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 April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 8:56

Balladeer: Double figures.  The big 1-0.  X marks the spot.  Admintendo has had more instalments than… well, than Dragon Quest games that have come to the UK, anyway.  Joining me for this very special Admintendo are…  Who are you all again?

ZeroJones: ZeroJones, international jewel thief extraordinaire.

Treesmurf: I'm Spartacus.

Erm Treesmurf.

fronkhead: No, *I'm* Spartacus. Or something.

*Ahem* It's Fronkhead here, appearing for my first time on Admintendo. Please don't be mean to me.

Balladeer: (hurls Yoshiibo at Fronkhead) Welcome one and all!

ZeroJones: Thanks for having me!

Treesmurf: Glad to be here!

fronkhead: Me too!

Nintendo’s E3

Balladeer: And we start with the biggest story of the month - E3.  Or more specifically, Nintendo's contribution to E3.  It's fair to say that it received a… mixed reception, with Metroid Prime: Federation Farts getting (more than?) its fair share of ire.

Was the venom deserved, Treesmurf?

Treesmurf: Partly yes and partly no. The lack of hugely new content was a shame with very few surprises and the ones that were a surprise about as nice as a surprise lemon party (don't Google that). The big one that is Federation Force hasn't left me feeling as cold as many others, I'm fairly confident it will be good fun online and Blast Ball looks a... erm... blast. Animal Crossing highlighted the negativity though, they were so far off the mark with that one and it just seems like a huge attempt to milk the Amiibo cash cow.

On a lighter note Starfox looks much better than I was expecting after last year's brief showing and Mario Maker is sure to be a huge hit, it's been a long time coming but I think they've hit the nail on the head with all of the options available.

Balladeer: I haven't asked Dead Lemon whether he enjoys it, but I imagine that a lemon party would be to his liking… wouldn't it? :halo:

Treesmurf: A dead lemon party? *shudders*

fronkhead: Aye, I would agree with a lot of all of that. Reggie hyping us up with a theme of transformation felt a bit misleading to me -- we went in expecting major shifts in franchises, when we ended up getting a bunch of spin-offs. Which inevitably disappointed. It felt like Nintendo is now saving its big guns for NX, which they probably are.

ZeroJones: It's fairly easy to say that an on-line petition to cancel the game, this far into its development, is too much. Since I discovered that it's not just Blast Ball ( Embarrassed ), I'm in the smurf camp of being more confident about it. There's a stand up chance it'll be great to control with the New 3DS's thumbstick, which gets precious little use at the best of times.

Treesmurf: It feels like it would be better suited to Wii U but hey ho.

Balladeer: I'll give me own thoughts on MPFF in a moment.  For now, Fronk -head, what were your own opinions on Nintendo's E3?

fronkhead: Aye. I thought E3 was *okay*, though I can't deny that I was disappointed after the Direct. The lack of new announcements for the future in general was the biggest hitter -- it's clear Wii U and 3DS are unlucky to receive any major new games in the works from Nintendo's internal development teams, but spin-offs are always nice.

I suppose you could say it feels a bit like the end of the GameCube era, things are in decline, but we've got NX and that mobile thing to look forward to.

Balladeer: Yes.  "Looking forward" to the mobile thing. Neutral

fronkhead: Please don't mess it up, Ninty!

Treesmurf: So it's not just me that couldn't give a damn about the mobile thing?

fronkhead: I'm a bit more excited after learning Hideki Konno is leading the mobile team.

Balladeer: Couldn't give less of a damn if I were a beaver that had packed it all in to become a chipmunk.

Treesmurf: I guess I'm just still quite dismissive towards mobile gaming as a whole.

fronkhead: Yup. I still have no idea how they'll pull this off. But focusing on 5 games instead of 40 (*stares at Sega*) sounds like a good plan to me.

ZeroJones: I'm cautiously looking forward to it/them, but fronky's dead (lemon) right - they've got to do it properly.

Balladeer: Enough lemons, please!  Smurf's ruined that fruit for me already. Sad

Treesmurf: I told you not to Google it.

Balladeer: And finally, calling Dr. Jones!  Your opinions on Nintendo's E3, if you wouldn't mind!

