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 Kirby's rumour buffet!

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Kirby's rumour buffet!  - Page 23 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kirby's rumour buffet!    Kirby's rumour buffet!  - Page 23 EmptyWed 4 Nov 2020 - 21:36

Sounds legit!

@Buskalilly wrote:
I remember when I was trying to find my way to a party in London on very low battery and with no mobile data. My technique was to sneak into a series of betting shops, as they all have free wi-fi and unguarded plug sockets . . .

Aw, don't remind me... My most shameful moment in my current relationship was when The Lady was getting back late from a gig and I forgot I'd locked the door up with the latch and everything. She couldn't get in, I didn't wake up when she banged the door so hard she had to ice her wrist, her 'phone died so she couldn't call her mates, and she had to trawl the pubs and clubs of my area past midnight trying to find somewhere to charge her 'phone. It was at this point when I woke up, freaked out, called her dead 'phone (several times) and all her friends in a state, and eventually picked her up in tears from a pub she'd found that would let her charge it. She wasn't even that angry.

Sorry, totally using your anecdote for my own catharsis. Embarrassed You did better than she did! I'll pass on the betting shops advice for next time, after I've crawled out of the Shame Pit I'll have dug myself.
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Kirby's rumour buffet!
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