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 October-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles

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October-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles Empty
PostOctober-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles

JayMoyles: Greetings, people of GNamer. We did it - we've seen the end of the year that was 2016. It was a bit bonkers to say the least, but we're going to gloss over all the nasty IRL happenings and bring to you some chat about video games.

I'm joined as ever by my stalwart admin-in-arms, Mr. ZeroJones, and the mysterious masked luchador, Balladeer. Also, for what I believe to be the first time on Admintendo, we've only gone and roped in Jimbob for some chat! You can't say we're not kicking off 2017 in style. How are we all, chaps?

ZeroJones: I'm well! Bit thirsty, maybe.

Jimbob: I'm pretty good - in that nothing specifically terrible has happened personally to me in the last 34 hours.

Balladeer: I'm well!  Also, I'm definitely not Professor Kukui. Thumbs Up!

ZeroJones: Good to know!

JayMoyles: I understood that reference! Grin

Fun Times on the Forum

JayMoyles: Well, without any further ado, let's get this show on the road! I think we'll start off by having a look at the past few months on the forum. Any highlights for yourself, Balla?

Balladeer: There was the certain small matter of that trailer in November, and the discussion that followed...  Can't remember what it was about now.  Probably wasn't of much import, but it got us chatting a bit.

JayMoyles: Hmm... nope, not coming to me. Wink

Jimbob: Was that really November? It seems so long ago now, thanks to the events of the last month.

JayMoyles: It was actually late October, funnily enough.

ZeroJones: Weird!

Balladeer: Wow, my memory's even worse than I thought! Duh!

I've also really enjoyed the discourse around the new Pokégames.  It stands to reason that when we get a big Ninty console game (or pair thereof) the forum lights up a bit, but that doesn't mean it's not a pleasure to take part in.

JayMoyles: Yup, the Pokéchat has been a highlight for me. It's always good to see a game release thread hit double figures in its page count.

ZeroJones: Hell of a game too.

Jimbob: Exactly - I'm only a casual Pokéfan, and haven't as yet got Sun/Moon, but it's still been kinda heartwarming to read about it!

Balladeer: Get on it Jimbob!  Perhaps we shouldn't be talking about it here, but if you've not Poké-d in a while, S&M (we're over laughing at that now right?) are a grand place to restart.  So many positive tweaks to the formula.

Jimbob: Great! Theresa May's clamping down on that non-conventional stuff you know - I'm probably on a register now...

ZeroJones: Can only agree with that. There is a handful of things I wish would go away, but it's quite invigorating to play. They should have done it years ago.

Balladeer: First they came for the deviants, and I did not speak out...

JayMoyles: I can only second (or should that be third?) the Pokémon sentiment.  Thumbs Up!

Balladeer: And then there's been a good bit of Christmas chat, and Secret Santa (even if that particular event hasn't gone brilliantly for all of us Embarrassed ), and just generally more of the same! Grin

Enjoyed setting up the predictions thread too, and looking forward to sending my votes in for the Big Fat Vote Thread of the Year.

Jimbob: The Christmas thing is nice - again, I'm kind of an outsider here as I haven't directly got involved (I get super anxious about what to get people, and worry that they're thinking the same about what to get me) but there's always a great many "laffs" once the images come in.

JayMoyles: Secret Santa was a real treat this year, especially as my Santa was one of the Monster Mash lads so it was full of personalised little touches and in-jokes. I was genuinely laughing opening my gift on Christmas Day. It's a fine forum tradition. Smile

ZeroJones: I've realised I need to step my present-buying game up a bit. The stuff Cappa got for me was mind-blowing.

Balladeer: I think if Axis (barely attends the forum otherwise) can take part, Jim, your gifts would certainly not go unappreciated!  But it's up to you of course. Smile

JayMoyles: Any forum treats you'd like to bring up that haven't already been touched on, Zero or Jimmers?