ZeroJones: Dr. Zero Von Jones responds to his pager - initial disappointment has turned into cautious optimism. "Transformation" was the wrong word, but the right word - "transition" - is a crap one. Liked the new Zelda, as I always call for more Four Swords-type games, and Yo-Kai Watch (sp?) straightaway. The rest was underwhelming at the time but the whole of Nintendo's E3 work - World Championships, Smash-y things and Treehouses - were not so bad overall.

Treesmurf: How could I forget Triforce Heroes? That looks brilliant, very excited for that one.

Balladeer: I must admit, I didn't follow the Championships, and I'd been so thoroughly underwhelmed by end of the Direct that I didn't watch much Treehouse.  Were they any good?

fronkhead: Oh, the World Championships were excellent. Sold Super Mario Maker to me, hugely entertaining.

Apparently there was this annoying kid commentating Splatoon though. I missed that bit. You're a squid now, you're a ki-

Balladeer: Stop it. Evil or Very Mad

fronkhead: Grin

Treesmurf: I missed the World Championships too but enjoyed the Treehouse Live once again. They're on to a winner with all these extra broadcasts.

fronkhead: Yup, makes you wonder why Nintendo does a 45 minute stream really. Clearly not enough time to show the games with much substance. That Metroid trailer *shakes fist*

Balladeer: My turn, then.

(A while passes.)

ZeroJones: (Has Andy snuck on and elbowed Balla off his computer?!)

Balladeer: (I'm typing!)

ZeroJones: (So was Andy! Razz )

Balladeer: I was thoroughly crushed at the end of the presentation, I won't deny it.  What had started off so well, with SF0 and the glorious Nintendo muppets, dissolved into shite.  Too much Mario Maker, great though it was; too many amiibi, including royally buggering up Animal Crossing (which does need to evolve in my opinion, but which devolved instead); and to end on the note it did… Duh!

Which is a shame, because a lot of the games weren't all that bad (ACaF strongly excepted).  I'd been hoping for more 3DS games, and we got a new Mario RPG and a new Zelda. Surprised SF0 looked "the business".  Three new downloadable characters for Smash, available NOW!  (Or when the eShop's fixed itself.)  And while MPFF wasn't for me, it's a nice enough looking co-op. multiplayer shooter.  Still could have done with not attaching the Metroid name to it though…

Nintendo's obviously moved on in the home console space, and Zelda will probably be the last big hit we get for the Wii U prior to the NX launching.  There really weren't enough Wii U games to make me think anything else.  I feel that a shorter stream would have made more sense, with the Smash 4 bit worked into it.

But I feel that the games shown were better than they've largely been given credit for.

fronkhead: "But I feel that the games shown were better than they've largely been given credit for." -- Aye, I think many will realise this in the months to come. I think I mentioned this over at the forum with Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, but the way these games were revealed made it feel like they had come off an assembly line.

Oh, Yo-Kai Watch was a pleasant surprise!

Balladeer: I complete forgot about YW, despite Zero talking about it earlier! Duh! That looks absolutely brilliant.

fronkhead: Yup, wasn't expecting it so soon after the Little Battlers announcement. I still have no idea what that game is.

Treesmurf: I can imagine there will be a nice big Nintendo Direct in a month or two and this whole thing will blow over anyway

ZeroJones: Let's hope so - not for our sakes, necessarily, but just so that some other portions of the Internet can calm themselves down.

fronkhead: Aye, New 3DS came out of no-where last summer, so I'm hopeful we'll see something nice. And surprising in a good way.

Treesmurf: There's still the big NX announcement too which I think may come before next years E3.

ZeroJones: And the clear and present danger of the mobile games. I'm really keen to find out what they're going to be.

Balladeer: Boo

Other People’s E3

Balladeer: And with that, let's move onto the second section of our show.  Other people, I hear, did rather better in the Internet's estimation with their press conferences.  Fronkhead, did you follow anybody else's E3?

fronkhead: Ah, yes, I watched Microsoft's, which mildly disappointed me. Like Nintendo they seem to be going more insular -- there's a lot to appeal to the existing fanbase, but not much to please the unconverted. Xbox 360 backwards compatibility was really neat, though, and Rare's new game (and collection of games) would tempt me if I had a One.  But really, I just wanted to see more Scalebound, and there was a surprising lack of announcements for new games.

I didn't stay up late for Sony's, but it seems they stole the show by announcing games we all thought didn't exist anymore. Mind you, I can't imagine either Shenmue or Final Fantasy VII will launch before 2018, so Nintendo and Microsoft's approach was certainly more measured!

