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 2019 Gaming Predictions

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The Next Aonuma

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2019 Gaming Predictions - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2019 Gaming Predictions   2019 Gaming Predictions - Page 3 EmptyThu 19 Dec 2019 - 22:34

Think your 50/50 on Dreams as I've seen some stuff like motion capture, pool, wipeout and it's outstanding but not sure I'll actually play it or be able to make anything.
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Galactic Nova

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2019 Gaming Predictions - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2019 Gaming Predictions   2019 Gaming Predictions - Page 3 EmptySat 21 Dec 2019 - 18:16

Let's see how I got on.

JayMoyles wrote:
I'll do some predictions this year - 10 for Ninty and 5 each for the rest.


1) Sora to be announced for Smash alongside ports of the Kingdom Hearts series for Switch WROOOONG
2) Metroid Prime 4 to be delayed to 2020 I mean, probably 2021 at this stage. But that's a point!
3) Animal Crossing will be this year's big autumn release WROOOOONG
4) Pokémon will be the big winter game That's a bingo.
5) And I guess that leaves Fire Emblem as the summer game Ding ding ding.
6) Spring? Fuck knows. Yoshi? I mean, I guess.
7) SNES games will not be added to the Switch Online offerings Mercifully, wrong
Cool Skyward Sword Remastered to be revealed Hahahahaha so fucking wrong
9) New 2D Zelda game to be announced Link's Awakening or Cadence of Hyrule
10) New Nintendo IP to be shown off too Does Ring Fit Adventure count? Half a point.



1) FFVII Remake to finally get a release date, 2020 naturally Bingo.
2) Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to be announced Not a bingo.
3) Bloodborne 2 (or the spiritual successor at the very least) to be revealed Nope.
4) PS5 announcement at PSX this year, and it'll be disappointing Not at PSX, but they didn't exactly drop it with any fanfare! It was just a press release! Quarter point.
5) Death Stranding will get a release date. 2020, natch Wrong!



1) Xbox Two or whatever announced this year - backwards compatible out of the box and a heavy push on on-demand games services like Game Pass Basically, yeah.
2) Microsoft will show off at least six exclusives from their new studios to tempt people to pick up their new console I don't think we've seen six new games for XSX yet.
3) New Rare platformer Wrong!
4) The Outer Worlds to get exclusive content on Xbox by way of Obsidian being first party now I don't think so, right?
5) Despite all this, Microsoft will still struggle compared to Sony in 2019 Not really! Game Pass has done well.



1) Valve still won't bother announcing a new game Hahaha, wrong!
2) New Ace Attorney to be revealed Wrong Sad
3) Harry Potter action RPG thing to be released in the autumn What even happened to that?
4) Shadow of Tsushima will win the majority of GOTY awards Didn't even hit 2019!
5) Mother 3 will... not be announced for the West. You've beat the optimism out of me, Nintendo. Aww! ...correct.


Total: 8.75/25 MINCE.
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2019 Gaming Predictions
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