Jimbob: The one other thing, apart from the above-mentioned highlights (and this sort-of-started in the previous quarter), is the NGamer 10th anniversary magazine re-reviews, hosted by Mr. Grant Jones. The trouble is, it's difficult fitting it all in. I have been reading the old issues so far - and it was great to finally see the first 2, but it's a shame there isn't an easy to make everything available. Isn't it, Future Publishing?

ZeroJones: Can only second that. I wish I had the time to crack through the issues, but...

Balladeer: Like Zero, I'd love to read those, but I found it wearing to browse through all the separate images of each page.  Incidentally the old family home is having a bit of a clear-out, so I may well have the real things sooner rather than later.

Jimbob: One thing that does become apparent: by about issue 5, a lot of the reviews are either "it doesn't make use of the Wii functionality very well" or "the Wii functionality feels tacked on". This time next year, this will have become "Can we just press buttons please?"

JayMoyles: I'm not even sure where my physical copies are hiding. I need to jump on board with the re-reading sessions in 2017 - I miss print media, and OPM is pretty bland compared to the writing smorgasbord that was NGamer.

Balladeer: I will defend Skyward Sword's motion controls to the death, but that was with Motion+ which should have been default from the start really.

ZeroJones: True, that game was very much enhanced by the sword swingin' action.

The only other thing I've got is Desert Island Games, which NintenDUCK started. It was fun to think about what I'd like to play if I only had three games on one console. FOR THE REST OF TIME!

JayMoyles: If you've got time, I wholeheartedly recommend the Final Games podcast. It's essentially Desert Island Games with games industry folks, including forumite and friend Matthew Castle.

Balladeer: So that's why we've not had any TRP for ages! DAMN YOU!

Jimbob: I do miss the Castle Sad

ZeroJones: Confession: I bought an OXM a few months ago just to read his writing again. Embarrassed

Balladeer: DAMN YOU!

Jimbob: Hey, people without Nintendo consoles bought N64 magazine - sometimes it's just nice to read about videogames, without all this console-specific nonsense. #allfriendshere

Balladeer: Fair enough!  Still boo though.

JayMoyles: Speaking of videogames...

ZeroJones: Wink

The Old Classic

JayMoyles: You can remain assured that in 2017 one thing will not be changing - the "what have you been playing" section will still turn up in some shape or form! So, would you like to kick us off, Jimbob?

Jimbob: Oh boy! Right, well: on a Nintendo front... not a load. This year I did enjoy Twilight Princess HD, but recently? I haven't got Color Splash, despite Zero's glowing write-up, and massive massive nostalgia pangs from The Thousand Year Door. And I've only just got Rhythm Heaven Megamix Paradise Thing. So actually, recently on the Wii U, it's been Virtual Console games.

I've got a massive backlog (oo-er!) It actually goes back to the Wii, as is proven by the fact that the games I have been playing (e.g. Star Tropics) have been in Wii mode.

It's going to get more difficult, as I think I've got Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger to go next, which means, thanks to Wii U's pad-only Wii mode, I'm going to have the Wii U GamePad on my lap (not used apart from screen), with a Wiimote (not used) and Classic Controller hanging out of that. This is why I get a bit uppity about Nintendo's previous generation of peripherals!

Balladeer: The Classic Controller was a bit of a misstep, aye.  Unlike the dancers in Rhythm Paradise Megamix! :zing:

Jimbob: NICE.

ZeroJones: Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger are lovely games. The former is shorter and - whisper it - more fun.

Balladeer: I never got on with CT.  Perhaps because of the interminable DS-version postgame, but the rest didn't seem that special to me.


Jimbob: I've somehow managed to miss them both out so far. Are they turn-based?

ZeroJones: SoM is action, CT is turn-based. I'm told the post-game stuff on DS CT is a shame, as it dilutes the original concept.

Jimbob: Oh and I've played Dark Souls III, natch.

ZeroJones: Is that turn-based? Razz

Balladeer: AND WE WERE DOING SO WELL Hissy fit

Jimbob: Both of those last sentences are good analogies for Dark Souls. As is anything anyone has written ever apparently.