Otherwise there was a disappointing lack of third party stuff for 3DS and Wii U from the other publishers. Where was The Great Ace Attorney, for example?

Balladeer: I really wanted to see that! Sad

fronkhead: Me too -- and Square Enix not announcing Dragon Quest VIII or TR: Dragon Quest felt like a kick in the nuts when they are releasing a Warrriors-spinoff (Dragon Quest Heroes I think) in the west...

Balladeer: Mr. Smurf, what about you?  Any other conferences tickle your bright blue fancy?

Treesmurf: Well as ever I didn't have much interest in Microsoft's. The only games that made me envious were Rare Classic Collection and Halo, as it usually does. Nothing too revolutionary though. Sony I don't feel fared too much better for me: as Fronk said, the big announcements won't be around any time soon. I couldn't care less for Shemnue either (hi Masofdas) and all their other games on show were the likes of Uncharted that I'm sure will be great but aren't anything new or exciting. The biggest non-Nintendo highlight for me was Fallout 4, looking like it's very much worth the wait.

Balladeer: (masofdas cries salty salty tears)

ZeroJones: May I ask a n00b question? What's in the Rare Classic Collection?

Balladeer: B-K and B-2.  That's all I remember off the top of my head, but really, that's enough!

fronkhead: Oh, oh! It's every Rare game bar anything with Donkey Kong/the Kongs in it. Apparently it's got N64 Conker instead of Xbox Conker, too, and they've even included both Viva Piñata games and Banjo: N&B.

Balladeer: DK64 not much of a loss, to be fair.

ZeroJones: Truly everything old is new again...

Treesmurf: I think the most interesting new announcement came from Rare's pirate game but I don't think that's been that well received.

Balladeer: I thought that looked… okay, but they didn't really show all that much off.  Most of it was going very slowly round an admittedly pretty desert island.  Still, given the fanaticism over Assassins' Creed: That One With Pirates In's piratey bits, you would have expected a bit more warmth.  Maybe people are finally disillusioned with current Rare?

fronkhead: Yeah, everyone was expecting Battletoads too. Hope the pirate game is good, being able to crash your ship into fellow players' sounds like silly fun at least.

Treesmurf: I would have thought they'd have been disillusioned long ago, they really seem a shadow of their former selves.

fronkhead: Aye, ever since they were restructured to make Kinect games things went downhill. I really enjoyed Banjo: N&B and Viva Piñata (didn't play the DS one, but that was well received), then I lost interest entirely.

By "Kinect games" I mean "Wii Sports rip-offs", natch.

Balladeer: Zero, as a Nintendo and iOS-mostly gamer, did you follow any of the other conferences?

ZeroJones: Not a one, though I remember reading on Twitter that something magical had happened with VR.

Treesmurf: Did they realise that VR is a headache-inducing waste of time?

Balladeer: That's my worry.  Big motion sickness sufferer here.  I do see the appeal of the whole VR "thing", especially in first-person games, but I doubt it'll be for me.

ZeroJones: I'm interested in it purely as a thing that might push gaming as a whole on somewhat. I wouldn't say it was for me, specifically.

Treesmurf: It just seems too throwaway for me, I can't imagine sitting there hours on end to play it.

fronkhead: Me too, and the focus on "experiences" rather than "games" seems like it might get old very fast.

One of the interesting things is how Sony is trying to make VR "social", a bit like the Wii U. So you'll have one player on Morpheus, and the others playing on the TV with controllers.

Basically like asynchronous multiplayer in Nintendo Land and its ilk. Since it didn't work out for Wii U's mass-market appeal, I can't possibly see it helping VR...

Both Treesmurf's and Zero Jones' comments are what I meant by the "experiences" rather than "games" thing -- feels a bit throwaway.

Balladeer: VR is the most antisocial experience in gaming.  You sit there with a massive helmet thing on your head.  It shuts you off from the real world.  "Social VR" my left testicle.

Treesmurf: Tagline ahoy!

ZeroJones: *adds to list*

I can imagine it being quite expensive to start with, too.

fronkhead: Hahaha! Yeah, agreed on all fronts. HoloLens should fare better, since 1) you can actually market AR and 2) it doesn't look half as dumb to the casual onlooker. I kind of wish Nintendo kept pursuing AR.

