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 October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 7:50

JayMoyles: Hello! It's a new year and it's time for a new Admintendo! 2018 is sure to bring us plenty of delights but before that, we'll ruminate on some of the good times that 2017 brought us. Then, we'll look ahead. But until that - let's meet the gang on this edition. I'm, as always, joined by my partner in crime, Mr. ZeroJones! Hello there squire!

ZeroJones: Zero... has been resurrected...

By which I mean, "Hello to y'all!", of course. Winky Face

JayMoyles: And the "y'all" you're referring to is GNamer's resident gruesome twosome... the artist formerly known as Andyman the 949th and YouTube sensation Masofdas! Say hello lads!

Crumpy Andy: hello lads.

masofdas: Hello lads.

Damn you Andy.

JayMoyles: And the gruesome twosome moniker is proven true. Winky Face

Let's do it to it then boys!

Let's kick off with some of your favourite forum moments from 2017. As the forum's most prolific lurker Andy, why don't you highlight some of your, erm, highlights?

Crumpy Andy: My personal highlight would be some of the art drawn this year. I seem to remember Luke doing some fantastic fan art earlier in the year, particularly the Zelda stuff.

The relaunch of the podcast has also been great, happy to hear some more regular audio content with a nice new twist.

masofdas: The VS Podcast so far was top notch, hope to hear another soon of that.

JayMoyles: Speaking selfishly, I've enjoyed making it with you guys! It's been one of my highlights of this year too and I've got some quality content in the oven (including a Versus Mode) for you soon.

masfodas: Excellent.

JayMoyles: What about yourself then Mas?

masofdas: I always like a good list and what better way then the Wii U vote, even if someone took a while with the results. I wonder if he was echoing Nintendo.

ZeroJones: The Wii U Vote was a good way to get that machine out of the forum's hair. Thumbs Up!

JayMoyles: I did enjoy observing the Wii U vote from afar, although like I said in the thread I'm pretty comfortable with my lack of a Wii U now, especially considering the number of Wii U to Switch ports we're getting. Bring me XCX and Tokyo Mirage Sessions and we'll be set.

ZeroJones: TMS deserves to get to a wider audience, I reckon.

masofdas: I really want TMS #FE on Switch, Atlus get on that after Catherine.

JayMoyles: I love a bit of Persona, so I know it'll be right up my alley.

Anything you'd like to highlight from the forum, Zero?

ZeroJones: The meet-up was a great time, again. I haven't laughed that much in a good long time. This year's one - which we should probably start organising, oops! - is sure to be filled with amazing gaming, courtesy of our lovely Switches.

JayMoyles: Ah, we should get on that... loved the meetup this year, even it led to the biggest moment of hubris in my life during a 1-2 Switch showdown with your good self, Zero.

ZeroJones: No comment... Grin

JayMoyles: Sad

Any other highlights lads, or are we moving this train onwards?

ZeroJones: Destination: next station!

Whatchoo Been Playing, Willis?!

JayMoyles: So, it's time to go to the well once again with everybody's favourite - it's what we've been playing over the last few months! Let's go to the king of completion himself, Masofdas, to get us started.

masofdas: Where do you want me to start with Nintendo stuff or Nontendo?

JayMoyles: Whatever you choose, young Padawan.

masofdas: I'll go Nintendo which was only Switch as I've put my 3DS to rest, and it has been a grand 3 months with one of the best eShop titles SteamWorld Dig 2 being the real standout especially for someone not big on metroidvanias.

ZeroJones: Love me a bit of SteamWorld Dig 2. It improved on the original in so many ways. It proved that Image & Form can do level design as well as procedural generation.

masofdas: I've never played the OG SteamWorld Dig or even Heist.

ZeroJones: I can recommend both. It's been interesting to see them go from Dig 1 to Heist to Dig 2 - it really shows them growing in confidence.

JayMoyles: Didn't you play SWD2 Andy?

Crumpy Andy: I did, I thought it was fantastic! Great new set of powerups, just a shame it was over so quick.

JayMoyles: What else have you been playing Mas?

masofdas: On Switch a few games I think Zero will want to talk about and others like Rime and Oxenfree (everyone should play it) which I think I've talked enough about already on the forum.

