New Super Mario Bros.: Now About As 'New' As Humans Being Gits To Each Other
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    Sat 9 Nov 2013 - 17:39
    Message by Rattlecat - Dreamcast Arcade Stick.
    Hello Mas.
    Sorry it took a bit longer to retrieve it from my mum's house but the baby was poorly yesterday. I have it now and can confirm it is official, clean but unboxed and no manual etc. I've taken a photo but i'm not sure how to post it on this forum.
    I'm sure you know what the value of them is but just incase i've done a bit of research and amazon have new sticks at over 100 which seems a bit steep if you ask me. Second hand were about 60 but on ebay there was a new one at 60 odd buy it now. There were also a couple at auction with a few days to go so hard to say what they would go for but they are currently very cheap.
    If it is you would like my stick without a box etc then make me an offer i suppose.

    Speak to you later
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