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 Game: £100 Drop

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The Cappuccino Kid
Steel Samurai
The Cappuccino Kid

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PostSubject: Re: Game: £100 Drop   Game: £100 Drop - Page 3 EmptyTue 8 Jun 2021 - 19:41

I’m hoping Fatal Frame goes up in value, I’ve got a sealed copy of the Wii U one that only came out in limited numbers. I think the Wii U will gradually creep up in price, as for all it’s faults it’s a quirky piece of hardware history. For the games, it looks like some of it’s exclusives already have – a butchers on CEX showed me that Game & Wario is almost £40, Wii Sports Club is nearly £50, and Amiibo Festival has gone up to £2.50.

Mas’s post goes to show the strength of the 360’s library. If I were given the money I don’t think I’d have bought any of those.
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The Next Reggie

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Game: £100 Drop - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Game: £100 Drop   Game: £100 Drop - Page 3 EmptyTue 8 Jun 2021 - 20:09

I could also see Xenoblade X go up if stays exclusive, feel that's going to be thing to keep value or those collectors editions with blue shells or what not.

360 library is big and often cheaper than PS3 for 3rd party games (that a bunch of mine are), I don't see many Xbox collectors compared to PlayStation which might be the reasoning.
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Game: £100 Drop
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