JayMoyles: Going back to another of your picks there Jimbob - I've recently picked up Rhythm Paradise Megamix myself. I've swiftly realised I'm a bit naff at it, but it's oozing with charm and reminds me of WarioWare at its kookiest, which I'm fully behind.

I can't say it's what been dominating my time though - that honour falls to both Pokémon Sun and Final Fantasy XV. We've already touched on Sun, but I'll reiterate what was said earlier in singing its praises and recommending it to both first-time trainers and the Pokémon Masters amongst us.

I'll drop a similar recommendation on FFXV. If you've never played a Final Fantasy game before, this is a wonderful place to start. Turn-based slogs have been turfed out for a frenetic action-RPG style of fighting. It's brilliant fun zipping about the battlefield and cutting up dudes.

The reason I've really enjoyed it though is because it feels so different to any other RPG. The most fun I've had with FFXV is when I've been coasting about in the car with my three bros, going on camping trips and taking selfies. It's just so goddamn charming, and the main quartet are a lot of fun to hang out with. The game is probably at its worst when it delves back into traditional RPG "the world is going to end oh no" nonsense. So yeah, a thumbs up from me!

Balladeer: I hear from fans of 'traditional' FFs that the story is bobbins though?

JayMoyles: Mmmm, yes and no. The latter half of the story is noticeably rushed, but the main theme of the story is brotherhood. If you ignore the overwrought world-ending stuff, there's a really touching tale in there. There's a mid credits scene that made me well up, so there's definitely some good stuff in there.

Balladeer: I too have been enjoying RPM!  Although I'm sad about the lack of new minigames, there are some corkers in there.  The DS version's games are noticeably the worst though - LOOKING AT YOU DANCING FROGS. Hissy fit

JayMoyles: I noticed a drop in quality with the DS offerings myself. It's all new to me though, so I'm still enjoying it!

Balladeer: Also a shout out to, and indeed at, Lock Step.

Then recently I've got onto Picross 3D 2, which is bloody addictive.  It's a return to form for Picross on Nintendo machines after the soulless Picross e games.  That said, the models you end up with are charming, but I miss the animations from the prequel. Aww!

And finally Pokémon Moon which everybody's already said everything about, including me.  Reminder to check out our hopefully three-person Pokémon music feature!

ZeroJones: Looking forward to it!

Balladeer: I think it just remains for you to say what you've been playing Zero!

JayMoyles: Indeed, over to you sir!

ZeroJones: I have been playing Dragon Quest VII on and off and am just about into it... now. Embarrassed Then PSun, which we've all already chatted about, but it is so good. Thirdly, Paper Mario: Color Splash has made the long dark nights happier with its madcap zaniness. My GOTY, my precious GOTY. December was filled with Picross e7 - how I longed for it to be over - and a day of Shantae: Half Genie Hero, which was pretty nice.

Balladeer: I've got a bit to say about some of those games soon. Twisted Evil


JayMoyles: A lot of RPG goodness this time - sorry Cappa. Razz

Balladeer: I am all about the controversy today!

JayMoyles: Speaking of controversy...

Balladeer: Pro-level segue Moyles. Thumbs Up!

Smell ya later, 2016

JayMoyles: 2016, as alluded to earlier, was a mental year IRL, but fortunately the world of video games remained relatively unscathed from 2016's wrath. That's not to say there weren't a few games that disappointed us this year, and we're going to put the boot into them on Admintendo. Kick us off, Zero!

ZeroJones: I have a quartet, most of which are only mild. The first one, though, is Star Ghost. I got it because it sounded weird and experimental: a horizontal shmup with controls like the barrels in DKCR. Unfortunately it's a bit empty and bizarre for its own sake. Secondly, BoxBoxBoy!. I wouldn't have mentioned it without the trailer for its sequel, which shows more inventiveness than BBB! in any random two seconds of its footage. Sad, really. Third on the list is Shantae: Half Genie Hero. Super mild disappointment, this one, because the gameplay, art and music have never been better, but there's not enough game. Hopefully the extra characters that are coming will flesh it out a bit more. Finally from me, Bravely Second. I expect no reaction from Balla for this, btw. Wink Another fairly mild disappointment but the game only had one major improvement over Bravely Default and had outstayed its welcome in my 3DS disk slot by several hours by the end.