ZeroJones: And your Nontendo exploits?

masofdas: Loads as after I finished a certain Switch game, I went back to my backlog and took advantage of Game Pass for 99p.

Playing likes of Brothers: Tale of Two Sons which I put as my fave Xbox One game on that tweet going around.

JayMoyles: Brothers is a cracking game. I love the way that the controls blend with the storytelling. A lovely touching journey, that one. One you've played, Andy?

Crumpy Andy: I forgot the BIG EVENT in Brothers, so probably not one I can comment on too much...

JayMoyles: Ah. Fair enough then... don't know how on earth you could forget that but okay... moving on! Tell us about some games you do remember then, Mr. Crump.

*after five minute wait*

ZeroJones: (I remember waiting this long once before...)

JayMoyles: (the wall approaches, prepare yourselves)

Crumpy Andy: Where do we start? Played a lot of the big shooters over the last few months - It was great being back in the world of Destiny again this year, starting from scratch made it all feel new and exciting again.
CoD WW2 had a pretty decent single player, though the multiplayer wasn't working too well when I tried so it left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth.
Battlefront 2 really refined the gameplay of the reboot and made the shooting actually feel good, you can really tell this is a DICE game rather than just a Star Wars game, just a shame about the needlessly complex loot system.
Overwatch has been a mainstay throughout the year, seasonal events giving me plenty of reason to play on top of the fact it's just a lot of fun with friends.
Wolfenstein 2 was a great romp, but the gameplay just didn't quite feel up to par when surrounded by so many other great shooters.

JayMoyles: Overwatch with... friends? Insinuating a lot there, Ricey boy. Winky Face

masofdas: I had Destiny 2 on my list of played games, I thought it was okay. Played none of the rest, apart from Overwatch which I've even picked up on Xbox One and got decent with Moira, along with planning to watch some of the league starting soon. Come on you spitfires!

Crumpy Andy: Other games worth mentioning that probably won't get a nod - What Remains of Edith Finch was a nice spin on the "walking sim" with a lot of great unique stories.
Ever Oasis has been a bit of surprise hit for me, lovely dungeoning and town building.
Over Christmas I've tried out quite a few of the Jackbox games, Fibbage being a particular highlight and also dabbled in PlayStation's own attempt - That's You.
I've enjoyed South Park on 2 fronts - The Fractured But Whole came back and delivered a brilliant battle system with a slightly disappointing story and the mobile game, Phone Destroyer is a genuinely brilliant free to play Clash Royale alike.
Finally Assassin's Creed Origins was a fantastic entry into the series. I wasn't as fed up with the old template as much as others, but it felt fresh and exciting and the story was one of the best in years.

ZeroJones: Ever Oasis was proper good for the reasons you mentioned. Some of its dungeons could have featured in a Zelda game.

JayMoyles: Jackbox has been a real (Christmas) cracker in my house too. I think That's You paled in comparison to most of the Jackbox offerings, but it was still a fun one.

masofdas: Edith Finch was top notch and I've just started AC Origins which I'm holding judgement on at the moment.

JayMoyles: What about yourself then, Zero?

ZeroJones: I got time with Picross S, which was poor; Golf Story, which I liked a great deal; Thimbleweed Park, which I'm hatin' on; Cat Quest, which was limited but good fun; VS Super Mario Bros, which was as good as I expected it to be; FIFA 18, which I came round to after a few games; Super Mario Odyssey, which I think is one of the games mas said I would talk about ( Winky Face ); L.A. Noire, which is immense and would be my Game Of The Year if the Interview system were a bit clearer; Layton's Mystery Journey, which is a fine piece of software; and Pokémon Ultra Moon, which wasn't quite as fine a piece of software.

JayMoyles: I'm so chuffed you're into LA Noire. It felt like a proper Zero game and I'm glad it ended up being the case (no pun intended).

ZeroJones: The case! Arf.

JayMoyles: Press X to play bad cop with that pun.

Crumpy Andy: Oh yes, Golf Story and Cat Quest were both brilliant!

ZeroJones: Both Golf Story and Cat Quest succeeded, despite being incredibly repetitive. The puns in CQ were high quality and the script in Golf Story is worth the entrance fee on its own.

masofdas: You bring some up of the other games on my list Zero of what I played on Switch with like you say LA Noire being a top notch, FIFA not so much.