I can't wait to see the first Oculus and Morpheus adverts...

Balladeer: And finally, me!

There seemed to be a lot of love for Bethesda's conference, but as somebody who can't give less of a fillip about Fallout 4 (which after all was not a surprise when announced), it passed me by and seemed rather dull.  MS likewise - blokes with guns, blokes with guns, cars, cars, ReCore sounding kinda good, Rare, backwards compatibility that should have been there from the start, blokes with guns.  Yawn…

Sony's conference could make a multiplat gamer out of me.  Not this year - I still don't feel that the PS4 has enough in its current library to tempt me.  But if TLG makes next year, not to mention the blinding-looking Horizon New Dawn, I could well be in.  FFVIIHD and Shenmue 3 were absolute show-stoppers… until you actually think about what was shown/announced.  The more time goes on, the more cynical I feel about a pre-rendered trailer and a Kickstarter with terrible voice acting.

And then apparently some other people did some other things.  Unravel looks cute, I guess.

Treesmurf: The Nintendo fanboy in me passed on Unravel due to Woolly World being on the way.

Balladeer: Same aesthetic, different ideas, I think.

Q2 2015

Balladeer: Which brings us nicely to the last topic this month.  What have you been up to over the past month?  What have you played, what have you enjoyed on the forum?  That sort of jazz.

Zero, my fellow admin. - what have you been up to?

ZeroJones: I've been playing a good few mobile games - Knights Of Pen & Paper II, which is cute and funny RPG fun, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, which needs button input to fully enjoy, I reckon.

In addition, Code Name S.T.E.A.M. For a turn-based strategy hater (well, whatever the opposite of "fan" is - hater's too harsh here), it's been a revelation. It looks great, has ridiculous voice acting, and plays a mean game. You have to advance across the map with a kind of brutal caution, making sure everyone survives to play their roles. Loving it - a cut loose Nintendo.

Balladeer: Ooh, I'm no great TBS fan either.  Would you recommend STEAM to a fellow TBS-sceptic then?

ZeroJones: Yes! The only other TBS I've completed was Ghost Recon - my backlog features a Fire Emblem and an Advance Wars, and I've had more fun with S.T.E.A.M. than both combined. It is massively hokey, though!

fronkhead: I'm so glad Codename: STEAM is silly fun. I really enjoyed the demo, but reviewers have been overly harsh on it I reckon. CN: STEAM just feels like pure strategy to me, like Advance Wars. I'm all for that.

ZeroJones: The thing about enemy turns taking ages has been patched out. Not being able to see the whole map adds to the tension for me, and forces you to explore a bit before settling on what you're going to do. In case you can't tell, I'm a big fan!

fronkhead: Yes! Removing the map is excellent, information is the scarce resource, and it makes it feel really engaging. Traditional strategy games give it all away, and feel really abstract because of it.

Treesmurf: I'm yet to invest for some silly reason but I'll definitely be getting it soon, what with my love for the genre.

Balladeer: Anything on the forum you've enjoyed, Zero?

ZeroJones: Always keen on the Kirby's rumour buffet thread - really funny stuff in there. Who's That Pokémon continues to be brilliant, and the general upswing in posts following E3 has been very welcome. The creation of Nontendo makes GNamer more streamlined, which I like - we had been adding lots of forums in and it's nice to see it become a slice more manageable again.

Balladeer: Agreed with the streamlining!  Onto you, Smurf of Trees - any great games or forum happenings over the quarter?

Treesmurf: Splatoon has been the main one for me, such a nice, fun original idea that makes for a new online gaming experience, much better than I was expecting. Every game can feel different and even though there's only 3 weapon types, it's surprising, the sheer number of different strategies and playing styles you come across. Single player is great fun too with its Mario Galaxy-esque levels and original boss battles.

3DS wise I've been getting a lot more in to Pokémon Shuffle which serves me well on my journeys here there and everywhere. Then there's the small matter of Batman Arkham Knight, which I started this week and have wanted to play as much as possible. The big new addition of the Batmobile has fitted in really well, considering it plays such a huge part in how you advance through the game without taking too much away from the core gameplay I'm used to with the series.

Balladeer: I listen to Jim Sterling's podcast quite a bit.  This week's episode has them saying "Fuck the Batmobile" a lot because it's apparently a piece of lard to control.  Fair/unfair?

