Basically the Playstation 5 name is Body Bags 2.
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 SEGA AGES & SEGA Mega Drive Classics

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SEGA AGES & SEGA Mega Drive Classics  - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: SEGA AGES & SEGA Mega Drive Classics    SEGA AGES & SEGA Mega Drive Classics  - Page 2 Empty23/04/19, 08:26 pm

Virtua Racing is out this week in Japan! With online play! When it releases globally we ought to get some face-offs going (it's 1v1 for online, so maybe a tournament board would make sense).

Because of the super high standards set by the 3D classics, and the pixel-perfect fit those games have been on the 3DS's low res display, I haven't been that interested in the games released so far. I did pick up OutRun because...who can resist OutRun...but it's still better on 3DS! But the online leaderboards were neat - since they have records for each route you no longer have to always take the single fastest route when setting high scores.

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SEGA AGES & SEGA Mega Drive Classics
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