ZeroJones: I'm not well-equipped to join the FIFA conversation - '18 might be the first one I've meaningfully played in seventeen years. I liked it well enough but have yet to fully click with it. To add insult to injury, my brother had a game on my Switch in the pub and won 5-0. I'd only scored about three goals in four games at that point. Embarrassed

JayMoyles: It's one of those games that I'm glad is on Switch, but I've no desire to pick up myself.

ZeroJones: I wanted to support EA. I know they're horrid, awful, and smell of poo and wee and have no friends, but the presence of their games on systems sells those systems, so.... here we are!

JayMoyles: Shall I chat about some of my recent games, then?

Crumpy Andy: Naa.

ZeroJones: I think that would be a capital idea! A capital like Paris, or Buenos Aires.

JayMoyles: Well, alright. Moving on then... Sad

Nah, I'm not taking that from Ricey boy! Let's go.

*in seconds this appears*

JayMoyles: As for me, I played lots of Super Mario Odyssey - as did we all - and I'm still not satisfied with where I left off in that game. More to do! What an adventure though - the sheer scope of some of those bigger kingdoms was a sight to behold and I enjoyed the tighter design of the smaller kingdoms as well. Crazy to think that we had that AND Zelda in the same year. Since then, I've not played a huge amount - a fair bit of MHXX in November, some more Mario and a smattering of Overwatch here or there. I've recently started Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and I'll be chatting about that in the 3DS forum as I go along that massive journey. It's a damn fine game, but one I wish I'd played on a proper telly back on Wii. Finally, I've been battling my way (in a good way, honest) through Fire Emblem Warriors as of late. As I said on the forum, I wish the cast came from a more diverse group of games than the games they selected, but the actual fighing itself is a wonderful blend of Fire Emblem and Warriors. Tiki's a pile of trash though. Long live the Hero King Marth.

ZeroJones: (he had that typed out somewhere else and pasted it in!)

JayMoyles: (preparation. Man's gotta sleep tonight!)

ZeroJones: (sleep is for the weak, Apu!)

Crumpy Andy: I'm with you on Fire Emblem Warriors, I thought it lacked something compared to the diverse cast of Hyrule Warriors.

masofdas: You can understand why as people like me came into series with Awakening.

Crumpy Andy: Doesn't make it not a bad thing Winky Face

JayMoyles: Oh, totally. But throw us Path of Radiant Dawn folks a bone...

It feels like they purposefully withhold Ike to rope us suckers in.

ZeroJones: Nobody puts Ikey in a corner.

Crumpy Andy: I think the biggest issue there is it didn't even feel like it offered the variety the series has. The class system felt needlessly restricted.

JayMoyles: Yeah, it has scuppered things slightly, but I suppose that those restrictions needed to be there to give it that Fire Emblem feel. As a blend between Warriors and Fire Emblem, you can't fault it there.

But the fact that all the Pegasus Knights play identically is a bit crap. Sad

Crumpy Andy: But I'd say Warriors has more variety as a series, so many of the characters have entirely different weapons or combos and this is a series that can have about 100 odd characters, just felt a little restricted and unadventurous. Imagine playing as the Laguz!

JayMoyles: I mean, I'm with you in regards to the character variety. But I'm dead impressed by all the Fire Emblem mechanics bleeding pretty well into the Warriors formula.

Crumpy Andy: I'll give you that one!

ZeroJones: Odyssey was alright, too, I have to admit. Winky Face

Crumpy Andy: I liked the bit where Mario jumped and got a moon.

masofdas: That's a good bit.

ZeroJones: Or turned a corner and got a Moon.

JayMoyles: I liked the bit where Mario threw his cap at a frog and then he was the frog and went ribbit ribbit it's a me.

Crumpy Andy: Right, that's enough Mario chat.

So Monster Hunter, I've heard that's an awful game?

JayMoyles: Bogging this fine piece of textual content down.

I'm assuming we're all somewhat withholding chat about Mario as we'll be talking about it in depth (probably!) on the bumper GOTY GNamer Podcast. So on that note... shall we move on to the next station?

Crumpy Andy: Naa, just nothing to discuss, it's a game where everyone experiences the same things, all you can really do is point out good bits.

masofdas: Before we do can I just give a quick mention to a few games not brought up?

