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 Multiple Multiplatform Matters

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Multiple Multiplatform Matters - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Multiple Multiplatform Matters   Multiple Multiplatform Matters - Page 6 EmptyTue 14 May 2019 - 10:10

I did get a game to review that has kept me from Nier Automata (Days Gone has gone right down the pecking order) and that's A Plague Tale Innocence which I thought inspired what would be a great piece in had a think about games but we would sooner talk about YouTubers.

Anyway on APTI itself and maybe putting more on APTI in the last game I finished thread today or tomorrow depending on when I get the last 7 chapters done. Is that I was right to feature it in two of my YouTube videos of games no one are talking about and looks great, as it has turned out to be really good so far.

I would even maybe go as far as saying it's my GOTY, FAR Lone Sails is the other contender which I'm a little iffy on as it was last year on PC.

I'm rather annoyed I didn't go for APTI over Days Gone in the Fantasy League, though.
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Multiple Multiplatform Matters
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