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 Random retro thoughts

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PostSubject: Re: Random retro thoughts   Random retro thoughts - Page 9 EmptyThu 19 May 2022 - 19:11

gjones wrote:

Looks like Piepacker has rebranded as Jam.gg - I had a look and it's a lot slicker now. I got it working and had a few games of Magical Drop II without any issue. Street Racer chugged, yet Metal Slug X ran like a dream even with a webcam on. It did suffer slowdown when the screen was busy, but I think Metal Slug always does that. Breakout on the PS1 is a horrible game, but it's unclear if it's because of input lag or it's just a pile of shite.

If anyone fancies a bash on some old games, let me know.

I’ve tried playing around with jam.gg a handful of times since it’s rebrand, but no matter whatever Wi-Fi I connect to the performance is usually sluggish across all the games I try. Sometimes it’s good, but more often than not there’s pretty bad input delay, and so I just get a bit scunnered with it after a few minutes. Street Racer has chugged badly every time I’ve tried it, while Metal Slug probably performs the most consistently for me. I’ve just tried Heavy Slam, Xeno Crisis and Evolution Soccer since I started typing this post, and none of them work as seamlessly as I’d like. I’d still be up for trying multiplayer at some point though, hopefully it’ll work like I want it to.

Antstream normally works better for me, so that’s the cloud gaming platform I use the most. My year-long ad-free subscription expired months ago but they give away so many free credits to play their games that it doesn’t really matter, I can just play away to my heart’s content. It’s a slow trickle of new stuff (just a couple of games are added every Tuesday) but there’s a good mix of the classics, the historical, the curious, the indies and the what-the-flying-fuck-is-this.

Treesmurf wrote:

That's it, I was literally trying to remember who it was behind the account yesterday, I watch from time to time and it's good stuff, I'm not as in to my retro as most so it's a good way for me to keep up to date.

It’s him right enough. PhoenixAsh used to do all sorts of brilliant and interesting retro blogs too. I remember he published these long and substantive retro reviews every day for a calendar year. That’s some commitment – I just cobble my stuff together when I’m quiet … (including this post right here!)
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Random retro thoughts
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