Treesmurf: Unfair definitely. You mainly use it in combat situations where it controls like a more versatile Landmaster. When you drive it normally it's a little loose but that's exactly what you'd expect when you're smashing around the city at high speeds. I'm in big disagreement with our pal Jim.

Balladeer: Fair enough!  Thanks for letting me know.

fronkhead: Does the Batmobile really feel forced or shoe-horned in? Seen a few reviews mention that, but another friend of mine said it adds a lot to the game.

Balladeer: "Admintendo 10: We All Want To Know About The Batmobile"

fronkhead: Batmintendobile (That was awful, I'm so sorry)

Balladeer: Sad

Treesmurf: I felt that it may be that way when I first started, but before long it throws you in situations where you have to do without it as well so you can't just plough through in a big tank/car. I still find myself gliding across the city more than driving, but that's more so I can see more of what is happening rather than the Batmobile being no fun to use.

The transition between mobile and non mobile sections is rather seamless though.

ZeroJones: It sounds to me like it's another option - another piece of kit in Batman's arsenal - rather than something essential.

fronkhead: Ah. That sounds pretty cool, like another tool in Batman's toolkit.

Heh, great minds.

ZeroJones: JINX!

Treesmurf: Don't get me wrong: you do need it for certain sections but it's not overused.

Balladeer: With the Batmintendo section (oh dear lord) over, any high points on GNamer this quarter, Smurf?

Treesmurf: I'm enjoying how well the article pieces are coming along with everyone's contributions (I really need to get back in to the swing of things with that): just goes to show what great opinions and views everyone on the forum has.

Balladeer: Almost everyone. Wink

Treesmurf: I feel I should have a dig at Journey again here, that really is terrible.

Balladeer: Andyman: Applause

ZeroJones: Journey: Not Most Excellent.

Balladeer: Fronklin D. Roosevelt, what about yourself?  What have been your games and forum features of spring?

fronkhead: Ah yes. I've been playing an hour or so of Splatoon a day, which is looking to be my game of the year at this rate. It's just so much fun to play and there's so much depth to it, despite what seems like a low amount of content on the surface.

I've also been (re)playing Yoshi's Island in a stand against Woolly World Razz

Oh, and like Zero Jones, I've been playing Geometry Wars 3 on my phone. It's a really good port, but I'd certainly agree that the touch controls aren't the best way to get the most out of it. They are "good enough" in most instances, but it just doesn't feel great to control, especially given the friction you get with thumbs-on-glass.

The forum? It's as great as ever, if not better thanks to the new members we've seen from our affiliation with SONM. I'm probably sounding like a broken record here, but our close-knit community continues to set GNamer apart -- we all read each others' posts and write intelligent responses. Other, much larger, communities don't have that!

“Off-air chat”:

Balladeer: Oh go on then, talk about how much you loathe YWW. Rolling Eyes

fronkhead: Heh, Woolly World is a game that's hard to hate, but I just wish Nintendo would leave Yoshi alone. It looks like a fine game, but I can't accept how Nintendo keeps making Yoshi's Island sequels Razz

ZeroJones: The original YI is such a fine piece of software and the developers Nintendo give the dino dude to just can't match it in any way, it seems. I've not played Woolly yet but I'm gagging to give it a go and play as Pitoshi!

Balladeer: Well, I'll defend YWW a bit in my own segment - coming up... now!

fronkhead: Hehe. I'm sure Good-Feel have blown Artoon/Arzest out the water!

ZeroJones: Arsest, more like!

fronkhead: Laughing

Balladeer: What have I been playing, then?  SM64, mostly.  I almost didn't want to touch it, for fear that it would spoil my memories of The Greatest Game Ever.  It hasn't spoiled the memories, but… it's not The Greatest Game Ever any more. Sad I'll probably do a Gintendo piece on it at some point.

fronkhead: (Resisting urge to shout OBJECTION before Balladeer's piece even goes up)

Balladeer: Don't get me wrong, I still love it.  The level design still blows away anything since (yes, including Galaxy's).  But that camera… urgh. No

ZeroJones: Oddly, my opinion of it went up. It's not the disaster Young Zero thought it to be. Thumbs Up!

fronkhead: I never really appreciated SM64 until I grew older -- I always preferred Banjo Kazooie to it when I was a wee lad.

