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 Mods and admins!

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Tingle's Dingle

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PostSubject: Re: Mods and admins!   Fri 18 Jan 2013 - 22:00

Silver light wrote:
Kyranitar wrote:
I wouldn't mind being a mod, but as I wasn't active on the old site and most of you only know me through twitter then I don't mind. c:

Also I totally wouldn't use the powers to ban Silver. >_>

Now, now, you know doing such would just be more evidence that you're an old meanie horse Razz
No because you started it. >_>
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Disciple of Aonuma

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PostSubject: Re: Mods and admins!   Fri 18 Jan 2013 - 22:02

Thought I wouldn't. Trade farmyard insults over PM please. Chat Thread is also fine.

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Disciple of Greener

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PostSubject: Re: Mods and admins!   Sun 20 Jan 2013 - 15:43

Sorry about my late arrival to this section of the forum, it's been a busy week (annoyingly it had to happen on the day the NGamer news landed).

Many thanks for the nominations and kind words - I'll be sure to try my best as admin.

Luckily the higher level of freedom (not having to report to a higher-up for changes to be made) should mean if we want to change the Off Topic section header to "horse burgers" we can have that happen fairly quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Mods and admins!   

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Mods and admins!
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