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 Google Stadia

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PostSubject: Re: Google Stadia   Google Stadia - Page 4 EmptyMon 20 Jun 2022 - 15:12

Well at Xbox Showcase we saw High on Life and announcement of Kojima's game, both which planned to be exclusive to Stadia and also seems The Quarry was going to be as well before 2K picked it up.

Kojima's game was rumoured for a while, as it's going to use the cloud for some reason, which he mentioned at Xbox as well, and it explains why Xbox took on some woman who worked at Google as some sort of go between them and Kojima.

Not a great look at all, as three of those games may have changed people's mind on the platform, especially if in the Pro service, but I think this tells us what Google thing about Stadia as it approaches nearly 200 games on the platform (some exclusives still like Wavetale and Wayforward plan to being more games to the platform).

Much as I've defended the service as you see above, which my thoughts I feel ring more true on price of games when you have the Series S and Digital PS5, plus the Xbox Cloud Stick coming. That I feel much like Wii U before Switch with games away from TV (even before that with PSP and console like games on VITA/PSTV), was maybe the right idea at the wrong time along with wrong company behind it.

Maybe Xbox will get it cloud right with the slow approach with it.
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Google Stadia
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