Balladeer: SHUN HIM!


Treesmurf: Damn, beaten to it.

fronkhead: Heh, SM64 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Banjo Kazooie Wink

Balladeer: Phew.

fronkhead: SM64 to me is still timeless, though I agree about the camera -- it's a bit awkward nowadays, especially the manual controls.

SM64 gets the right balance of traversal over collecting things, and the physics are still the best ever.

Balladeer: Moving away from that wonderful game (I was going to say beautiful, but… no), I've also played and loved the DLC for both MK8 and SSB4.  Wild Woods is a blinder of a track in the former, and of course I love the F-Zero ones.  In the latter, I'm really pleased to see Roy changed, it's nice to have old favourite Lucas back, and Ryu… is tricky to master (although his stage and its tunes are great).  

But my favourite is Mewtwo.  Most of the same moves, yet it feels completely different.  For one thing, it's actually good!

Then I've tried numerous things that I haven't clicked with.  Azure Striker Gunvolt, Boxboy, Kirby & Gromitt…  None have clicked with me.  Until Yoshi's Woolly World.

fronkhead: I thought BOX BOY would be your thing.

Balladeer: I don't know why it didn't work.  Perhaps I never gave it a chance - I didn't get into the later levels, where the idea apparently blossoms.  I just found it rather "by the numbers (of boxes)".

ZeroJones: It was 8-3 before I decided Boxboy was brilliant.

Treesmurf: I've not downloaded it yet but I'm already confident I'll love it.

fronkhead: It's a bit of a slow burner I suppose. For me, the novelty of the box-y mechanics drove me through the first few worlds (like Zero said, it didn't really pick up and become brilliant until world 8 or so).

Balladeer: Maybe I'll give it another chance sooner or later, but I'm not sure I have enough bus trips to get all the way to 8-3 without passing out from sheer boredom.

fronkhead: I'll probably cave in and buy Yoshi's WW at some point -- I'm really just resisting it on principle here, despite it being an evidently good game.

Balladeer: It's bloody adorable, and I'm not just talking about the best amiibo on the market.  YWW is the best looking game on the Wii U, I'd say.  The exploratory platforming's as good as most games I've played.  And that's not including the ability to play through it with a cow Yoshi, a Wii U-branded Yoshi, or Ganoshi…  I'm loving it.

On the forum, I've really enjoyed the cr@p reviews going up in Cappa's thread.  Channelling the old NGamer spirit nicely.  I've enjoyed the Meet the Admin. Team questions lots too, and had some wonderful #bantz on Skype over E3.  

And I'd be remiss not to mention the affiliation project - hopefully those SONM-ers who think that they can handle the "words everywhere" will be worthy contributors to our little community. Smile I've already got twenty-something posts on theirs.  They're surprisingly apathetic about Nintendo for ONM's spiritual successor, though!

ZeroJones: Then we should provide a good dose of enthusiasm! I noticed a total lack of a Code Name S.T.E.A.M. thread...

Treesmurf: That's a travesty for a Nintendo forum, fix up SONM!

Balladeer: Thus our noble task is set!

Bits and Pieces

Balladeer: And that brings us more or less to the end of this quarter's Adminty.  Just about enough time for us to blaze through what we're all looking forward to next quarter.  In just a few sentences: Fronk?

fronkhead: Gladly. I'm looking forward to Super Mario Maker in September (aren't we all?), and a potential Rhythm Heaven announcement for the west, but otherwise I'll probably be catching up on games I've missed out on, like Codename S.T.E.A.M.

Forum-wise, I think we're in a good situation right now -- we're in a good rhythm threads-wise for new and existing games, and then blanket threads for genres/ideas and so on.

Balladeer: Next Zero?

ZeroJones: Weirdly, I'm looking forward to July's emptiness - I can catch up on backlog and blast through a few games. Super Mario Maker has already been mentioned, and the Nindies games, like Rive, Typoman, Freedom Planet and especially Runbow... if they make it in this quarter, natch!

The forum has had a real burst of posting in the last few weeks and I am very keen on this continuing! More cr@p games, please! Wink

Balladeer: And finally, Treesmurf!  See us (almost) off!

Treesmurf: Mario Maker for me too, and I'm ashamed to say any upcoming amiibo. I've really got the bug for them now. Must have all the yoshiibo!

