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 Summer Directs 2022

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PostSubject: Re: Summer Directs 2022   Summer Directs 2022 - Page 3 EmptySun 19 Jun 2022 - 11:51

Yeah I'm a bit of a hypocrite with two of the three remakes shown as I feel RE4 doesn't really need one as it still plays great, the story is fine for a res evil, and I feel the ONE/PS4 remaster looks good still then might have improvements if played on a Series/PS5. Yet I know peeps like CW who've only played remakes of 2&3 want 4, that I can see why.

Then on the other, I look at The Last of Part I, which I'm baffled why out this year and not 2023 for the 10th anniversary & HBO Show release. Yet I'm like yeah can improve character animations, gameplay, add in some story stuff makes sense to remake. Might also be down to the sort of game where highly story driven that better animations means can tell the story better etc.

Where System Shock is just old now.
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Summer Directs 2022
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