JayMoyles: *braces for Balla impact*

Balladeer: REACTION!  The major improvement was the thing the first game got wrong - viz. the entire second half.  If that's not enough to make the sequel superior, I don't know what is. Naughty

ZeroJones: I was talking about the repeat battle thing. I should maybe have said 'gameplay improvement'.

Balladeer: But I have one hell of a counterattack planned, so...

JayMoyles: Unleash your riposte, Balla - he's open!

Jimbob: Ooh - it's like Nidhogg this - or, I suppose, fencing.

Balladeer: Right, I'll start off with something Zero didn't mention - appropriately enough, that's Star Fox Zero.  How excited were we all for the new Star Fox game?  How disappointed was I when the controls turned out to be utter tripe, worse than (almost) any shoe-horned-in Wiimote usage last generation?  Massively.  I gave up after my fourth or so attempt at the desert boss. That is, hands, feet and paws down, my most disappointing game that I've played this year.

Jimbob: That was going to be my one...

JayMoyles: What were your Star Fox gripes, Jimmers?

Jimbob: I was going to second your control gripes. I love you Shigsy, but in real life, a pilot doesn't gain altitude by lifting the entire cockpit above his head. It's not actually any more immersive. However, I just ignored it and used the analogue controls, playing slightly handicapped. Same deal with Okami on the Wii - the primary attack was a remote swish, and the secondary attack was Z. So I basically completed the game using secondary attacks.

However, the two screen stuff is just a pain in the arse. I just used the telly unless absolutely necessary; again, handicapping myself to have to work out how to line up the shots.
I gave up when I lost my last life at the end of the last boss.

It might just be however, that, actually, I don't like Shmups as much as I thought Sad

Balladeer: I really liked Lylat Wars, so I don't think that's this game's problem!

BUT SF0 is not my most disappointing game of the year!  Wink

JayMoyles: Here comes the riposte...?

Balladeer: That would have to be Paper Mario: Colour Splash.  I'll put that 'u' in if I want to, thank you.  

To be fair to Zero, he's done a grand job of trying to defend the game.  All for naught as far as I'm concerned.  The news that the combat, that principal (one might say 'only') gameplay mechanic of a JRPG, is still largely pointless upsets me greatly.  The apparently humorous dialogue?  Rendered useless from my point of view, due to the banal characters they've restricted themselves to.  Where are the X-Nauts, the Koopa Bros., Count Bleck, Dimention, Fawful?  Where are the interesting characters?  In the skip with partners and a continuous overworld, that's where.

Basically the Paper Mario series is dead to me, unless it brings back either levelling-up, or new characters.  Basically basically, I want TTYD2.

Also DQVII put me off by having a start slower than Slowpoke holding an Iron Ball, and the Picross e series continues to disappoint me by its lack of improvements.  Those were the other two I was going to pick out.  

Sorry Zero! Aww!

ZeroJones: You'd better be! DAMN YOU! I've already spoken at length about PM:CS: I found it funny enough and yes, the combat is a bit crappy pretty much throughout... but you can have partners fight with you, if you play your cards right, and the lack of character diversity didn't bother me.

Jimbob: Slight digression before you beat each other up: How did everyone feel about Super Paper Mario on the Wii?

Balladeer: Better than Sticker Star (that'll be them new characters), worse than TTYD or the original (that'll be them acres of empty space when you turned the world sideways on too many levels).

ZeroJones: Slightly disappointed. Except for two worlds, it didn't use its big gameplay mechanic, the viewpoint shifting, to anything like its potential.

JayMoyles: I liked it a lot, but it was my first Paper Mario so I didn't have to adjust moving from its traditional RPG roots to the platforming RPG mash-up that was SPM.