Forum-wise much of the same, it's still a great corner of the Internet and long may it remain.

Balladeer: Amen to that!  I'm still hoping for another voting thread or something in the next quarter.  Games-wise, I'll have to finish off YWW ( Love ), and play some of the indies I'm far, FAR behind on.  I'm not that excited for SMM, but we'll see how it goes.  And of course, Project Excite SONM!  (Not a threequel to Excite Truck, sorry.)

And that brings us to the end of today's Admintendo!  As always, it's gone far over the hoped for time, but I certainly enjoyed doing this thing, as usual. Smile Thanks very much for taking part, gents!

ZeroJones: You're welcome - megafuns was had!

Treesmurf: Thanks for having me.

fronkhead: Yes! Nice measured chat, I enjoyed this.

Balladeer: And that's a wrap!  Join us (probably not most of us, though) next quarter for more banter about the games we didn't play over the barren summer months.  Cheery-bye!

ZeroJones: Au revoir!

fronkhead: Bye all!

Treesmurf: Ciao!

Have I Got A Bit More Admintendo For You

fronkhead: Hopefully I don't make an embarrassment of myself -- looking at previous Admintendos and they all seem to flow so naturally!

Treesmurf: Unnatural is my middle name.

Balladeer: There's a lot of Balla-touching-up that goes on behind the scenes.  

Not in that way.

fronkhead: :silent:

Treesmurf: If you accidentally typed one key to the right when typing "Balla" that sentence gets even worse.

Balladeer: I ought to change my picture.  Still got the moose.

fronkhead: The Moose is great.

Treesmurf: Moose are a win in my opinion.

Balladeer: Okay, the Moose stays.

Treesmurf: Must change my picture to something more current.

Balladeer: Like a goat.

Treesmurf: I don't have any goat pictures.

Objective added.

Balladeer: How long before I give Zero a text-nudge?

Treesmurf: Is he usually quite punctual to these?

Balladeer: I know he said he had a driving lesson.

Part of me thinks it would be quite funny for him to say "HOLD IT!" and burst in halfway through the Admintendo.

Treesmurf: You're just paving the way for all sorts of "objections" being thrown about when I disagree now.

Balladeer: I do hope so!

fronkhead: Wuh-oh, my indifference to Yoshi's Woolly World is sure to go down popular.

Balladeer: (hurls Yoshiibo at Fronkhead)

Treesmurf: I'm sure it'll go down better than my not playing it yet.

fronkhead: I'm tempted to get it just for that Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Sad  Must remain strong.

Balladeer: The Yoshiibo's amazing.  My mother spent a good five minutes nuzzling it.

fronkhead: D'awwwww.

I want one to put on my head.

Only it'll probably fall off easily.

ZeroJones: On!

Balladeer: YAAAAAAAY

ZeroJones: (lessons never end perfectly on time)

Balladeer: Don't worry, all of this stuff is perfectly usable in "Have I Got A Bit More Admintendo For You".  Nothing is wasted.
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The Next Koizumi

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 9:33

Well done guys

April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do 4b79d-sdcnm
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Golden Winged Strawberry

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 19:45

Great stuff chaps! That's probably been my favourite admintendo out of all of them
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The Next Miyamoto

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 20:48

I'm glad to see that ZJ has solved SONM's egregious lack of STEAM topic!

April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Moosedm2003_468x440
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The Next Koizumi

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 20:57

Lot's of there threads confuse me, I went to one and they were talking Sonic Smile but the thread title wasn't anything like that.
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Galactic Nova

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 21:02

I can't believe it's been two years since my appearance on Admintendo - time flies by, doesn't it?

Good E3 chat, gents! Very reasoned responses to a somewhat middling E3. Thumbs Up!
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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 21:18

@Balladeer wrote:
I'm glad to see that ZJ has solved SONM's egregious lack of STEAM topic!


Indeed! When I checked this morning, there were two replies - both respondents said they hadn't got the game, but wanted it. They should. Wink

I'd also like to add that I really enjoyed this one - brilliant and thoughtful chat. Thumbs Up!
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Crumpy Andy
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Crumpy Andy

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do EmptyTue 30 Jun 2015 - 21:24

Good stuff folks, definitely one of the better ones of late.
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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty
PostSubject: Re: April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do   April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do Empty

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April-June 2015 Quarterly Review: Admin10do
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