Crumpy Andy: What was missed Mas?

JayMoyles: ...make it quick, Mas. You have two minutes... your time starts.... NOW

masofdas: Xenoblade 2, I've played about 8hrs and seems better then the last two.

JayMoyles: insert Who Wants to Be a Millionaire tense music

Crumpy Andy: *Xenboblade

JayMoyles: Oh dear.

Clock's ticking...

masofdas: Hidden Agenda, thought it could be this year's Until Dawn; Horizon Zero Dawn finally got beaten and is fantastic; played the biggest game of the year PUBG as it now on console - it's odd.

Crumpy Andy: ding ding ding

masofdas: Life is Strange: Before the Storm which more should be talking about and just some odd things like D4, Hue, Refunct, Zoo Tycoon.

Crumpy Andy: I totally forgot LiS, that was a banger.

masofdas: That's about it really. Thought Xeno 2 needed a mention for Balla and so did PUBG as it's huge.

JayMoyles: I suppose this could all neatly tie into our next section which is...

ZeroJones: Customers joining us from WWBP are advised that a full ticket inspection is underway - have all your tickets and passes ready.

Some Good But Not Great Games That Were Released In 2017, God Bless

JayMoyles: Now, I know we've got a meaty podcast about our favourite games this year, but this might be a good chance for us to air some of our favourites that might not necessarily feature on the list or to start talking about our top five without spoiling the order.

I'll kick us off this time, but I'll avoid listing any games that do feature in my list. One of my honourable mentions will likely fall to Blaster Master Zero. This came out of leftfield in the early days of the Switch and surprised me with how much fun it was. I do enjoy a retro side-scroller and this was up there with some of the best I've played. The light Metroidvania elements were a good touch too. Secondly, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 also surprised me - it launched during the Septemberpocalypse in which I had a million other games to play but DBXV2 took up all of my time. It's absolutely going to be usurped by Dragon Ball FighterZ when that comes around, but I still had a rip-roaring time with DXV2. And finally... breaking news... MHXX is another honourable mention! Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the game now but the fact it took nearly 100 hours to get to the new content really didn't help matters for me. I wish I could have ported my MHGen save data. The language barrier has also been a bit of a pain considering I can't get my skills set up easily. But having fresh Monster Hunter content to play has been a real treat and the last twenty hours or so have been up there with anything else I've played this year.

ZeroJones: Very nice! I liked Blaster Master Zero well enough - heck, it's got my name in it, I have to show some affinity with it! - and am just waiting for a good time to get further in the Shantae playthrough I started a few days ago.

JayMoyles: I'll open the floor to yourself then, Zero, if there's any other treats from last year you'd like to highlight?

ZeroJones: The best game I played last year is actually barred from any GOTY2017 discussions, because it was released in 2013. It is... Deus Ex: Human Revolution, on the old Wii U.

JayMoyles: Brilliant. Laughing

ZeroJones: Once I'd got serious about how I was going to approach playing it, it was a dream. I didn't care for Stereotypical Gruff-Voiced Protag all that much, but the variability in how you could play the game blew me away.

Please remember I am a sheltered gamer, playing only on my underpowered Nintendo consoles, unable to experience big-ish open world adventures. Winky Face

JayMoyles: I've heard good things about Deus Ex, but it's not a series I've ever dived into. I'm sure Andy's played it though...?

masofdas: Doubt he's played the OG though.

Or Invisible War.

Crumpy Andy: I bloody love Deus Ex, it took me a couple of goes to get into it, but once it clicked it jumped up to one of my favourite stealth games/RPGs of all time. So many ways to tackle any situation, a great story and just a really cool world to be in. The sequel is also a banger.

Also wee off mas Winky Face [Editor's note: originally there was a harsher word in place of 'wee'; this has been lost to the Place Where Naughty Words Go To Die]

ZeroJones: There'll be none of that language in my classroom. Razz

JayMoyles: Edit that filth, Andy.

Crumpy Andy: Well ahead of you.

JayMoyles: Good man.

masofdas: To be honest I've not played the OG but have played IW.

JayMoyles: Your punishment alongside a lengthy detention is to tell us about your honourable mentions, Andy.

ZeroJones: Actually, we have to get in touch with his parents before we can issue any detention. 24 hours notice needed.

