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 General Cricket Thread (It's Come Home)

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General Cricket Thread (It's Come Home) - Page 33 Empty
PostSubject: Re: General Cricket Thread (It's Come Home)   General Cricket Thread (It's Come Home) - Page 33 EmptyWed 30 Oct 2019 - 18:48

You would be entirely wrong about it not happening in cricket, sadly. If a player is good enough to play regional cricket but not good enough to play for England, their aim is to play for England, something they're very unlikely to do in the second division; so they move to the first division. There are salary caps, but that doesn't mean that the richer clubs can't afford more deals, better facilities, better personnel... The world of county cricket is a very unfair one, despite the relative frequency of 'county stalwarts', and this aspect of the draft is a positive one.

It does mean that the figures barely feel attached to the team, so you essentially end up supporting a bunch of grounds and a marketing exercise - my main reason for not liking club football (apart from its ubiquity), and the reason I feel no attachment to any Hundred team. It is however fairer, there I agree.
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General Cricket Thread (It's Come Home)
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