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 Guitar Hero Live

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Crumpy Andy
Baby Brush God

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PostSubject: Re: Guitar Hero Live   Mon 20 Apr 2015 - 18:27

But DJ Hero is better than Guitar Hero, so that makes Live better than Rockband Razz

I really don't get the problem with the FMV, who on earth is looking anywhere other than the track?
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Hero of Time

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PostSubject: Re: Guitar Hero Live   Mon 20 Apr 2015 - 19:41

I like how differently freestyle games are approaching this compared to previous GH games when the new Rockband just seems like more of the same to me which may well be fun but I would probably grow tired of it quickly.

masofdas wrote:
Rock Band is better everyone knows that as it's done by Harmonix whom invented Guitar Hero in the first place and are passionate about music not weird live action FMV's.

To the part in bold, freestyle games are also very passionate for music as well, this article is partly the reason I'm excited for GH Live as the devs are making all the right noises.


Also if you are not about the live action part of GH live then you can easily spend a lot of time in GHTV which has the actual music videos play in the background.
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Disciple of Reggie

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PostSubject: Re: Guitar Hero Live   Mon 20 Apr 2015 - 19:47

Hmm well I won't be buying day one but I will buy for the Wii U collection eventually when it's cheaper and likely won't play it but if I had to buy one the two music games out this year at launch.

It would be Rock Band not GH.
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PostSubject: Re: Guitar Hero Live   

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Guitar Hero Live
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