The More You Know

JayMoyles: Not in this establishment!

(But indeed, the more I know!)

ZeroJones: Maybe the new Education Secretary has changed things... #TopicalSatire

*time passes*

JayMoyles: (clearly young Rice is skipping detention at this rate)

ZeroJones: He's just doing his homework in class. That's... fine, I guess?

Crumpy Andy: The biggest honourable for me would be Yakuza Kiwami. It was great to finally experience the start of the series but it was a really well made remaster that polished it up to modern standards.
Fire Emblem Echoes also deserves a nod, it was nice to be playing a game from before the optional permadeath, where the game had to accommodate for the fact you might not have everyone you need. The dungeon travelling was a nice touch, though I don't think I'll miss it too much for the next game.
I was glad to have another Mass Effect game and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the Andromeda galaxy, I just wish everyone else felt the same!
Finally Uncharted The Lost Legacy was a lovely side story, just not new enough to beat out the competition.

JayMoyles: Oh, I'd totally forgotten about Fire Emblem Echoes! I agree with you on the dungeon crawling, but Mila's Turnwheel and the lack of marriage and child units made it a refreshing change. Now watch as Waifu Emblem on Switch shatters all that...

masofdas: I'm still yet to play a Yakuza but do own Zero, heard Kiwami felt like a PS2 game still and should just be missed.

Crumpy Andy: Well, whoever said that is wrong.

masofdas: Seen loads say it and go just buy Zero.

ZeroJones: I cannot be bought.

Crumpy Andy: You should play Zero first.

ZeroJones: I cannot be played!

Crumpy Andy: but it's an essential play after that.

masofdas: Hmm, see I know you've played a few of them and with 6 coming, I think I would be better just playing Zero and 6 which are both new games.

Crumpy Andy: I've played all but 2 now, that would be a terrible move.

JayMoyles: Close us out then, Mas!

masofdas: Well I can only play Zero, Kiwami or 6 on PS4; also you need to play Shenmue, Mr Rice. I can think of 3 games for mine that won't make my Top 5 and those are Resident Evil 7 in VR which is closer to what I want from the series and would be happy if RE8 is like that but sooner still have the classic formula. Then Pyre, which looks fantastic and plays just as well but the end of it goes on a bit too long and lets the game down. Last is Little Nightmares from Namco which is their sort of indie but not type game.

JayMoyles: I'm too much of a wuss to play Resi 7... No

Crumpy Andy: I tried 7 the other day and couldn't bring myself to turn around when I got into the house. Horrible. Bring back Resi 4-6!
I think Pyre is probably the studio's weakest game, couldn't bring myself to get through to the first ending, let alone the multiple playthroughs it sounds like it needs.
Little Nightmares was ok though, a little overrated I reckon.

JayMoyles: Any other thoughts on this part of our journey, gents? I can see the next station fast approaching...

masofdas: Survival Horror game scary, you'd have thought and least not generic 3rd person crap.

Pyre to the first ending would be 10/10 just the multiple playthroughs let it down.

ZeroJones: I hope that's not RE4 you're calling "generic 3rd person crap" - that's one of the best games I've ever played.

masofdas: It is and one of my all-time faves but spawned two utter crap games and RE7 had to come save the series

ZeroJones: Ah, d'you mean 5 and 6? I've never had the privilege.

Crumpy Andy: Resident Evil 5 is one of the most fun Co-op games you can play, just because you don't stick to an archaic formula, doesn't mean it isn't good.


masofdas: It is so generic though.

And not Res Evil at all.

Crumpy Andy: But at least it plays well.

JayMoyles: Oh look! It's the next station to save us from the Resident Evil on board the train! Let's a goooooo!

masofdas: It might but shouldn't have Res Evil on the box and like I said RE7 seems to have saved the series from DOOM.

Crumpy Andy: DOOM is very good.

ZeroJones: I believe the conductor has just said we are leaving this station?

Crumpy Andy: Throw him off the train then Winky Face

ZeroJones: Shocked! Shocked and appalled at the very suggestion!

JayMoyles: Tickets please!

masofdas: He should get off with his bad taste in games.

Crumpy Andy: I didn't think you'd want to be on the train, it's not a classic form of transport.

Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

JayMoyles: So, with 2018 here, what's the one thing you're looking forward to and one thing you'd like to see in the world of video games this year? A New Year's Wishlist of sorts, if you will. Kick us off, Mas!

masofdas: I got this feeling Death Stranding will come out in 2018 even if that sounds mad, as Kojima has said it's close to the editing stage if it was a film. We know Mark Cerny has played 6hrs at least and Shawn Layden saying he's never seen a game development move so quickly and if it does then that's my most wanted game. Then it's Left Alive which sounds like it might be Metal Gear Solid from Square Enix and as we were talking about it Resident Evil 2 Remake must be due.

JayMoyles: I count three things there... this rampant rule breaking! I do think we'll get Death Stranding sooner than we imagine but I still envisage that'll be in 2019.

Crumpy Andy: I don't remember talking about the Resi 2 remake?

masofdas: I was talking classic RE games and ReMake 2 is in the works and will be like the classic games and from my 3 games (sorry). I just want series or ideas from 20 years ago.

Well how long does it take to edit a film?

JayMoyles: Clearly many years, judging by Kojima!

Crumpy Andy: So bad things that have been phased out for a reason?

masofdas: I just want the big Japanese companies to be on top again and give me games I enjoyed playing. It's why the likes of things like Yooka-Laylee on Kickstarter and crash has done so well.

Crumpy Andy: Popular Japanese game - Yooka Laylee.

masofdas: You know what I mean, there are fans out there for older style of games.

I don't think two of my choices will play like old games though.

JayMoyles: What's your New Year's Wishlist then, Zero?

ZeroJones: I'm hoping that Kirby: Star Allies is a great little game. Usually love Kirby and it looks like it could be real fun.

JayMoyles: I forgot that's actually got a name now! Yeah, well up for a bit of Kirby. Smile

Like a nice hug. Comforting and warm.

ZeroJones: As for my wish for 2018, just for Nintendo to keep the momentum that they've earned for the Switch with a stellar 2017 going this year. Heaven knows how they're going to cross that bridge... with animals... or Pokémon...

masofdas: Kirby game, the Switch has peaked.

JayMoyles: I'll hear none of that towards my pal Kirby!

ZeroJones: The absolute cheek!

Crumpy Andy: Are you being sarcastic when you're sitting here wishing for games to return to the stone age?!

masofdas: I said two of them will play like modern games or close to them.

ZeroJones: I believe we call it the 'N64 era', Andy? Which might explain why you don't like it...

masofdas: I do like Kirby, just he normally gets games at the end of a system's life.

JayMoyles: Triple Deluxe was in the 3DS's heyday, no?

masofdas: Sure but didn't we just get a Kirby game on 3DS?

JayMoyles: Eh, Robobot was 2016. Unless you count one of the spin-off titles?

ZeroJones: Robobobobobot? Or one of the eShop ones? They are easy to make, it seems, but this is a proper full Kirby platformer.

masofdas: One came out like last month at retail.

JayMoyles: To distract you from further Resi chat Andy, what's your wishlist for 2018 in games?

Crumpy Andy: I'm looking forward to getting my own place and putting some games in it.
There's also a trio of games I'm currently looking forward to quite a lot in MH:World, Bayonetta and the incomparable Yakuza 6.

JayMoyles: I'm also well up for MH:World, natch, and Bayonetta too! I think Bayo's going to be well up my alley. And I really need to get around to the Yakuza series sometime...

Crumpy Andy: Yes, you do.

ZeroJones: Have you played a Bayonetta game before, Jay?

JayMoyles: +2 weeks to my return to Yakuza Winky Face

Besides some time with the demo on 360, nope! It'll be very fresh to me. Smile

masofdas: You've played DMC?

JayMoyles: Only DMC4, but I've heard that Bayo is the queen of the spectacle action genre.

Crumpy Andy: DMC is a Bayonetta game after all, that's why we all call it Bayo 0.

masofdas: Same style of gameplay and some of the same team.

JayMoyles: Shall I take us home then?

masofdas: I'm already home.

Crumpy Andy: Too much bants.

Too much.

ZeroJones: Terminus! Keep the train thing going!

masofdas: This train trip is going to cost a fortune.

Crumpy Andy: Not if it's anywhere other than the UK!