Balladeer: Also we'd never beat each other up, we're far too gentlemanly for that!  It's pistols at dawn or agreeing to disagree, nothing in between.

ZeroJones: I've had a new sword made. That's how true gentlemen fight. *tips top hat*

Jimbob: Quite so!

I like SPM a lot, but that's because I don't actually like turn-based RPGs - but I definitely agree with you not using the mechanic as well as it could. The story and characters were great though - I miss adventure games that could be "a bit of a laff".

JayMoyles: Any other disappointing games you'd like to chat about, Jimbob?

Jimbob: Nah, that's it from me. I only played about half a dozen games that came out in 2016, and most of them were alright. I was even prepared to dump on The Last Guardian, but, despite its flaws, it's mighty impressive.

Balladeer: Any from yourself Jayseph, before we move on?

JayMoyles: For me, Nintendo's treated me right this year. It's been two PS4 console exclusives that have disappointed me. The first, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, is No Man's Sky. I'm ashamed to say that I bought into the hype. I enjoyed the first hour and a half to an extent, but once I realised that was all the game had to offer, I was pretty crushed. Also, my starting planet was a grey toxic wasteland, so that was a bit shit.

Street Fighter V was my second disappointment of this year. I bloody loved SFIV and played it for hundreds of hours with folks from the ol' NGamer Forum. SFV could have been more of the same, but it launched with a host of server issues and without a lot of actual game to play outside of online battling. I can't fathom how a fighting game could launch without an Arcade Mode at the very least. I hear it's now looking a bit better, but its launch left a sour taste in my mouth.

Jimbob: Hmmm... having been through Spore, I think I could see what was going to happen with No Man's Sky. Quantity <> Quality

Balladeer: I'd forgotten about NMS, which says it all really.  Having not played it, I'm in a position to laugh at it; but I feel sorry for those poor blighters who spent money on it, and even more sorry for those who spent thirty-plus hours of their lives hoping something more interesting was around the corner.

JayMoyles: I looked up the ending. Blood-boiling stuff.

Balladeer: Laughing Laughing Laughing

That is all.

Jimbob: Was it "Poochie died on the way to his home planet"?

Balladeer: Nope, he's still around to help Yoshi and be adorable. Wink

Jimbob: Oh yeah - aww! Smile

JayMoyles: It was footage of Sean Murray crying softly at mean tweets, wiping his eyes with the millions he's made.

ZeroJones: Have they broken their silence on the game yet?

JayMoyles: Well, funnily enough, the first thing they publicly said after launch was responding to somebody hacking their Twitter and posting "NO MANS SKY WAS A MISTAKE" or something along those lines. Since then, they've dropped a content update with some base building mechanics introduced, but they're not roping me back in. The core gameplay loop of "mine, fly, explore for materials repeat" is flawed and deathly dull.

ZeroJones: Poor effort. The hype was out of control, though.

Balladeer: Sony didn't help there.  But neither did Hello Games.

Balladeer: Speaking of hello, and indeed games...  (My turn to segue!)

JayMoyles: Wahey!

Balladeer: Thank you for letting me be a part of this. Dance

Jimbob: October-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles Giphy

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

JayMoyles: It's not all doom and gloom though - there's plenty to look forward to in 2017, both on the forum and in the wider gaming world at large. Anything in particular you're excited for, Jimbobbers?

Jimbob: Well, Yooka-Laylee should be good (I've actually played a demo and have first-hand experience for the first time ever). I played Donkey Kong 64 in between that and now, so it can only be better than that s*** sandwich.

But I'll gloss over the two big things for now: the grey and black Elephant in the Room, and That Other Game People Quite Like.

Actually, as I digressed myself, I've underplayed how much I'm looking forward to Yooka-Laylee. Every game I've played this year has been pretty much misery-apocalypse. It's a bit too "close to home" now, so I'm looking forward to this adventure so very much.

