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 Yesterday I DIDN'T Buy

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Disciple of Aonuma

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PostSubject: Re: Yesterday I DIDN'T Buy   Mon 2 Apr 2018 - 10:17

Nah, I'm with Athrun here. Give me a good solid bar of chocolate over a difficult-to-get-into-or-chocolate-fragments-all-over-the-floor egg any day.

My thoughts on Creme Eggs are, of course, well documented around these parts. Wink
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Dry Metal Baby Princess

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PostSubject: Re: Yesterday I DIDN'T Buy   Tue 3 Apr 2018 - 15:26

It's not just the difficulty in eating the stuff that I have issue with, it's how easy it is to get "sick" on easter chocolate, far easier than normal chocolate. Most of it simply upped the sugar factor, and for what? Too much sugar ruins the whole point of chocolate, the cocoa taste. If I can't taste that cocoa somewhere in there it isn't chocolate any more, it's an artificial product pretending to be chocolate, just like plastic cheese is a poor substitute for some quality classic chedder cheese.

Gimme Lindt chocolate over easter chocolate any day of the week, week of the month, and month of the year.
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Disciple of Reggie

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PostSubject: Re: Yesterday I DIDN'T Buy   Tue 3 Apr 2018 - 20:01

That super-duper deluxe hardback The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild guide in GAME, it looked really nice and I would like it for the Zelda Collection but not for 30. I just hope it doesn't sell and goes down in price as guides often do go down to silly money in GAME as today I saw Metroid guides for 3 and some Pokemon book for 49p.

The other one was today which was Persona 3 FES on PS2 in CEX but it was 65, I reckon this will be much like Fire Emblem on Cube and someone will tell me to buy it at that price.

Those I could have bought the other I saw yesterday evening on Facebook and never really had the opportunity to buy it was my favourite bad console the Atari Jaguar with Cybermorph for 100.
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PostSubject: Re: Yesterday I DIDN'T Buy   

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Yesterday I DIDN'T Buy
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