JayMoyles: As Andy's already brought up MH:World, I'll highlight how excited I am for Dragon Ball FighterZ. It just looks so good in motion. I hope it's reasonably simple enough so I can get into like I have with fighters such as IJ2 and SFIV. The sad thing is... I don't know anybody else planning to get it!


...okay, done.

masofdas: I might be playing in the closed BETA of DBZ

Crumpy Andy: Fascinating.

JayMoyles: ...it's an open beta though.

masofdas: Nope, closed press one soon, mate.

JayMoyles: As in January 14th?

masofdas: I didn't mention MonHan as it's out in like 2 weeks.

Crumpy Andy: Welcome to the Admintedious section.

masofdas: I got the email today.

ZeroJones: This sounds like an Admintendo exclusive.

JayMoyles: If it's January 14th, it's the open beta.


masofdas: Well, the email from Namco said 'closed BETA for press'.

Maybe it starts on the 10th or something?

Then goes public on the 14th.

JayMoyles: Well. On that bombshell... I believe this train has terminated. Time to pick up our luggage and depart!

ZeroJones: Time will tell!

Final destination for this station. Please mind the gap from the train to the platform edge.


masofdas: I would cut the DBZ press stuff but I am excited for it.

Crumpy Andy: Why would you cut your best content?

JayMoyles: Only our editor will decide.

ZeroJones: No comment!

masofdas: Mind the Gap where's the Utd fans Winky Face

JayMoyles: Thanks for joining us Andy and Mas. I'm sure your Resi chats will be talked about for months to come on the forum. Razz

Crumpy Andy: Thanks 4 having me.

masofdas: I think the same happened last time as it does annoy me.

JayMoyles: We couldn't tell!

Crumpy Andy: Thanks for clarifying.

masofdas: But I did play it up a bit.

ZeroJones: Oof.

Crumpy Andy: You know this hasn't ended? You just confessed to it being a ruse for all to see.

masofdas: No but there must be things you like and then people jump on and say the newer version is better.

Crumpy Andy: If Macbeth just walked off the stage saying it was all just an act you wouldn't be impressed would you?


Thanks for your time on Admintendo East Coast though gents. And of course, for joining us always esteemed driver Zero!

ZeroJones: You're welcome! I'm off to decide how much of this will survive the cut...

Crumpy Andy: ALL OF IT

JayMoyles: None will live.

ZeroJones: Thank you for hosting, Sir!

JayMoyles: My pleasure!

masofdas: Best Yakuza is the newest one.

That is all.

Crumpy Andy: Wait are you saying I've convinced you to play Kiwami?

masofdas: Nope, I'm playing 0.

JayMoyles: Now get off my train. And we'll see you on the next trip!

masofdas: As I own it.

Crumpy Andy: But Kiwami is the newest one.

ZeroJones: Help! I've got a full day tomorrow. Sad

JayMoyles: Me too!

I'm trying to wrap things up!

masofdas: Remasters don't count.


We're doneski.

masofdas: Okay.

Crumpy Andy: Good night all.

JayMoyles: Thanks for playing, gents.

Crumpy Andy: Ironically 0 is the best one.

JayMoyles: Catch you all on the forum!

And good luck, Zero...!

masofdas: Night night.

ZeroJones: Merci a lot, sir! Au revoir, gentlemen. Thumbs Up!

Les Outtakes: Admin Begins, Or How To Start A Skypecast And Influence People

ZeroJones: Hello!

JayMoyles: Gentlemen!

ZeroJones: New Skype is confusalising!

Crumpy Andy: Look, James Moyles isn't totally useless.

JayMoyles: Wow.

ZeroJones: It was never in doubt.

masofdas: Makes a change.

JayMoyles: WOW.

ZeroJones: So harsh, especially to a guy who has the keys to the banhammer.

JayMoyles: Damn straight.

ZeroJones: Are we on like Jolteon? Some of us have L.A. Noires to finish, I'll have you know.

Crumpy Andy: I bet Moyles isn't ready.

Proper nobber.

JayMoyles: I'm ready.

Enough of that, I'm a man of readiness.

masofdas: I'm also ready.

ZeroJones: Jay, if you host, I will edit. Is that a fair splitting of The Duties?

JayMoyles: Sure thing! What's on the docket tonight? WWBP, forum stuff, looking ahead for 2018?

masofdas: Didn't you read the memo?