Balladeer: Thanks for mentioning YL, I'd have forgotten it amidst the hype about Those Two Things.  But it does look 'da bomb', doesn't it?  Sounds it too!  Wise and Kirkhope, a match made in heaven. Love

I just hope it makes it to The First Thing sooner rather than later...

ZeroJones: I'm still a bit upset that it's not coming to the Wii U - awaiting more concrete details about it arriving on the grey and black Elephant in the Room.

Jimbob: I think it will.

ZeroJones: It would make a lot of sense to head to what I'm thinking of as its spiritual home, natch, but... detail me, Playtonic!

JayMoyles: I'm going to let the elephant loose - I'm absolutely buzzing for the Switch. I've not been this excited about gaming in a long long time, and I'm going to buy into the hype and pick up one on launch. I'm looking forward for the details to come later this month, but I doubt it'll boost my hype levels any higher than they already are. Coinciding with that, I'm fairly certain Breath of the Wild will be GOTY next year, if I'm making predictions.

Balladeer: (trumpeting noises)

Sorry - (*****eting noises)

ZeroJones: STAMPEDE! I'm naturally cautious as I bought into the Wii U hype, and also because I won't let myself get one on launch. We've talked about looking into it after the honeymoon, so we can see where our finances are. My top priority after the honeymoon is actually new glasses. Embarrassed

At least then I should be able to see all the Switch-tastic goodness properly... the coating is coming off my current glasses, which are at least five years old. Hilarious digression ends!

Jimbob: Oh boy - yeah, do that!

Balladeer: I have a long Swishlist, so I'll let everyone else give any final thoughts on other stuff they're excited for in 2017 before I launch in?

JayMoyles: Well, from a forum standpoint, I'm hyped for the second Meetup. The first was a rip-roaring success, so more of that, please. From a Nontendo perspective, I'm still looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn, and I'm hopeful about Mass Effect Andromeda.

Jimbob: I would like them to change the name of Horizon Zero Dawn quite a lot.

JayMoyles: *braces for some Jurassic Snark*

Jimbob: October-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles Giphy


ZeroJones: Further news about Lady Layton and Inazuma Eleven Ares would do me fine, as well as the 3DS sports game and Ever Oasis. There's actually some good stuff awaiting the 3DS...

Balladeer: Right.  Regarding the machine itself, I'm still a little disappointed.  It's great for me, as someone who's rarely in one place during the week, but I can't help wishing for something comparable specs-wise to the BBoPs for maximum third party support and port-ness.  I also want to hear about the battery life.  

But I'm still really excited for it, and will get one at launch to join in the launch-day hype. Grin

JayMoyles: I'm fairly chuffed that they seem to be porting a lot of the Wii U's greatest hits - it's a shame for Wii U owners, but for non-adopters like myself, it's a dream come true.

ZeroJones: I'm assuming the MK8 DLC will be included in MK8 Switch, which will be a bit of a slap in the face for those of us who bought it. Then again, we've had months and months to play it, so...

Jimbob: I'd suspect so - there's already more to the game from the initial (albeit pre-anything) screenshots.

Balladeer: Gamewise:

  • I want BotW to just keep doing what it's doing.
  • I want Super Mario Switch to bring 64's free-roaming style into the modern day, and be amazeballs.
  • I want both of those rumoured UbiSoft games to be actually happening, and for the one at launch to be as madcap as it sounds.
  • I want MK8+ to be what it sounds like, pretty much; and SSB4+ to appear and be similar.
  • I want SSB5 down the line.
  • I want it to be Spal2n, not just an update.
  • I want lots of GC games on the VC.
  • I want Skyrim and The Game I Shall Not Name on the go.
  • I want Metroid and Star Fox and F-Zero and TWEWY and Mother and everything...

Not much to ask! Very Happy

Jimbob: You will get... Miitomo 2.

Balladeer: Probably. Sulk Nintendo need to realise that Miiverse >>> Miitomo.

ZeroJones: Miiverse is a bit dead at the moment, which is a shame - it's as great as it ever was.

