put Super Metroid in there as it's own thing (Metroid-like btw not vania Razz ) I think it's been real sticky to nail down specific genres in recent times, now I'm not saying this is the root of the problem but the term "action" getting thrown in as made certain games less clear like how it normally precedes Adventure now. (Main reason is probably how devs don't normally stick to one idea and see it through & want a bit of everything)

If you are on an adventure, to me it's pretty clear there will be some action otherwise it won't be much of an adventure but anyhow I agree with Zero that we would be leaving out a bunch of great games & the vote/results would look boring.

TWD for instance is just Adventure genre

Also you say we would be leaving out some great games like Mega Man but like Balla put with his list of Mario 8 times would they even have a look in anyway if there vote-able.

As in mind I'm not even going to thick about voting for Mega Man and Balla must even thought of them hence all the Mario's.

It could be simpler to have a 2D vote where the game is sideways on so Mario, Mega Man, Metroid, Castlevania (It should be Castlevania-like btw not Metroid Razz), Child of Light in but Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI wouldn't be aloud then there's no confusion.

October-December 2014 Quarterly Review: Admintendo VIII (Super Mega Ultra Bloody Huge Edition)

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