JayMoyles: Whoops.

Let me get on that.

I probably did, but my memory is like a sieve.

ZeroJones: There's a little bit of Best Of 2017... not so much that we pre-empt the podcast, of course.

JayMoyles: OH, if it was posted today I'll not have seen it yet.

ZeroJones: My memory is like a coller... colin... forgotten.

Crumpy Andy: Jay is nice lol.

JayMoyles: Right, let's crack on lads.

Wait, who reacted to that?

[Editor's note: actual reaction is lost in the mists of the Interether]

No more reactions.

REACTION: heart; porgsurprised; tiefighter; xmassarcastic

Last edited by ZeroJones on Sun 15 Apr 2018 - 15:55; edited 2 times in total
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 7:51

Blimey, it's weird to see the Forum Awards post in the Admintendo style... Eh?
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 9:14

Nice work chaps.
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 10:13

As I can type not on the fly, I can talk about Res Evil a bit better as I think Andy thinks I want Res Evil 2 but in 2018 graphics etc which would be cool but would play like a dinosaur (which the ReMake 2 will be, I would gather) from Res Evil 8.

What I'm actually saying in relation to RE5&6 those to me are both 3rd person shooters where the series to me is about Survival Horror which Res Evil 7 does but it missing that je ne sais quoi that the older games have.

That's what I'm saying I want from Res Evil 8 to have and I look at The Evil Within series from Shinji Mikami and very much believe if he stayed at Capcom that's what Res Evil would now look like and maybe should look like in modern gaming.

I totally get if Jay (he said he was a wuss) and Andy don't like Survival Horror, not everyone has to like every genre of games and if you want a shooter which Res Evil 5&6 where then you just have to look at the list of games Andy played (sure most are first person) there are plenty of them about.

Same when talking about Left Alive if that is remotely like Metal Gear Solid (from what we do know) how many stealth action games are there, hardly any, that's what I'm getting at with these games from the past and the likes of Yooka-Laylee people what these genres of games.

I've recently watched PlayStation Access let's play of Metal Gear Solid, with two people who never played it and they struggle with the mechanics and take Yooka-Laylee it has mixed reviews due it still playing like a 3D platform from 1998 that's a problem and not what I want and you look at Super Mario Odyssey or you see how well-received A Hat in Time has been, shows that you can have modern 3D platformers and I can't see why we can't have modern Survival Horror or Stealth Action games that work with modern gaming.

Only other thing I have to say about this and it's in relation to Res Evil 4-6, my little joke about Deus Ex and at the end me going the newest is the best. I feel this is how people sometimes talk about music about how they like this sort of successful band then they have this mainstream hit and suddenly everyone likes them and they change which goes back to the games with genres to appeal to the mainstream which alienates the original fan-base (which how I feel about Rex Evil) and you see or hear about much like Andy and me going the newer stuff is better or the older stuff is better.

You all can likely think of examples of that in some form of entertainment.
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 10:50

949thAndy wrote:
Wolfenstein 2 was a great romp



Nice work chaps.
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 19:28

You had me absolutely cracking up at your attempts to end this. Laughing Good work chaps... and yet, not a single 'derailment' pun?  Shame!

I don't see anything wrong with pointing out good bits of SMO.  It's better than pointing out bad bits of... well, pretty much anything.  Nobody's fault but your own that you rocketed through it in no time Andy, forgoing conversation possibilities. Razz

Also I do appreciate Mas mentioning XC2, it's an absolutely top game and the fact there's no chat about it on here is a travesty. Aww! Ever Oasis too!
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 20:14

I've no real opinion on the state of Resi, but reading that comment there Mas gave me flashbacks to trying to wrap up this installment of Admintendo. Laughing

To bring closure to the most exhilarating part of Admintendo, I read that the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta coming up is open for people who preordered for two days before the open beta begins, so maybe you're getting to play in amongst the preorder folks?

I'll chat about XC2 someday, Balla, someday...
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EmptyWed 10 Jan 2018 - 22:34

I think you might be right Jay I'm playing with the preorder lot who have the little bit extra time.

I just hope my point came across with that comment about Res Evil and games in general.
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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty
PostSubject: Re: October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang   October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Empty

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October-December 2017 Quarterly Review: Admintendo XX - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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