That... wow. Whilst I share all those wishes, I would settle for half of it. Non-negotiable, though: GC VC. It's well past time for that.

Balladeer: Zero, I'm not sure I agree with you that it's a lot!  Apart from the last point, which is drifting in to wishful thinking, it all seems to be in the realms of possibility. Which of course means it becomes expectation...

Jimbob: My 'Cube's disc-reader is a bit poorly.

JayMoyles: Portable Melee... :O

Balladeer: I'd never play portable SSBM, it's been utterly superseded IMHUAOWO.  Portable TTYD, now...

Jimbob: In an ideal world... just bung Tetris and Bomberman on the drive when it comes.

ZeroJones: Jimbob, you have hit the nail on the head so expertly that no-one will be able to crowbar that point free.

Balladeer: I don't like Tetris much, Meteos was much better.

Jimbob: I think it'll all happen eventually. Except F-Zero.

JayMoyles: Poor Captain Falcon.

JayMoyles: He's basically just a Smash Bros. character now, right?

ZeroJones: Captain Falcon the Smash Bros chara-oh. Beat me to it.

Jimbob: Yeah - they should just put him in Mario Kart now.

JayMoyles: FALCOOOOON PPPPunch it into third gear

Jimbob: Going back to an earlier point you made: I am also a bit concerned about the specs rumours being all over the shop; I assume it's got to be half-decent otherwise no-one's going to port anything at all. That Skyrim bit can't just be a promo thing, surely?

Jimbob: And you guys could play Dark Souls. You don't want to play Dark Souls on the bus...

Balladeer: Skyrim is last gen. though, I don't know how stressful it is on the processors.

Jimbob: I sorta-hoped we were getting the shiny new version.

ZeroJones: It must be closer to the current BBoP's but I don't think it'll be in proper competition. I'm interested in how the upscaling will work from handheld to homeheld (there's something I never thought I'd say).

Balladeer: I think we are, but that's just a graphical upgrade, I thought?

JayMoyles: I've heard rumours that this is the Special Edition that was ported to the BBoPs.

Balladeer: And despite all my complaints, I do want to play DS!  If only so I can confirm that it's crap and y'all have been making a fuss about nothing. Tongue

I have it for my PS3, but would be more likely to play it on a handheld.

Jimbob: It's probably the last game that I hadn't bothered with, but was convinced by someone else to try, and liked.

Balladeer: Also I'm looking forward to the GNamer Meet Up and the GNamer Awards and the inevitable uptick in posts (and hopefully members???) when the Switch comes to town. Grin

JayMoyles: Yes to all of that!

Farewell, for now!

JayMoyles: And on that promising bombshell, shall we call it a year, chaps?

Balladeer: What a good idea!  My broccoli is getting cold.

ZeroJones: Can only agree with Balla, Jay and, so he's not left out, the next thing that Jimbob says. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility...

Jimbob: Walking simulators are for jerks.

Balladeer: Controversial there, Zero!

Jimbob: Haha - I've just put you in an awkward situation there.

ZeroJones: Mas is going to kill me/you!

Jimbob: That's not really my opinion - I do have a "side opinion", but that's for another time. Here's to surviving this year somehow, guys.

ZeroJones: Aye. Rough ride it was, at times.

Balladeer: Don't worry Jimbob, Trump's going to make America great again this year!  What could possibly go wrong?

JayMoyles: Well, in 2016, it felt like everybody had gone to the rapture, but 2017 is looking up. Now we should have all gone home already, so it's a goodbye from me! We'll see you back on the forum. Smile

ZeroJones: The growing pit of tension at the base of my gut says nothing at all can go wrong! Grin

Jimbob: That's The Stanley Parable I'm talking about (wait that doesn't work)

ZeroJones: Goodbye, y'all!

Balladeer: Much like China in a Trump presidency, it's been a blast.  Thanks for having me!

Jimbob: Thanks for letting me be part of this adventure, while the world still exists. Goodbye all!

JayMoyles: ~Fin~
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October-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles :: Comments

Good read guys
I have to ask balla & Jim something about SF zero, did you's mainly use the tv view for aiming/shooting? As I found it all clicked into place for me when I focused more on the cockpit view of the gamepad. (also that view can be switched to the tv if need be.)

Good admintendo though. Thumbs Up!
I always had my main focus on the Gamepad. In that particular desert boss, I didn't find it helped. That or anything else.

That was fun! Nice to have Jim Jimminy Jimbob with us too, a new Admintendo-er. Smile
Aw, thanks Embarrassed
And yeah Jas, I probably didn't help myself by only using the TV screen; I just assumed it'd be the "prettier" one. My grump-senses tell me that, although having 2 screens is all well and good, if most of the time one of the two screens isn't useful to playing the game - and at any time the useful one switches - this is probably a gimmick too far.
Anyway, bit negative that, sorry. Nice to have a consolidated chat about the vidjagames.
Hey we should do an Admintendo with all the regulars in...
I didn't want to counter about Star Fox Zero during the Admintendo because its battle has already been definitively lost: more jelly prosthetic legs have been sold than copies of SF0. As soon as you have a divisive control scheme, you may as well not bother. No

That said, I found it best when looking at one screen for long stretches. It then became a matter of deciding which one to stick with, so I'd risk the odd glance at the GamePad in a quiet-ish moment to check.

Final boss of Star Fox Zero:
Reiterating that it was cracking having Jimbob on - no idea how it's taken us this long to have you on!
Oh, absolutely! A pleasure that outdid my expectations. Grin
Zero: castle going to OXM was one of the reasons I veered towards XBOX! Since then I've been buying them all, but now Castle, Skrebles and Grey have all moved on I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription. I'll finally be done with print games media Sad

Overall, another good admintendo
Balladeer wrote:
I always had my main focus on the Gamepad.  In that particular desert boss, I didn't find it helped.  That or anything else.

That was fun!  Nice to have Jim Jimminy Jimbob with us too, a new Admintendo-er. Smile

Jimbob wrote:
Aw, thanks Embarrassed
And yeah Jas, I probably didn't help myself by only using the TV screen; I just assumed it'd be the "prettier" one. My grump-senses tell me that, although having 2 screens is all well and good, if most of the time one of the two screens isn't useful to playing the game - and at any time the useful one switches - this is probably a gimmick too far.
Anyway, bit negative that, sorry. Nice to have a consolidated chat about the vidjagames.
Hey we should do an Admintendo with all the regulars in...

Nah no need to say sorry as you're entitled to your opinion, I just genuinely wondered if the folk who didnt get on with SF0's controls were maybe overcomplicating it for themselves but that doesnt seem to be the case with the both of you.
Drunkalilly wrote:
Zero: castle going to OXM was one of the reasons I veered towards XBOX! Since then I've been buying them all, but now Castle, Skrebles and Grey have all moved on I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription. I'll finally be done with print games media Sad

Overall, another good admintendo

Chris Scullion seems to be doing quite a bit in OPM, his GTR piece was great.
Wait a minute - going back to the original Admintendo text... Balla, when you wrote Lock Step, is that Flock Step? I love Flock Step! It's fun, the music is (still) uplifting, and it feels kind-a important to be helping so many of your cartoon bird friends on their migratory path.
Jimbob wrote:
Wait a minute - going back to the original Admintendo text... Balla, when you wrote Lock Step, is that Flock Step? I love Flock Step! It's fun, the music is (still) uplifting, and it feels kind-a important to be helping so many of your cartoon bird friends on their migratory path.

Just seen this.  No sir!  Flock Step is grand.  I meant Lockstep, which is painful hell. But at the same time, I now can't hear Megalovania without attaching the 'Hi! Hi! Hi! Ha-ho!' to the beginning...
Oh! Whoops. I apologise - I am a noob.

October-December 2016 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XVI - We're Running Out of Subtitles

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